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South America » Brazil » São Paulo July 1st 2010

Anything is just so much fun when this gang's together!... read more

South America » Brazil » São Paulo June 23rd 2010

Hello everyone! It's been a while the travel bug has't paid me a visit. It happened in a way I couldn't imagine... I'm now off to India for 4 weeks on business!! Where: Bangalore - Karnataka, India When: July 3rd - July 31st Who: myself and other IBMers Why: Knowledge Transfer How: flying Emirates, with a stop over Dubai* (!!) * We're having 12 hours wait time in Dubai, and for that, Emirates gave us complimentary visa, hotel accomodation and shuttle!!! I guess I'll be looking around too! ;) Hope you all enjoy reading my blog entries... See you soon! Ola pessoal! Ja faz um tempo que nao coloco o pe na estrada. Isso esta acontecendo de uma forma que nao podia imaginar... Estou de partida para a India por 4 semanas a trabalho!! Onde: Bangalore ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Skåne January 22nd 2007

Still been lazy... but will be finished by the end of the week (hopefully) ;)... read more
Let it snow - Eslov
Snow does weird things to people...
Lena´s whisky cake... hmmmmm

Europe » Sweden » Skåne » Lund January 19th 2007

soon will post here... been too lazy... read more
Lund - typical local house
Lund University

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen January 17th 2007

It's funny that to many in Skåne, Copenhagen is much more of a Capital than Stockholm can be. Copenhagen is about 1hr and 30mins away by train and Stockholm is 4-5 hours away from Eslöv. So off I go to Danish land!! To get there, the train goes on the Öresundsbron (Öresund bridge) and then on a tunnel under the sea. The trip is quite short on this section of the journey and you could come and go and not know that since all you see is the water and then the tunnel. Day 1 Cold wet morning, it was about 10am when we got to Copenhagen. It was 4C and raining. Ah, it'd be lovely if it snowed, but it didn't so far!! :( Mirjam, Rikard, Dante and Casper took me on the Orsundround trip ... read more
Copenhagen City Hall
Rådhuspladsen - Storget Street
H.C. Andersen Boulevard

Europe » Sweden » Skåne » Malmö January 16th 2007

It was a busy day for Mirjam and I! We headed to Malmö and had quite a list to cover. Our first stop was at the Malmö Museum which is located at the Malmöhus Castle. It's Sweden's oldest surviving renaissance castle and a monument from Malmö's Danish period. Hard to believe but this castle houses 4 museums on the inside! Yup, you can find the City Museum, the Natural History Museum, the Aquarium and Tropicarium, and the Konstmuseet inside. On the outside was the quintessential castle moat. The we headed to The City Hall (Radhuset) of Malmo which is an impressive late Gothic style building of the Middle Ages. It was originally built in 1546, but has been modified several times. The current appearance is from 1864-69. Another historic marker of Malmö is the bronzy-green statue ... read more
King Karl X
Malmö city center
Hight street - great shopping

Europe » Sweden » Skåne January 14th 2007

... so Gabriella said. Strange people these folks who live in Trelleborg. Not to mention the geese crosswalk we saw in Skanör med Falsterbo!! Go figure!! :P Yes, Gabriella was really sweet and kind to show us around ('Trelle': 'tora/wood'; 'Borg': 'forte/fortress') where we saw the viking fortress it was named after. We were a concerned with our trip there since it was advised on TV and papers that a level 3 hurricane was on the way from Denmark to Sweden. And I suppose we were brave enough to go towards it since you can't go further south Sweden when you're in Trelleborg. Mirjam and I hopped on the train to Malmö and from there we caught a bus. I never cease to be amazed by the fact that you can't easily find direction signs in ... read more
Gabriella's front garden is blooming - crazy weather
Wind: 35m/s   Hurricane level 3
Do I have to say more??  Very windy!!!

Europe » Sweden » Skåne January 11th 2007

Yaaaay, I'm in Eslöv! Leaving Ireland was really something. Once at the airport, I learned my flight reservation was never made, so they couldnt find my name or any details about it. So I had to buy another ticket in the last minute, and made it on time to Copenhagen, Denmark. Mirjam, her mom and kids were anxiously waiting for me at the airport! That was some warm welcome!! :) From there we took a train to Malmö which took us less than 30mins, and there we were in Sweden already! The train goes thru a tunnel under the water and goes up to an artificial salt island before we reach the continent again. If I wasn't told so I wouldn't know!! :) In Malmö Mirjam's mom drove us to Eslöv which was a short trip ... read more
Got milk??
Min Svenska Familj
The second Kebab of the trip!!

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin January 8th 2007

Today is my last day here in Dublin as I head to Sweden tomorrow morning. It leaves me with a bitter taste in my mouth knowing I'll miss all the wonderful people I've met here. All I know is that I'm sure I'll be back here soon sometime. :) This afternoon Eoin drove us to Kiliney Hill and the scenery is 'Grand'!! Well, from the top of it, I saw a lot of Dublin city as well as Enya's Castle! Later today, we drove past Bono's mansion. Boy, these people know how to live it up!! Well, I'll leave you with the pictures and will be back soon with news from Sweden!! ... read more
Kiliney Hill
a view from the top of Kiliney Hill
a view of Kiliney City. To your right, Enya's Castle

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