I realize its been far too long since I've written anything, mostly due to the chaos of carnival and being busy with my research. I've done so much in the past few weeks hat I'll no doubt forget to write about a lot of things, but I'll do my best to remember! So carnival started with J'ouvet, which is from 2am until at least midday (given that this was the night after insomina fete, our sleeping patterns were really suffering)! We played J'ouvet with a band, which provide a DJ truck, you get unlimited free drinks and follow them round for the night. The idea is that you throw paint/mud/chococlate basically everything around at each other while walking round the roads of Port of Spain. There are THOUSANDS of people doing this and the city is ... read more

The past two weeks have really been getting properly started with my research and, of course, getting ready for carnival. Most week days we spend working - either going out and doing interviews or phoning around and sorting ourselves out. Thats another thng I love about Trinidad - everything is done by phone, no emails/texts. Its refreshing to actually talk to people and get to know them. Last weekend we went out again (standard) and ended up drinking at the main junction by our house at 4am with a guy who works in a shop which is basically a cage and our taxi driver. In hindsight, probably not the safest idea weve ever had, but being drunk and with two pretty big men, it seemed like a great idea! The next day we went to the ... read more
Mt St Benedict
Mt St Benedict
Mt St Benedict

Today was the best day yet - we went on a short hike through the jungle to a waterfall which we climbed over/in and went swimming in the little pools!!! The jungle area of Trini is so nice and clam - you could be in a different world when compared to the busy city/towns that we live in even though its literally up the road. In the jungle its slightly cooler, way more humid and there a few cocoa estates/small houses and villages. Its so quite and peaceful, apart from the occasional house blasting out Soca music! We walked for a few kilometres along a 'path' and nearly died a few hundred times but we made it to the most peaceful waterfall ever. And it was just us there. So good! I can't even begin to ... read more

So, from Monday we decided we should probably make a start on our research and sort ourselves out properly. This involved my first exploration of Trinidad and its public transport system alone, as well as signing for our new house and sorting ourselves out to move in today! I'm so excited to be able to cook and eat proper food!! So far ive had lucky charms for breakfast, bread which tasted more sugary than the lucky charms and several takeaways. The Caribbean diet certainly isnt the healthiest!! Anyway, so on Monday I went to meet a friend of a friend who lives in Trinidad and who is involved in the Cocoa industry. This showed my a whole different side to the island that what I've already experienced. Where I am currently staying, El Socorro, and the ... read more

Sooo, the past two days we spent at beaches/going out in Port of Spain. On Friday we went to Chaguaramas beach, the owner of our hostel, Earle, took on a drive round the city and to see some other AMAZING beaches and then dropped us off so that we could spend the day there. Trinidadians are so eager to help - we'd only asked him what beach we should go to and he insisted on driving us there, giving us a tour and everything!! Anyway, we spent the day at Chaguaramas, which was pretty empty give that it was a Friday, but the sea was so warm (slightly ruined by the massive oil refinery in the background). We then got a 'maxitaxi' - basically a bus back to the flat. The traffic was HORRENDOUS, but Trinidadians ... read more

So, another flight from Miami to Port of Spain and we made it to Trinidad!! Only to be held up at immigration because our return flights left Costa Rica and not Trinidad itself, which apparently is against their Visa laws. Potentially the nicest immigration people in the world managed to create a flight for us to fake book ourselves onto and then let us go... all a bit underground/illegal, but we made it in! Leaving the airport and being hit by the 30 degree heat, the Northern Range mountains covered in rainforest and the palm trees was amazing! so worth the 40 hours with no sleep and millions of airports! A taxi took us to our guesthouse for the next week in El Socorro, which meant driving through a lot of the citys surrounding areas. Whoever ... read more
Coconut Water

North America » United States » Florida » Miami January 21st 2015

26 hours out of the 36 done! - currently sat in a FREEZING cold Miami airport, which makes no sense considering its 80 degrees outside even though it's 4am. Our first flight to Philidelphia was alright, then a 4 hour layover after which we boarded a flight with 30(!!!!!) people on. Literally the emptiest flight ever, which sounded great, a whole row to sleep on. But after i claimed my row, gt comfy, put my music on and everything, the Uraquian guy behind me starts talking, decides to move to my row and spends the 3 hour flight showing me pictures of his family/his gun/ his house. So 3 hours and 2 bottles of wine later I arrive at Miami and try to sleep on the airport floor, not really happened though! I'm going to be ... read more

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