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8th June 2013

Hallo Eoin! Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu Deinem Geburtstag und liebe Grüße an Deine Mutter! Viel Spaß auf deiner Reise und bleib gesund! Heute fliege ich wieder nach Hause; melde mich vor dem Winter wieder.
24th May 2012

Cool start, cool pics !!!
That sounds like a very nice start !!! And a comfortable boat trip! Wow, 30 hours !!! That's long! Hope, with a CALM sea ;o) (though that wouldn't bother you!) Very nice photo series! Am very eager to read and see more and looking forward to next entries! Have fun & loads of adventure!
16th August 2009

what happened to the tents?
h ey guys, glad your having a fabulous trip ,pictures are stunning, but how come your staying in luxury accomodation ?? enjoy xx
15th August 2009

Re new entries
Really nice pictures of the pyrenees, didnt know it looked so beautiful. Hows the bike doing, technically and fuel consumption? Pepe was a big hit last evening, with all the german and english guests! He´s got a new repertoire and a new soundsystem and you really notice the difference. We had the best caja upto now, even better than talisman. All our usual spanish collegas were there and the ambience was really good. Football this afternoon was good, few guests but good drinkers. So Thats it for today, will look into the Anday Eoin Triumph Tour for new news. Ride Safe! Keith
14th August 2009

Great pictures, did´t know that La Rochelle is so beautiful. Keep having fun and ride safely. Keith Que tenga un buen viaje y si puede pasas por Jaca y saludas todo los miembros de familia de Diego.(Ha Ha) Saludos de Pepe, se vas a tener un exito rotundo. sara
10th August 2009

wisch you a nice trip,and meet a lot off people.take care mann your frend wout.

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