I am just getting started here, seens a good tool for those who like to - at the same time - write and travel.

I will start with two things:

a)my preparation post (why I am here, what is travelling for me, etc...)

b)my trip to central america now (December-February 2010-2011)

Hope to make of this an utill instrument for something I still have no idea whats going to be.

"Pack and Go"

Bruno, dec.2010.

South America » Brazil » São Paulo » São Paulo August 6th 2010

Welcome to my first post. From now on, I will start to publish here some of trip preparation and my traveling idea. Firstly, this is not just traveling, otherwise I could just separate a 2 months vacation and walk around having a good time relaxing and come back better to daily way of life but, not. The intention is different. That’s a discovering trip. A trip to get involved and mixed within the world, a trip to become baptized as a world citizen, to brake all barriers between the stable society life and the pure adventure of being alive, of feeling the world as it really is; its culture, its nature, both human and not human aspects of existence. I remember now the first impulse to leave for discovering. It's been in my childhood somewhere in ... read more

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