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Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Girona March 23rd 2019

We’d struck a dry week, on several levels. Not only has P2 been off his appetite for beer and panaderías, with a bad dose of the man-cold, but the weather had that consistently good clean quality. Temperatures are now sitting higher overall, pollen counts are definitely higher (there’s lots of yellow - green residues about town adding to sinus sufferers woes), and spring activity is popping up everywhere, with lots of little vege planter boxes in the old town apartments looking tended to. Sunday was the best choice for what I’d been meaning to do for so long. No trucks on the N road, and the Costa Brava rally drivers had shipped out, with tyres marks in their wake to the west of town. Leaving P2 and his ill state, I took off up the Vall ... read more

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Girona March 16th 2019

Tossa de mar was one of the next places on our hit list To the southeast of Girona, reaching this coastal town could be done almost entirely with the dedicated path, that also runs all the way to Sant Feliu de Guixols. That place is the main starting point of a major Volta de Catalunya stage, and being more developed, we chose Tossa instead. Typical morning temperatures are much more comfortable now, so setting off at 8/9am is closer to 6-8C. Spring is certainly in the air, as the blossoms and gardening allotments are all a flourishing shade of pink, white or green. From Girona to Llagostera, we took the usual ‘going to shop at Decathlon’ route to leave town. Peeling off on the path we passed into Quart, then Llambilles, onwards to Cassà de la ... read more
Tossa del Mar

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Girona March 10th 2019

It’s said time passes faster with age? And I’d add, experiences. Approaching 4 weeks here, the noticeable change in temporary population reinforces that the Spanish off season is definitely the preferred time. We imagine Barcelona would be intense all year round. Girona has a lot of architecture and tourist attraction to boast, so, on a fairly quiet Monday morning, we headed to the nearby Arab baths. We made an about-turn immediately after a big school group entered, being only four rooms big. Later in the day around 6pm, we passed and enquired, to find a quiet haven, without anyone else. In we went. It may have been grey / grim / artistically ‘moody’, but you’d easily conjure up visions of bathers, moving through the changing rooms, frigidarium, tepidarium / flotarium, and calidarium all generated from a ... read more
Arab baths

Europe » Spain » Catalonia March 3rd 2019

The wheels of old town life kept turning in Girona. And our wheels have definitely still been used! As a warm up for Cadaqués known climbing, we explored one weekend up the valley from Girona to Adri. Sant Medir (‘Saint Measure’ says the hiking marker) has a yellow/brown coloured church, in the middle of some current surrounding land works. A large sun dial which looked fairly accurate for mid afternoon was on the front face, the construction of the eleventh century. A short coasting of the bikes downhill took us to another village and church, of tenth century vintage, in Cartellà. To top off this valley of churches and old buildings, the following day we went a little higher to Canet de Adri, to ‘Esglesia de Sant Vicenç’, an original from 822AD then redone in the ... read more
Cartella, C10th church

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Girona February 24th 2019

Settling into Girona life we had to apply some ‘Amazing spaces’ adjustments to The Nest to make the small space work better. A simple setup, the wobbly orange fold out couch got the first fix with the Allen key, then table to the window, then the bikes with their funny cantilever brakes. Driven by the difficulties of cartage up and down 3 narrow flights of old town stairs with the said bikes, we’d then converted our space to that which we’d visioned. Me, sat by the window, gazing at life on the third floor metres away in the old quarter, thoughts of lingering work obligations diminishing, and a decent ride done, or planned. The time slipped by. And with the weekend comes an influx of visitors to Girona. A quiet season to visit we’re told, midday ... read more
Our view in the old town
Girona cathedral
Old town scenes

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Girona February 16th 2019

The circumstances were different this time. But primarily, upheaval leads us here. Spain captivated us on the Camino in late 2017. Knowing we’d some day return, with a vision of being somewhere a little longer than ‘passing through’, a quest to seek out that unique place (that wasn’t brimming with what we didn’t want) began. Ever our eyes on our favourite accommodation websites, and ears to Radio Tres (plus or minus checking nightly the studio video cam at the radio station), the immersion in Spanish language kept us super keen. In a blink, late in 2018, we’d locked the dates in and started our online conversations with Spain. Departure days are always filled with a little worry. In fact, departure month could be put into the stressful category, that culminated in an 11th hour car repair ... read more
La mesa
Madrid Gran Via
Madrid Atocha

Europe » Spain January 11th 2019

North America » Mexico » Distrito Federal » Mexico City November 1st 2018

Our Costa Rican leg of the trip came to an end on the 28th. Staying in Atenas, on the outskirts, meant waking to a tranquil morning surrounded by misty mountain peaks and not being deep in the city centre as before. Highway 3, through to the city on one end, and from where we travelled the previous day, connected us west to east. The transfer came to time, Jesús appropriately uplifting us. Within half an hour we’d gone 25km to Juan Santa Maria aeropuerto. Jesus Gerardo Mejía was an interesting fellow, and like all our trips, it was a good chat had en route mostly on Costa Rican life. Unexpectedly, the 12.30 Aeromexico flight was delayed. Checked in, we then waded through the lengthy security section, to be placed in that location where all is either ... read more
Old town scenes

The plan before leaving Monteverde was to add in a second natural reserve dedicated to conservation as was Curi Cancha. Unlike before, the alarms got set for a slightly later time to take our shuttle bus. Ascending several 100m from Santa Elena town, we climbed for a good fifteen minutes up a bumpy gravel road, with several works in progress trying to recuperate it with the imminent wet season. The mainly European tourists aboard joined the bus bit by bit, but fortunately, being the off season, the chances of entering were greater than it could’ve been. A beautiful lush scene of dense rainforest lay before us, and in minutes we’d parted with $25NZDpp to enter this paradise. Of the 48km of trails laid here, we’d time for a fraction choosing the ‘de bajo’ and ‘encantadora’ in ... read more
Monteverde to Canas
Ecologically valuable bats - mossie control and pollinators
Crocodile, Palo verde

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Limón October 23rd 2018

“All good for our pick up from the airport, at this stage” read my reply email. Emphasis on ‘at this stage’. Looking at the email to the ground transport company in Costa Rica, second day in, it read relevantly of what was an exhausting 48 hour period beforehand. On the day of departure, arranged many months in advance, we got a text one liner. ‘Flight cancelled’. Into a spin it threw us. No reasons given. As well as trying to fit work in myself that day, P2 kicked off the alternative planning involving lengthy calls to the insurer, travel agent and AirNZ, plus emails to ground transport Desafio and our first hotel night. Several hours and dollars later, with a fortunate late check out from our Airbnb, meant we’d got it at least half sorted. The ... read more
San Jose from our hotel room
Passion fruit lodge
Locals, Costa del Caribe

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