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North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago May 11th 2015

We're finally back home in CHICAGO. What an amazing trip. Eleni: Personally, I'm so going back to France. I loved it there. I want to like live at the Musee Rodin. And I will eat nothing but lemon tarts. Sha: This trip was life changing! So many sites. So many new friends. So many memories... and the food! Reed: Im so jetlagged, no one bother me for a week. I'm gonna go to bed and dream of Morocco and Brazil. It's good to be home.... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Gili Air May 11th 2015

Sha's Entry Last Stop: Indonesia Our flight from India to Indonesia had two layovers- one in Kolkata, India, and one in Singapore. In total, the entire trip from India took seventeen hours and forty five minutes. As always, we slept on the plane and, because Singapore Airlines offers complimentary food and drinks, we ate on the long flight as well. We landed in Lombok, Indonesia at exactly 10:35 AM. Eleni and I were among the first passengers off the plane, eager to see what new adventures Indonesia had waiting for us. Reed, somehow still sleeping, was almost left on the plane. A kind flight attendant returned our dear and drowsy friend to us and together we made our way to the baggage claim. The airport was not quite as lively as the other, and it was ... read more
Look at this beautiful mountain in the distance!
Indonesian carts pulled by horses
The beautiful Lombok Raya Hotel

Asia » India May 8th 2015

Reed's Entry Stop 4: New Delhi Arriving in New Delhi was a terrifying experience for me. Sha and Eleni were perfectly composed, as they always are, but I was scared out of my mind. Whenever my Human Geo Teacher, the amazing Ms. Dodds, would talk about India, or my Environmental Science teacher for that matter, It would always be in reference to the Demographic Transition model which helped to display where a country was developing. We would hear things entirely directed to show us that India had a greater population that the U.S three times over but with several times less the size. We saw slums in India filled with families that couldn’t pay rent, much less the amenities we are used to as Americans. So, I was scared because our challenge in India was vague ... read more
National Museum of India in New Delhi
Rajma Chawal!

Africa » Morocco » Fès-Boulemane » Fes May 7th 2015

Reed’s Entry Stop 2: المغرب For some ungodly reason, Sha woke me up. While some may think of “2:45 pm” as a reasonable time, I submit that they have never come between me and any bit of sleep I can get my hands on. Eleni, who can easily live off of 12 hours of sleep a week, was already prepared to get off the plane and knew better than to be the person to wake me up. As I groggily gathered my belongings, while silently cursing the sun, I took a look out to the landscape we were flying over. As we got closer to landing, we got a chance to see Fez before landing right outside of the city. We saw the beautiful stone structures of the city that just gives you a sense that ... read more
Gardens of The Dar Batha Museum
Inside the Dar Batha Museum

Europe » France » Île-de-France January 10th 2015

Eleni's Entry Stop 3: Paris We arrived at the Charles de Gaulle Airport in Roissy-en-France at 2:20pm (14:20). We were able to change some money there at the airport. The airport is only 14 miles (23 kilometers) Northeast from Paris. We considered taking the train into the city, but decided a taxi would be easier. We caught a taxi at Terminal 1. The driver, Pierre, spoke a little English. Between his little bit of English and my French, we were able to get him to take us into the city. He was very nice and recommended us a restaurant down the block from our hotel for dinner. He took the A3 into the city. This cost us 47 euros. We had picked a small hotel to stay at. Our taxi took us to our hotel, Select ... read more

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Rio de Janeiro January 9th 2015

Sha's Entry First Stop: Brazil We began our journey one bright and sunny morning in May. Specifically, it was Monday, May 4th, 2015 and the Chicago weather was absolutely perfect: a solid 78 degrees. Reed Essex, Eleni Leventopoulos and I (Fransha Dace) had met up at at our designated spot inside of the O’hare International Airport: the Cinnabon kiosk. We all agreed to get there by 8:15 because our flight was scheduled to leave at 9 AM. Arriving on time, we all ate Cinnabons and talked. At 8:45 we made our way to the terminal and boarded our plane. The first stop on our Amazing Race journey was Brazil. The flight was on schedule so, after a one hour and nineteen minute layover in Panama City, Panama, we landed at the Galeão International Airport in Rio ... read more
Brazil at night
Best Western Augusto's Rio Copa Hotel

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