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Hi everyone. Here in this blog I want to share my experiences with you.I am very fortunate to be able to see lots of places.The more you see, the more you become hungry.I am very passionate about travelling and think that every bengali is as passionate as me & even more than me .Here I am sharing some of the experiences that I have.Hope everyone will like it....

Asia » India » Sikkim May 17th 2009

I went to Sikkim again this year. I seems that this place is calling me now and then. This is the 4rth time that I have came here.But this time my rout was different. My first halt is at a place called OKHREY.Then I trekked to BARSEY next day from HILLEY.It was a great experience. After staying on day at GURUDZONGMA LODGE in BARSEY I went to RINCHENPONG.This place has a great veiw of KANCHANDZONGA.I stayed here for two days. Then I moved to BORONG.This is the best place of thies trip so far. I lived in a cottage and all I can see is lots of flowers.It was a heaven.The veiw of PANDIM from here is known to be quite awesome to but I could not get this chance as the weather was not with ... read more
On the way to BARSEY

Asia » India » National Capital Territory » New Delhi December 24th 2008

I went to Delhi last year and then went to Haridwar. I stayed Haridwar for couple of days.I have visited Rishikesh,Musourie,Dehradoon from Haridwar.Then came back to delhi and visited Tajmahal.I went to almost all the famous dhabas in Delhi.My jiju showed me all the places in delhi which produces delicious food except from one. Could get a chance to eat at KAKE THE DHABA because there were lots of people standing in a queue outside that dhaba and we just didnt had enough time.So may be next time.But I had a great time there in delhi and in haridwar.... read more
India Gate
@HARIDWAR View from the other side of the river

Asia » India » West Bengal » Purulia December 29th 2007

Me and my three friends decided to go to Ayodhya Hills in Purulia district in WestBengal in the year 2007.It was a 21 KM trek(Generally a 4-5 hrs trek). We didn't had proper gear to trek.It took almost 6 hrs to reach the top of the hill.That time we felt the need of a proper gear and proper planning for a trek to be successfull though we did it successfully.We were accompanied by a local guide who I think didn't knew the route that well.That was also a problem.But we managed to reach the top after a 6 hour journey.It was all together a wonderful experience for all of was.We stayed there in the next three days & visited the nearby areas. there was a dam nearby.Also some other interesting places to visit. I was a ... read more
Thats two crazy buddies
Working as a team..
Dont know which way to go..

Asia » India » Orissa » Puri August 1st 2007

I went to puri with my two friends(Suman & Subhajit) & our that time maths sir(Syamal Sir). It was just after the Ratha Yatra.So we were fortunate to ride the chariots of Lord Jagannath.There were loads of people queuing to see Jagannath.We (me,Suman & Subhajit) went on to make a record of our own by spending in the beach for around 4 - 5 hours.The local lifeguard to whom we left our belonging before jumping into the water were very annoyed by us and it resulted in refusing to take our cloths in the next day.After spending so much time in the beach we couldn't recognize us infront of the mirror.It took about one year to recover from that skin tone that we managed to get...anyways beside spending in the beach we went to see the ... read more
View from the light house
Camera was not allowed but I managed to take some snaps with my Nokia N72
Suman & Subhajit getting crazy about nothing..

Asia » India » Sikkim January 5th 2007

I went to sikkim in 2006.THis was the first time I went to north.It was the year end.So as I expected I found quite some snow their.Lachung was the most beautiful place that I have ever been to.I went till O point.It was above 19000 ft and all I can see is just snow everywhere.... read more
On the way to heaven..
Valley from the top
From Lachung

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