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Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town August 25th 2011

August 25th-Our morning began with the hotel breakfast. Our hopes were high for a new winner in the Hotel Breakfast Category, but the Park Inn Danube in Bratislava is still in the lead by a lot. The breakfast was good and then we headed out to meet our next tour. We signed up for a Castle and Jewish Quarter tour. We lucked out with a smart tour guide, Blanca, and a small tour (7 in total with Blanca). We met the group at the Charles Bridge and quickly got going. We headed over the bridge as Blanca explained some of the features of this 14th Century bridge. Every ten feet or so, there is a Saint Statue and there are "crap" vendors and street performers competing for your attention. We did stop by the statue of ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town August 24th 2011

August 24- An early morning wakeup call (5:30am) was in order to get us up and moving in time to make our train to Prague. We were out the door by 6:30 and at the train station before 7am. We tucked ourselves into our private, first class cabin and were on our way. (A side note... our learning curve on the trains has been somewhat slow, but we are finally getting the idea of actually using the first class train pass and taking full advantage of the extra leg room and private cabins) We rode this train for about 2 hours, before making a train switch at the Czech border. The second train was not as nice and the cooling system didn't work. We both got drowsy on the ride and woke up sweating (a theme ... read more

Europe » Austria August 23rd 2011

August 23- Last night we finally figured out that the windows do actually open in our hotel room. It was nice to have some fresh air in our room for a change and we slept better. ( A side note... our window opens to the back courtyard of the hotel. Any noise made echos very loudly thru the entire courtyard. I was desperately trying to seek out the man who has bad post nasual drip and was coughing every night for hours. I wanted to give him some allergy meds badly.)  We got ourselves ready and headed for the hotel breakfast. So far, the best hotel award goes to the Royal Park Inn in Budapest, but the Best Breakfast Spread award goes to the Park Inn Danube in Bratislava. We ate quickly and made our way ... read more

Europe » Austria » Vienna August 22nd 2011

August 22- We awoke in a pool of I mentioned before this trip has been very warm to date and since our room had no a/c and the windows hardly opened..we were hot. I headed straight for the tiny rain closet and did a dance I call "how cold can I get the water and still stand in it". I felt refreshed for about 2 minutes post shower, got myself together and headed for breakfast. Breakfast was adequate and we quickly ate and headed for our first adventure of the day.... a bus tour of Vienna and Schrobunn Palace. We successfully navigated the subway and made our way to the tour departure site. Our tour guide, Agamon, was fluent in many languages and our bus was filled with Dutch, German, and English speaking each ... read more

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest » Buda August 21st 2011

August 21-Our goal this morning was to make it to the Hungarian Parliament Tour in English at 10am. We should have read our Ricky (Rick Steeves) better, because by the time we got ourselves into the city, the line for tickets was huge and they sold out before we got one. After this change in plans, we floundered for a bit before catching our course again. We left the Parliament and then tried to hurry to catch the subway to get to a bus tour of Momento Park which is a park just outside town of all of the old communist statues. "We just missed it" (That's for you, amy)... so then we had to re-plan again. We decided to try to find out if the Great Market in Budapest was open on Sunday, even though ... read more

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest » Buda August 20th 2011

August 20th- Today is a Hungarian National Holiday, St. Stephen's day. Our wakeup call was about 7am and we were down to breakfast shortly after 8. The spread today was not as nice as our last hotel, but suitable. Mom had her oatmeal (brought from home) and I enjoyed the toast. We stopped at the front desk on the way to the train to ask about the holiday festivities. The nice man at the front desk pointed us to the Castle District on the Buda Side.  We headed for the metro and went straight there. When we got out of our destination station on the metro, we surfaced to view's of the Hungarian Parliament building right on the Danube. It was breathtaking. We strolled down the promenade toward the Castle district and watched as the vendors ... read more

Europe » Slovakia » Bratislava Region » Bratislava » Old Town August 19th 2011

August 19th-Today we enjoyed our Slovakian Breakfast at the Park Inn on the Danube. The breakfast spread was very extensive and we both enjoyed the chocolate dip for the croissants. After breakfast, we headed straight for the New Bridge UFO lookout. This bridge was constructed during Communist times. They displaced several hundred homes in the Jewish quarter to put in a major highway.... the only problem is that they ran it right in front of the St.Martin's Cathedral, a  Coronation Church for the Slovakian Kings.... which is now crumbling because of the vibration of the highway. The UFO lookout is a restaurant and a overlook on the city. At the top we got wonderful views of the castle, the old town, and new section of Bratislava. Also from this height, we could see Austria, Hungary, and ... read more

Europe » Slovakia » Bratislava Region » Bratislava » Old Town August 18th 2011

August 18th- We started off the day fairly early.... I was up and got myself down to the lobby before 8 in order to get connected to the interet. I got myself setup and checked my email and then headed back to our room to shower before breakfast. Breakfast was a very nice spread... we especially like the croissants. Eileen loved the scrambled eggs. We ate a big breakfast and then gathered our things and headed to the Bratislava Castle. This castle was fairly close to our hotel but it was a steep climb to get there. The castle was pretty cool. It is white and it currently under re-construction. We didn't pay to go in because most of the castle was not open, but we did wander around the grounds and got a feel for ... read more
Old Town
Communist Era Street Cars
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Europe » Slovakia » Bratislava Region » Bratislava » Old Town August 17th 2011

August 16-17-Our flight left syracuse at 4pm and we headed for Boston. there was nothing spectacular about the flight. once in Boston, we grabbed a bite to eat and made our way to the gate. The international terminal in Boston is quite posh and I enjoyed the access to a plug to charge my "Electronic toys" as my mom would call them. We boarded our next flight to Munich on Lufthansa airlines. The plane was very nice and included a "downstairs" area that was primarily for restrooms. Each of our seats had our own TV, and I was tempted to watch a movie in German just to prepare myself. The stewardesses were generally nice, except the one who was stationed to our area... she was very short with us. I have to say the service was ... read more

Europe » Austria » Vienna August 16th 2011

Today we are leaving for Eastern Europe...check back for updates!!... read more

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