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20th June 2017

A great read - definitely add 'Farm Sitter' to your cv ... ...
20th June 2017

Never know when I'll need it...
Ha ha, thanks, I think I should too. Glad you enjoyed reading my blog.
1st November 2016

Wow!!! What an adventure...
Linda and I, along with my Mom and sister, rented a barge in Holland in 1984. Both the barge and canals were much wider so we were able to avoid some of your more stressing situations. But it's still a nice way to see a country!
1st November 2016

Such a different experience
Your barge trip sounds lovely, Bob and Linda. It really is a lovely way to see a country.
15th September 2016

Bon bobbing voyage ;-)
It sounds more like hop scotch to me...enjoy! It looks ama-zing...and I'm extremely jealous. Waiting in anticipation.
From Blog: Bobbing in Bath
14th August 2016

Pensioner Now
Paul, This is probably the 3rd time that I have looked at your Mozambique tours, it always makes me feel that I should travel there again. I am still driving my RAV 4 and always have concerns about the height of the car but always survive. -- Great to see where you have been- do you think it is safe to go up North at the moment. Regards,
15th August 2016

Critters, potholes & ambush
Hi Athol, Alma here, Paul will contact you at some stage. Glad you enjoy reading our Moz travel blogs. It depends how far north you want to go to. Extreme north is a bit dicey because even Kingsley Holgate had issues recently (read an article in our local LW magazine). Far south is fine and I know of some people who have gone as far as Inhambane lately, but Paul and I are reluctant to travel that section at this stage. It is such a pity because we have always felt safe and unthreatened the times we have travelled there. Hope things will improve but this is TIA!
8th January 2016

This blog is gorgeous
I was looking for Mauritius and found this....its an adorable find all these years later - Thank you :)
9th January 2016

Start of our travelling
Thank you Cindy. at that stage it certainly felt like it was a once and only in a lifetime holiday for us. Little did we know...
30th July 2015

Aus trip
Aah...again a delightful read, making us positively jealous (Afr has a good word 'jantjie' perhaps only an older generation word...) So glad you could combine and enjoy family time and all the other adventures. Memories cannot be compared to those expensive dollars, always worth it!!!
30th July 2015

Always worth it!
Making memories with family and friends are indeed worth every minute! Wouldn't have missed it for anything.
1st April 2015

Any diving plans?
Wondering if you are going to dive Tofo etc while you are in Moz - looking forward to your next blog :)
1st April 2015

No future trips to Moz
Hi Cindy, we have no plans to go to Mozambique at the moment, and unfortunately no diving trips. Thanks for reading my blog.
22nd February 2015

Well, I am inspired.
This is definitely now on our list. Thanks for the great post.
23rd February 2015

Easy inspiration
Thanks for reading my blog and hope you have as much fun as we did when you travel to Seychelles (take note, when!)
19th February 2015

I've always thought that the Seychelles are one of the most beautiful spots on earth...
Thanks for sharing your vacation there with us. This may be the closest I get.
19th February 2015

It's certainly beautiful
Oh, I really hope you get a bit closer than just through my blog. Who knows! Glad you enjoyed my blog.
21st October 2014

Miss You !!
Very nice Alma, hope Tereza and I can make a trip with the experienced travellers some time !
21st October 2014

Nice to hear from you!
Thanks Tienie! Just think of the fun we would have! Give my love to Tereza!
19th October 2014

Your blog
19th October 2014

My blog
Thanks Ian, appreciate the comment & great to get feedback.
11th August 2014

What a great start
Oh those memories that form who we become! I look forward to reading more and re-reading others.
11th August 2014

The travel bug bit at an early age
I never thought (although I dreamt and hoped) that I would be able to travel where I have, but compared to other travellers it is just a drop in the ocean. Still, I am not complaining, because I have been so fortunate to go where I have. I am certainly always open to more travelling, even if it is just short road trips.
11th August 2014

I was reading some of your blogs this morning and ran across these. You've been to some amazing places.
11th August 2014

Truly fortunate
We have indeed been to some wonderful places in the world and it has been quite an experience thus far to write about them and it is wonderful to know that there are some people that enjoy reading about our escapades too. Thanks for reading and commenting on them.

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