Gerry Melenka


Gerry Melenka

When life hands you lemons.....go on a vacation!

Bali, has been in my head for the past 6 months....lo and behold, opportunity presents itself!

Bucket List
- Belize .....check
- Roatan....check
- Bali......

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Sengigi February 8th 2011

My trip order is going to be out of sync...sorry bout that, but haven't found much time to document my travels from Phi Phi in Thailand to Kuala Lumpur. And no internet while in Lombok (which was quite refreshing). After spending two too many days in Kuta Beach it was time to head off to the island of Lombok for some diving. So Option 1 take a 2hr fast boat for $70, Option 2 take a 6hr ferry for somewhere around $40 or Option 3 take 30min flight for $30. Hmmmmm tough decision.... had to check a couple of times to make sure that was correct. Since when is a flight cheaper then a boat ride??? Well in Indonesia it is every day of the week....of course that doesn't guarantee the flight departs and arrives on ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Penang February 2nd 2011

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ao Nang January 27th 2011

Left Ko Phi Phi yesterday for the mainland. Joined up with my new tour group. Much smaller then the first. Only 3 of us on this 10 day excursion. Shall see what happens. Long trip today as we leave Thailand and head into Malaysia, namely Penang, Georgetown. There has been some civil unrest in southern Thailand but we are assured this won't effect our trip across the border. Not sure what this leg of the trip has in store, but guessing it won't be a lively and memorable as the first. A new challenge and experience awaits! Will fill you all in later:-) Time to catch a mini-bus! Gerry... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Phi Phi Don January 27th 2011

Here is a good one for the travel blog.....don't assume your dive master has their dive gear in 100% perfect condition. After 42 dives now under my belt, I had my first "serious incident" Granted their were some outs and I was not 100 feet below the surface but it did give me quite a stir, which I thankfully was able to shake off once back in the boat. The day started off good, however after getting on the dive boat, the divemaster looked hungover, the weather was questionable and the waves seemed to be getting worse once we headed out of the bay. First stop the King Cruiser wreck first wreck dive so I was excited, i can't say the same for two of the other four divers, who were quickly becoming sea sick ... read more

Asia January 23rd 2011

Diving and a head cold dó not mix. Nothing a little discomfort and patience can't take care of. A bit worried about what would happened having had a head cold for a few days. The first dive was not one of my finer moments. Took longer than normal to descend as my ears didn't want to equalize. Eventually perserverance won and i reached bottom. Two dives later and i was back in the boat. Having seen a turtle, sea snakes, three moray eels, and too many fish to recall, i chalked it up as a successful day of diving. Ón Tuesday i head out again for three diVes, my first wreck dive and shark point where i hope to run across guessed it...sharks. I read about ko Phi Phi being a popular destination and they ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ao Nang January 22nd 2011

A mix of images taken during my two weeks in Thailand with GAP Adventures - Hike, Bike, Kayak....... read more
Pimp my Ride
Typical mode of Transportation
Not so typical mode of transportation

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Phi Phi Don January 22nd 2011

A compilation of images taken during my two week tour of Thailand. We visited many Wats (Thai word for temple) both above ground and below.... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ao Nang January 22nd 2011

Finally time to upload some photos...... read more
Sleeper Train
Chiangmai Train Station
Hill Tribe Village

Asia January 19th 2011

just a simple update to all back home. sprained foot is under control, sore in a few places but the same can be said for all of us after all the hiking, biking, kayaking we have done. sounds like all is being taken care of back home, thank you to Donna and now Tammy. Mom/Dad hope you are able to follow the blogs, I promise to get more pics up when I get to Ko Phi Phi, not all internet cafes have technology to download my camera pics. It is amazing down here, everything so green, so humid, so friendly. Food is amazing and those in the tour are a blast to spend time with. learning alot about german and the netherlands plus London which is where alot of the group is from. Looking forward to ... read more

Asia January 19th 2011

January 18, 2011 After an hour flight out of Bangkok we arrive in Krabi, and set off for Ao Nang. Krabi is a resort town of sorts, but also a main starting point for those wanting to go island hop to places like Ko Phi Phi. We joined up with a local guide who put us in some mini vans and we took a 45 min trip to his home town, which basically sits amongst mangroves and ocean. More of series of canals. We were all outfitted with a two person kayak and set off to explore the canals which included a series of caves as well as a large cave in which over 300 paintings/images could be seen on the walls and ceilings. A cave which the locales believe housed a non locale group of ... read more

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