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9th November 2013

Thanks for all the beautiful pictures and travel information. Got to enjoy Portugal without leaving home.
6th November 2013
Castle in Cascais

Gotta love a good holy site!
Fantastic snaps as always, Em! I totally forgot that Fatima was in Portugal--that is a rock star site in the Catholic world...way to go! Put in a good word for me, eh? I may need to show some solid references if/when I make it to the Pearly Gates so they let me in. :) So glad it sounds like you have met some kindred spirits/travel junkies on the trip...our people! Thanks for the blog; it's helping me live vicariously through you guys! talk to you soon!
4th November 2013

Diet Coke ("Slimsy") is a perfectly acceptable breakfast drink
it is LOADED with Niacin...and we all need that, right? Sounds like the trip is starting out fantastically! Wish I were there instead of bubble wrapping and boxing up all my stuff here in DC. have fun and keep writing!
2nd November 2013

What's Rog doing there ???, trying to get out on a fishing trip no doubt! Eileen
4th April 2012

Hope you ladies had a great flight! Can't wait to hear about your first impressions of Spain! :)
From Blog: EspaƱa!!
29th August 2011

Sounds like you have lots of stories... can't wait to hear them when you get back! :)
27th August 2011

i meant to say I'm ALWAYS glad to see them. that's what happens when you multitask too much :)
26th August 2011

this post made me very hungry..and actually gave me a craving to hear some Mozart. I do love snack packs. I'm also happy to see them.
26th August 2011

this post made me very hungry..and actually gave me a craving to hear some Mozart. I do love snack packs. I'm also happy to see them.
25th August 2011

In some places most people speak english, but in Budapest most people did not speak it at all. we are making our way and having fun
25th August 2011

my twin
Glad my twin is also a tour guide like me. Must be a sign that I am supposed to be in that job! Locked inside a garden, eh? I think Eileen's "drug" is beginning to be a problem. We may need to stage an intervention. safe journey! ~AMY
24th August 2011

Sounds like you are having fun! Do most people speak some english? You're not missng much here. We did have an earthquake yesterday, originated in VA. No damage though, so no worries. Enjoy! Jessica
23rd August 2011

Hi Maureen and Jack-- I was having some trouble uploading the text to the blog...I finally got some published tonight... we are having a blast xoxo emily
23rd August 2011

Where Are You Now?
Hi Emily, It's Tuesday, a week later, and I'm anxious to hear more about your travels. Maureen
8th April 2009

hello from london
hey emily, i'm very jealous of your trip especially after reading & seeing all the photos! i did the ring of kerry tour with mum over easter break a few years ago and we loved it!! hope the weather stays nice for you, here in London it's not so great at the moment, xx
6th April 2009

COOL Castle!
Wow! I dont remember seeing this castle!! you guys are seeing prime stuff! I dont think I can adhere to my "every 5 years Ill go back to Ireland" rule...I want to go again now! :) glad you checked out Kenmare...that's where I want to stay next time. and i love Killarney National Park..too bad too many tourists discovered Killarney though...oh well...they have good taste I guess. way to go on the pub hopping :)
6th April 2009

Yay! Im so glad your friends got to see Cross and Kilbaha, etc. Sounds like you ladies are picking up a lot of Irish lads (of all ages! ) Im proud of you! :)
5th April 2009

Thanks for sharing - looks like you ladies are having a great time and I can't wait to see the rest of your photos when you get back!
4th April 2009

Kylemore Abby
This photo is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3rd April 2009

miss you.....
It sounds like your having a great time!! Baby maroney cant wait to see what he/she gets from ireland. Have you seeked any good land out for the reardons??? ha ha!!
3rd April 2009

You know I love photography too and I am VERY jealous that you are in such a beautiful place to take those pics. You can't quite get those shots in Pompey!!
3rd April 2009

Thanks Emily!
Thanks Emily for keeping us updated on your trip. The pictures are beautiful and thanks for picking up the slack for Tara. Hope you enjoy the rest of your stay and can't wait to hear and see more!
2nd April 2009

You Suck Jessica
You need to get back here. I have coupon tracking, fundraiser info., and sports team sponsorships to send out. There is no one here to send them to. Hope you are having a great time. Try not to hook up too much. I don't want to see you on interpol's list of people banned from Ireland. Take care and enjoy every moment. Kelly
2nd April 2009

Irish Ireland
Magnificent historical sights. What a great trip. Hopefully Liz and I will be there some day soon. Everyone have a pint on me and keep an eye on Jessica. We don't want her to get caught in those Irish smiles. Love Liz and Vin
31st March 2009

Im so jealous you are all in Ireland...and Galway is one of my favorite places! keep up the least I can live vicariously through you girls. Go easy on those Irish lads :)

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