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South America » Argentina » Santa Cruz » El Calafate October 15th 2018

Woke up at 5:15am, had breakfast and packed our bags and walked the 15 minutes to the bus station and got there at 6:30am. This gave me an hour to hike to the Mirador Los Condors for a view of El Chalten with the mountains behind. However, it didn’t look promising as the clouds hadn’t cleared and there was light rain, so pur first bit of bad luck concerning the weather. I still did the hike anyway and didn’t quite make it to the top as I was worried I wouldn’t make the bus in time and the weather hadn’t cleared so it wasn’t worthwhile. Oh well, you can’t win them all and at least we did sight Mt Fitzroy in silhouette last night. Our bus back to El Calafate stopped at the same rest stop ... read more

South America » Argentina » Santa Cruz October 14th 2018

Early start this morning to wait for our pick-up to the bus station for our trip to El Chalten which is in the northern section of Glacier National Park. This small town is known as the hiking capital of Argentina but we only planned to do one half-day hike and stay just one night. Trip there was uneventful but I did choose seats on the left side of the bus. Another blogger had recommended that and it was good advice as a the last 45 minutes or so we had very nice views of the alps and could even see a glacier and icebergs from a distance. As we got closer however I did notice that up ahead it looked much cloudier and rainy and that’s exactly what it was like in El Chalten. There was ... read more

South America » Argentina » Santa Cruz » El Calafate October 13th 2018

Today is a travelling day. Woke up this morning at 7:15 and finished packing before walking to restaurant for breakfast. Our room 60 is the second last room on the western side and the restaurant is located at the extreme eastern side of the hotel so actually a bit of a walk as the hotel is long and skinny so that all rooms have a nice view. The bus left around 9:20 and had to back track towards Punta Arenas to reach the border crossing. We were traveling with Joseph, Marta, Darlene(Boston) , Angeliqua (Texas), Arnie and Benny from Israel. The bus stopped just before the border crossing at a cafeteria/tourist shop for about 60 minutes even though the driver told us 20-30 minutes. We were all looking for the driver but he had disappeared but ... read more

South America » Chile » Magallanes October 12th 2018

For a change, today’s activities were organized by Daisy as she had gone straight to the reservation desk after her tour and decided it was best I have a rest from hiking which was an excellent idea as I woke up this morning with pretty sore muscles. First activity today was horse-riding. Those of you that know me would know that horse-riding wouldn’t be my first choice of activity. I don’t think I’ve ridden a horse since doing a pony ride as a child. However, it turned out to be a very nice experience. The horses are very well looked after and sure-footed so there no problems whatsoever despite some of the terrain and tracks looking quite precarious at times. Deanna was our tour leader and gave very good instructions on how to handle the horse. ... read more

South America » Chile » Magallanes October 11th 2018

Woke up way too early this morning so only got about 4 hours proper sleep, so not the best way to start this day, doing the most difficult trek on offer, the Los Torres Sendero del Ascencion or in other words the trek to the base of the three towers (Los Torres) which our hotel is named after. This trek turned out to be very close to the hardest physical challenge I’ve had, the other being the 23km uphill cycle ride in Yunnan province in high altitude. I joked that yesterday’s tour was called Full Paine but it was a more appropriate name for today’s hike. The hike is 9kms one way then 9kms back the same way and is basically in three parts, the first is 5km, fairly steep to the rufugio where back-packers trekking ... read more

South America » Chile » Magallanes October 10th 2018

Walked over to the dining room around 8:15 so a little late. Had a quick breakfast so we could make the 9:00am meeting time for the Full Paine – Glacier Grey tour. Even though it was called Full Paine it wasn’t painful at all, it was actually quite easy. Our guide for the day was Josie and we were with the same lovely group people we had met the previous day on our bus trip in. Bob and Marta who had dinner with us the night before from Texas, Ron and Maria from Utah, David and Mary from UK and Michelle, an American now living in Puerto Rico. Weather today was cloudy but most of the time very sunny and we managed to keep warm enough the whole day. The wind as we expected was the ... read more

South America » Chile » Magallanes October 9th 2018

Left our apartment on schedule at 8am walked with all our luggage for 30 minutes to the Los Heroes bus station. It was an easy walk, all flat, so was worth the effort as the bus fare for both of us was about $7 compared to about $63 for a direct transfer. There were people lining up for the bus when we arrived but not many of them had luggage so this was used by people working at the airport as well as travelers. Bus ride was about 35 minutes and we arrived at the airport around 9:20. We mis-read the boarding pass in Spanish and went to Gate 35, but luckily the correct gate 27 wasn’t far away, but there was a long line of passengers waiting to get on. The flight was amazing. I ... read more

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago October 8th 2018

As the museums are closed on Mondays we decided we could just take it easy today. Daisy had a good sleep-in and we didn’t get out until 11:15am. We walked over to the Mercado Central Markets and discovered the fish markets and a section full of seafood restaurants. As it was lunch time we thought this was a great place to have some seafood. My first choice based on Trip Advisor scores was closed unfortunately so we took a chance on another one called San Antonio Lalita. Daisy had a seafood soup and I had a seafood stew and both were delicious. The waiter even gave us a couple of complementary pisco sours which is a Chilean drink made from Chilean pisco brandy, lemons from Pica, sugar and ice. As you all know, I don’t drink ... read more

South America » Chile » Valparaíso Region » Valparaíso October 7th 2018

Pakita and Emanuel picked us up at 10:45 for our day trip to the port city of Valparaiso. Traffic was quite good and we got there around noon. As we got closer to our destination we saw a large market where locals buy and sell everyday items, a bit like Paddy’s but not touristy at all. Our first glimpse was of a typical port with container ships and cranes for off-loading containers. However as we drove up a very steep road we started seeing a lot of graffiti and then some fantastic street art. We parked the car and then walked to the Palacio Baburizza (Municipal Museum of Fine Arts), but it took longer than it should have because we continually stopped to take photos. The Palace was a very interesting and beautiful building . It ... read more

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago October 6th 2018

We spent today with our friends and locals, Pakita and Emanuel whom we met in Vietnam three years ago. Emanuel had to work in the morning so Pakita came out and met us 10:30am at our apartment. As the museums are closed on Mondays, we were keen to visit the Chilean Museum of Pre-Columbian Art and the nearby Monseda Palace. Our timing was perfect as there was a large crowd gathered at the rear of the Palace for the Changing of the Guard and we got there just as they were starting. It was very entertaining as there was a brass band playing music including a tune my father use to always whistle or hum. When that finished we walked around to the front of the Palace for a look and then went into the Cultural ... read more

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