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Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin January 6th 2007

Today I had an early start. Sometime around 8 or 9, I was in the station by myself to catch the train going to the city centre. Instead of gettting off at Tara st Station, I was at Connolly Station, which is a bit of a long walk back... So I got a visitor map at the station and took the next train back to Tara st Station. As soon as I left the station, there it was: Liffey River. The river basically splits Dublin city in two: North and South side. The North side is known to be a poor area, and consequently a bit dodgy as well. The positive aspect about it is that you find the best bargains in town there. Anyhow, I decided to walk along the Liffey on the North side, ... read more
Liffey River
Ha'Penny Bridge
The Four Courts

Europe January 5th 2007

This morning I went for a walk at the Dun Laoghaire Harbour and on the way, I strolled by the Dun Laoghaire Park - it was a beautiful morning. When I got half way to the lighthouse to the end of the Pier, I realized it was the best thing I could be doing this morning. Beautiful and peaceful place for relaxing. Then I headed back to the centre of Dun Laoghaire and shopped for stationery and grocery. I stopped back at Mara's before I'd go to the city centre. Dublin city is quite lively and busy, especially because it's Friday!! People coming and going homebound. Their long day and week at work is done, and it's great I don't share that feeling yet... not before Feb3rd, when I get back to Rio, just one hour ... read more
Dun Laoghaire Park
more f the Dun Laoghaire Park
at the Dun Laoghaire Harbour

Europe » Ireland » County Wexford » Wexford January 3rd 2007

Ok now... This is the line you'd say when you're having your 'saideira'... but it seems the Irish never get to agree on when they're having their last beer of the night. hehehe Not that I am complaining!! I've had my first pint of Guinness, and many others followed... :P Going back a few days since I last posted here... I finally got my new camera which is really nice. So the next day we headed to Riverchapel by bus to spend New Years Eve at Eoin's parents town. Well, his family is fantastic and I really felt at home. It's amazing how friendly, warm and fun the Irish can be - just like Brazilians. If I had to leave tomorrow, I'd already feel like I've met the Irish: spent New Years Eve at a pub, ... read more
Girls night out at Jimmyz
Riverchapel road to the beach

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin December 28th 2006

Well leaving Brazil was really something. After missing my flight on the 25th, I managed to arrive about 4hours earlier to my scheduled flight on the 26th so this time I wouldnt miss it! Hanging around in the airport for another extra 4hours was a bit stressingful: I was walking around in a black dress, wearing black snow boots, carrying a black winter coat and a black backpack. Temperature outside: about 35C. I am lucky it wasnt 43C like last week! Anyway, I decided I'd relax during my flight so I could enjoy the rest of my first day in Dublin! Well I realised it wasnt AIR FRANCEs goal that I'd relax when I finally found my seat in this crowded plane: my big butt almost didnt fit the seat I was assigned to and I ... read more
my cousin Mara and her husband Eoin
Daniel listening to his favourite tunes

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