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24th September 2009

Prize Well, I won a Travel Sorry Game and Steve won a 30 minute arcade card for Walt Disney World Resorts.
23rd September 2009

Kona! Yes, Kona Cafe is known for their breakast, and yes that breakfast is wonderful. But, I have to say it ROCKS for dinner! (And can't beat you are just a few steps away from Dole Whips!)
23rd September 2009

No sleep! Who needed sleep on a trip like this?!
23rd September 2009

Whaddya win? At the pool trivia?
23rd September 2009

The next big adventure I'm ready now.
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22nd September 2009

I told you You two boys need to separate! This is from a mom's point of view too much of each other could be trouble. Oh wait isn't that your middle names?
22nd September 2009

Re: Okay I was really surprised when the operator told me that the guests party hard at the Hard Rock! The hotel manager, AJ, was great about resolving the issue - I just wish I had talked to him the first time. The hotel also needs a b
it of a refurbishment - our room had a bit of unexpected wear and tear. Overall, though, we had a GREAT time at the Hard Rock and at Universal with the front of line access (which we didn't need on many rides given it was off season).
22nd September 2009

Re: I told you Oh yeah, we can find the fun in everything! And, pack in a ton of fun in it all too. Just be glad that we didn't break any attractions this trip.
22nd September 2009

Jealous You guys were jealous you weren't invited!
22nd September 2009

Re: Jealous No way - we seriously just wanted to catch some zzz's because we were running hard during the day and had a busy itinerary ahead. :-P
30th July 2009

Re: It broke Down I have no clue what TOSS stands for....help me out.
30th July 2009

Re: Re: It broke Down I don't know what TOSS means either - what does it stand for?!
29th July 2009

It broke Down What do you two have 'TOSS'? Figure it out I'm sure one of you will.
29th July 2009

Notice a Pattern Don't go to Disney World when I am there I want to ride the rides.
26th July 2009

Answer to Tina No characters, dessert was extra but it was really cute. It is ice cream cones with cake baked in the bottom and served with ice cream on top.
From Blog: Arrival Day
21st April 2009

Re: Lunch with the sculptor He is an actor portraying the sculptor. He is part of the experience of Liberty Island and was ignored by most. He speaks about the statue and the design and everything in the present tense so he doesn't even
know that it is 2009.
From Blog: Monday in NYC
18th August 2008

I've never I've never been on a cruise so I am enjoying reading this. Thanks Ric! Enjoy yourself!
From Blog: Embarkation Day
17th August 2008

I'm Jealous! Wish I could get a chance to do the kind of traveling you do!

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