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Asia » China » Beijing June 6th 2007

Today was the day I was looking forward to as it was the day we visited the Great Wall of China, or more accurately a tiny part of the Great Wall of China. How fantastic to see a structure that I have heard so much about. There are 5 sections you visit from Beijing and went to the Badaling section. Michelle reckons this is the best section to visit. We actually took a cable car to the wall as its mainly perched on top of mountain ridges. Down the bottom there are a few souvenir stores and the prices are actually cheaper here than the shops on the wall itself. We were only allowed about an hour and a quarter to explore and many of the older people just stayed put at the cafe. I went ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing June 5th 2007

Early start, no breakfast as the medical check-up will include a blood test. When I say a full medical I mean it. I think we went through every test imaginable. Turns out they think I have some gall stones which they picked up on the ultrasound. Not many of the staff spoke English but a couple of the doctors could. The ear specialist spoke excellent English and when I told him my hearing was bad he said that physically they were OK. After the tests we were given breakfast in the dining room and some ladies came up in white coats. Turns out they are herbal specialists, and everyone was prescribed some herbal medicine before we left after some very long chats. It was actually a bit boring for me because I couldn't understand what everyone ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing June 4th 2007

First full day in Beijing. After breakfast met everyone in the foyer where I was introduced to my personal guide, Michelle and boarded the bus to the Forbidden City. Still in a bit of daze as I entered the side gate, it was hard to believe I was now standing in a complex that I had seen so many times in movies and documentaries. Dad had insisted that Michelle sit next to me on the bus so that she could translate what the main guide was saying. But the guy never stopped talking so I told her not to bother with translating and just give me the main points. It was much more interesting talking about our families and life in general in China. Turns out Michelle is unusual in that she is the third of ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing June 3rd 2007

Into Hong Kong airport very early in the morning with plenty of time to get our connecting flight on Dragon Air to Beijing. Long wait at the security gate and they're quite strict on the new rules about restricting liquids to 100ml bottles, but I was allowed my bottle of Saline solution. Had a bit of a snooze on the 3.5 hour flight to Beijing and it went quick. It was with some excitement when we emerged from customs and a group of people were there to greet us holding up Dad's name in Chinese. Of course, I had no idea. The group included Zhou Li who is Deputy Director of the Office of Overseas Chinese Affairs of the State Council of P.R.C and China Overseas Exchange Association. They certainly don't believe in abbreviating Department names. ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing June 2nd 2007

Spent the day packing and off to the airport early. The plane was due to take off at 9.55pm. Here we were, about to embark on a special tour, my father and I. Dad had been invited by the Chinese Government along with ten other men from different parts of the world. It is something that the Government has been doing over the last few years. Over the years many Chinese have settled in other countries, made successful careers and supported their local Chinese Communites. This was a way for the Chinese Government to show their appreciation of what these expatriates had done. It also showed me that the Chinese tradition of respecting your elders was even practiced by the government. I don't mind long plane trips, I enjoy watching the movies and even eating airline ... read more

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