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23rd March 2009

love it !
hehe ;-) Im sure you could have swapped and tried the stone table/bed?? Would have completed the whole experience! Think a looooooooong phone call when you get home will be in order? Love and hugs xxx
23rd March 2009

You are sooo lucky. What a wonderful experience. Wish I was there!
19th March 2009

Loving reading the blogs :) Cant imagine it all..........make the most of it !!! Love all round xxxx
19th March 2009

My Comment
Told you that I should have gone with you !! I could have dragged you up that mountain ! missing you, see you soon xxxxx
15th March 2009

So how are they?
Are the two 'random hippies' ok? From what you say they could be fleecing you for a while. I know, mine haven't stopped yet!
13th March 2009

Wonder if you are on dry land yet ! Hope you remembered to pack the essentials and all the spare knickers!!! Love to Kay and Sam xxx
From Blog: 4 days to go
12th March 2009

Brave girl
Hope you have a fantastic time in India. Max and Ruth did it a couple of years ago and loved it. Take care -you're one very brave lady!!!
9th March 2009

India ?
Dreaming of Indians is OK, just watch out for the real cowboys !
12th March 2006

Hello mummy wummy, wow, so ace, I am proper happy you are/had a good time, I am really impressed and pleased!!xxxxx and big up the cheap hostels! Yay, you is a proper traveler ayeeeeeeeeeeee xxxxxx
10th March 2006

Cant wait to see ya
Does this mean now that you might want to have a ride on a real bike eh ? I have been really enjoying the blogs of yours and Sam's, made me quite jealous and reminded me of my time in the Belizian Jungle. Cya Sunday and dont forget to turn your mobile on, been trying to call it the last couple of days after I missed your calls. Bumma Eh !!
10th March 2006

Loved the Journals........glad youre coming home before you do something reallllllllly dangerous tho! :)) Cant wait to see the photos..... Safe journey xx
10th March 2006

Every blog has a reference to abloutions - you realise that there is a hose pipe ban over here - what are you going to do?
9th March 2006

God I'm so jealous!!!!
Jammy bugga sounds like you're having a brill time I bet you wish you were there longer looking forward to seeing you love Helenxx
8th March 2006

Spoke too soon
Hi Cath, you sound to be getting the hang of the new toilet protocols ? Mums back in ther asylum again, probably for another couple of weeks !!
7th March 2006

Oh that poor elephant........
I cant imagine the pain and discomfort that poor elephant would have felt !! must have looked at right sight from behind, probably like 2 elephants mating !! Just to let you know Cath that my mum is back home now. Off to Sharks game thursday night so will text you the final score. Baz xxxxx
6th March 2006

What happens when they have a hose pipe ban there too ? love the journal havent had such a good laugh for ages :-) Keep having the fun!!! And are you going have a massage????????
5th March 2006

The Food
Please.... comments about the food please
5th March 2006

Woo hey mummy :) Sounds like you're having a good time and my big Brother is taking care of you, infact I just read his blog, and it seems he thinks he might not be able to keep up with you!! I'm looking after Jess and Suki well, been taking jess up the woods every day, the little retard is enjoying it. So you had fun with the ass spray? I bet you gonna get on instaled at your house eh? :) xxxx glad you're having a good time.... xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Kay
5th March 2006

I remember these too ... and holes in the floor ! And for the westerners who dont understand the above and are so dirty they dont use the hose .. a bin to throw the dirty papers into [IF you remembered to carry some with you] ...... glad its not me emptying out the bins !
5th March 2006

Gosh I can remember doing all that - twice over - except I stayed somewhere REALLY posh .. a guesthouse somewhere in Banglampoo - just off the Koh San road .. which cost me all of £8 per night for a double room ... no aircon - just a fan .. and BOY was it HOT. The palace is amazing - although I had to go back again on the second trip there - cos no-one bothered to tell me that a lot of it was shut over the weekend. I loved the river bus though - and went on it as far as I could go - both ways - and all for about 8p each way ... bargain !
5th March 2006

Just scrolled to top of page describing your jet spraying equipment, and there are 3 adverts....City Irrigation Ltd,The Name for Hosereels, and Garden Hoses......best make a note of those url's!
5th March 2006

Oh my gawd !
Good Luck Sam! You'll need a holiday by the time she goes home! xxhugsxx
5th March 2006

she aint with me people......... actually she is haha! enjoy mother! x
5th March 2006

Seen Ya !!
Been tracking your progress via the web, am sure I can see you on Google Earth !!
5th March 2006

Seen Ya !!
Been tracking your progress via the web, am sure I can see you on Google Earth !!

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