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South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Chascomús September 25th 2006

We decided to spend our wedding anniversary weekend up in Gualeguaychu. Unfortunately there was a mass protest taking place against the proposed paper mills over the river in Uruguay. That meant we couldn't get a room in the hotel we wanted to stay in. Never mind, onto Plan B! 2 hours away from BA on the bus is the beautiful town of Chascomus. Our dreams of a tranquil relaxing weekend seemed thwarted again at Retiro as we couldn't get onto any of the buses we wanted to. Instead we ended up travelling in the evening amid torrential rain and amazing lightning flashes in the sky. We weren't really sure if that boded well or not! We got to Chascomus at about 9.30, or rather we got to km122 on the Mar Del Plata road where the ... read more
By the lake
The Cathedral
The (non) Parade

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires September 16th 2006

You can't beat a good wine festival. At La Rural there must have been a good couple of thousand wines for us to try but I doubt we got far into double figures! All of them were excellent and we now have a few different ideas for what to choose when we see a dazzling array of choice on the wine list. It was also an opportunity to sample some of the more expensive Malbecs which we would normally shy away from in favour of a cheaper option. Some of the stalls had biscuits to nibble at (to cleanse the pallet perhaps?), or olives, or even ham, bread and olive oil. We really did have a good time. Afterwards it back to a restaurant close to home where we ran into some friends. All in all, ... read more
In her element.
El Baguel

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Tigre September 16th 2006

When the weather is good, Porteños flock to Tigre. Usually we join them by flocking to the Fruit Market area where the hoardes gather to buy handicrafts, fruit and veg. This time we decided to eschew the masses and head on a walking tour of historic Tigre. The architecture around the back streets was nice and there was hardly a soul in sight. There's a monument marking the spot where the "English Invasion" was repelled and it's a beautiful spot with far less people to spoil the view. The new cultural centre is taking place but I doubt it will be open during our time in BA. Shame as I'd love to have the opportunity to at least walk around the gardens.... read more
English Invasion!
...and relax!

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires August 28th 2006

We have just had an excellent weekend celebrating Trish's birthday. Thanks to Opodo we were able to get a good deal for a night of luxury at the Sheraton Libertador in the centre of Buenos Aires. We had forgotten what it was like to sleep in a massive bed with a proper mattress and huge fluffy pillows. So many huge fluffy pillows that most of them had to be thrown on the floor to allow us to sleep!! The rooftop undercover swimming pool was lovely as we can't remember when we last went swimming either! It afforded a terrific viewpoint over the city, just a shame the views aren't great! On Saturday (the big day) we went to Puerto Madero where we dined in style at Cabaña las Lilas (sorry, the website is onl... read more
What a steak
BA rooftops

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires August 28th 2006

In the barrio of Caballito it is possible to take a step back into Argentine history. The Asociación Amigos del Tranvía run a "heritage tramway" which you can travel on at the weekends. It's free which is a bonus! Okay, so the track is only 2km long in total but it was nice to see a slice of life from Argentina's past. It really makes you wonder why they tarmacked over all of the tram tracks and replaced them with collectivos. There were souvenirs on sale too, but the conductor only stopped at local tourists to sell them. Makes a change as its usually the overseas visitors who get hassled for such things. The murals decorating the wall of the Subte train service yard are well worth a look too. They show a potted history of ... read more
The conductor

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires August 12th 2006

It was a glorious day today so we decided to take a walk out to the Costanera Norte. That involved strolling through the beautiful Palermo Parks then negotiating the busy pedestrian-unfriendly roads around the domestic airport. We managed to go onto the fisherman's pier but couldn't go to the end as that's for members only. I thought about going through the open gate at the side, and even though it would have been acceptable to say I didn't understand the "No Entry" sign it would have been difficult to explain why I climbed over the rope to get through anyway! It always amazes us when we see people fishing in this part of the river which looks quite polluted. We've never seen anyone catch anything anyway. Today, however, we did see a fisherman catch something. We ... read more
Fish-less Fishermen
Fisherman's Pier

Montevideo was a bit of a tired old lady really who needs a bit of TLC. Compared to Buenos Aires we found it smaller, a little less tidy, a bit more expensive and generally having a run down feel to it. That's not to say we didn't enjoy our visa-run weekend there, we did. The Buquebus direct to Montevideo was very smooth much to Trish's delight. We had a hotel in mind which we had seen online (The Arapey) and it was about 20 inutes walk through the back streets with our packs on. The hotel was nice enough, nothing special but at US$18 a night for a double room, what do you expect? It was peaceful too, except for the couple next door - well more specifically the young lady - who were VERY expressive ... read more
Wonderful architecture
Montevideo Bay
Parking - Montevideo Style

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires July 30th 2006

The annual cattle fair at La Rural was not something we thought we would enjoy but at 10 pesos it was worth a try, especially as all our Argentine friends said it was a "must see". When we first went in, we visited a large barn housing prize pigs. The smell was quite disgusting! There were also rabbits, chinchillas, peacocks, and all manner of birds which had won prizes too. As usual, I cannot resist free samples so I joined the hustle and bustle in the stands to sample cheese, chorizo sausages, and various olive pastes. We saw the world's biggest alfahora (possibly!) and Trish bought a miniature version of it which didn't take us long to munch our way through!! The main arena in the centre provided entertainment for the crowds. Although we didn't manage ... read more
A prize winning bull
Kicking sand in our faces
Learning to swim?

San Antonio de Areco is a couple of hours away from BA on the bus (allow an hour or so more for puncture stops). It is a small town famous for its Gaucho festival in November, but we went on a sunny July weekend when the temperatures defied the fact that it is the middle of winter. The steak we found there was unbelievably good, and we have become experts at finding good steak so that's quite a statement! I also tried a wonderful crab stew which is, apparently, a Basque recipe. No ill effects so far!! On Sunday there was supposed to be a calssical music concert in the main plaza at 1500. By 1530 we got bored and went for a coffee. At 1550 we left as we had to get to our bus, ... read more
On Yer Bike!
The Campo

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires July 20th 2006

I went with one of my students to see the quarter finals of the Copa Libertadores, the biggest club competition in South American football. With the score at 0-0 after the first leg in Guadalajara, I expected a bit more effort from the Velez players. Sadly their effort didn't materialise until the last 10 minutes by which time it was already too late. They lost 2-1 in the end.... read more
The Crowd
Food. Super pancho!

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