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South America » Uruguay » East April 11th 2017

I'm so far behind on my blog now that I'm going to try a different approach and jump back and forth between recent events and ones that now feel like a lifetime ago. So we now jumping forward about 100 days to last week. I'm currently in Uruguay and have been here since 30th March. It's not the most exciting country in South America, and it's very quiet in most parts at this time of the year. However there is a nice feel to the place, the people are laid back and friendly and I think it would be a great country to live in. What I have most appreciated is its size. I definitely prefer smaller countries - and in Uruguay a 5 hour coach trip took me right along the coast to close to ... read more
Punta del Diablo in the sunshine
Punta del Diablo beach
Dog at Punta del Diablo

South America » Ecuador December 10th 2016

Day 94 - Saturday 3rd December - Return to Quito We got back to Quito in the afternoon. We had booked in to the Marriott hotel for a couple of nights of luxury (incase we hadn´t already had enough on the cruise!) The 6th December is a big holiday in Quito and there were lots of celebrations over the weekend in the lead up. (Apparently 6th itself is quite quiet and peaceful; everybody is partied out by then.) There were lots of Chivas driving around with music and lights blaring out into the streets and people dancing away during the evening. Once we had settled into our room I tried to upload my photos from the Galapagos Islands as I was keen to have a back-up as soon as possible. I managed to successfully transfer them ... read more
Views of the jungle
Travelling to the lodge

South America » Ecuador » Galápagos December 4th 2016

My trip to the Galápagos Islands was definitely one of the best things I have done so far this year and I have been looking forward to writing about it and having the chance to reflect on all that I did and saw. However it was so jam-packed that it is going to take a bit of work now, almost two months later, to remember it all in the correct order! I shall embrace the challenge as I chill out in the cooling evening air in Honduras. Day 89 - Monday 28th November - Arriving and Las Bachas We had been advised by the lady who ran the hostel in Guayaquil to get to the airport to fly to the Galápagos Islands in good time as there are two things that you have to do before ... read more
Blue footed boobie
Galápagos magic

South America » Ecuador November 28th 2016

Day 85 - Thursday 24th November - Banos and Alausi The morning was spent looking around the town of Banos a bit more, including a visit to the church where we had been told there was a display about the town but actually there wasn't all that much to see. The highlight of the morning was a lovely cafe we found for breakfast. Banos is a nice town but I preferred Mindo. Around about lunch time we were on a bus to Riobamba. The journey to Riobamba took us past Chimborazo, the highest volcano in Ecuador. Unfortunately it was covered in clouds, but you could still see the base of the glacier. Our bus dropped us off in quite a random spot in Riobamba, which is where we had to change buses to go to Alausi. ... read more
The Devil's Nose

South America » Ecuador November 24th 2016

I started this blog entry over a month ago now with ambitious plans to cover all of my travels around Ecuador in one post. Now I realise that I need to break it down into smaller chunks or I may never publish again. Hopefully I can gradually catch up over the next few days, weeks, months, years... Day 80 - Saturday 19th November - Cotopaxi Another early start - this time to walk up a volcano. (Well actually we were driven most of the way up and only had to walk the last little bit, which was just as well at an altitude of 4500m+) This was a trip organised by the school. Fortunately it was getting back in good time for me to head on to the hotel to catch up with Matthew who arrived ... read more
View from the Basilica
Inside the Basilica
View from the Basilica

South America » Ecuador November 19th 2016

Yesterday I had my last Spanish lesson meaning that I will soon be hitting the road again. I've very much enjoyed my time in Quito and have mixed feelings about moving on. I'm excited about the places that I'll be visiting over the next few weeks, but I've begun to feel quite at home here and it'll be sad to leave the new friends that I've made. Here's what's been going on over the last couple of weeks or so. Wednesday 2nd November - Day of the Dead This day is a holiday in Ecuador but we still had school. This year the President decide (rather at the last minute I think) that people would be given two additional days of holiday so that everybody could have Wednesday to Friday off. Apparently this was to try ... read more
Mama Negra celebrations

South America » Ecuador November 2nd 2016

I have now been in Quito for two and a half weeks and I'm half way through my Spanish lessons, so it's about time to update everybody about how things are going here! 17th Oct - 2nd November - Quito, Ecuador I'm staying with a host family - a mother, daughter and a dog (a very lovely poodle (although he has bitten the fingers of two of the other students who have been staying here)). (Poodles appear to be the dog to have, in this part of Quito at any rate.) They have all been very kind and welcoming. I don't see much of the daughter because she has her own life. She is working on the construction of the new metro system that they are introducing in Quito. Gloria, our host mother, provides us with ... read more
The dog.
The view from my classroom
In the Old Town

North America » United States October 24th 2016

Tuesday 4th October - Friday 7th October - Staying with Nerys and Peter After a lovely time driving around New England and soaking up the sights of the Fall colours, I spent a few more days with my parents staying with their old friends Nerys and Peter in Ithaca, New York. Nerys was my mother's bridesmaid and it is the second time my parents have visited them since they moved to the US a number of years ago. We received a very warm welcome and I was persuaded to stay a day longer than I had planned. We arrived at about 5pm and spent a pleasant evening catching up and settling in. The following day we had a slow start in the morning but did eventually make it out. We started with a quick drive around ... read more
More fall colours
Making a vase
For displaying in large exhibitions

North America » United States October 9th 2016

I'm quite a long way behind now - about two blog entries! I've altered the start of this entry so many times that I'm going to leave it as it was on Sunday when I finally finished it even though it's two days out of date now. - I'm in Ecuador now having left the States yesterday. My Spanish lessons start tomorrow. I'm actually quite looking forward to a bit of routine for the next few weeks. I also had no desire to get on a plane to London when I was at Miami airport yesterday which I'm taking as a good sign. I've had a great time in Canada and the States and could happily go back and do it all again, but this part of the trip is what I originally took the time ... read more
The balcony from which the Declaration of Independence was first read.
One of the churches on the Freedom Trail
Ducks in Boston's Public Gardens

North America » Canada September 24th 2016

Here's the next instalment of my year of adventure - picking up where the last blog left off. (12th September was such a long time ago - definitely need to catch up a bit!) Day 12: Monday 12th September - From Washington to Halifax This day was always mainly going to be about travelling as I hadn't been able to find a direct flight from Washington to Halifax so I went via Toronto and it basically took all day. However I made it a bit more interesting by taking the most bizarre route to the airport. (I flew from Baltimore so it was quite a distance from Washington). I ended up taking the metro out to the suburbs and picking up a bus from there - which was the cheapest way to do it but not ... read more
The Waterfront, Halifax
Taking time out.
The library, Halifax

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