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Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Sydney Airport April 10th 2018

Day of leaving and I am still packing my bags until the time Daisy arrives home at 4pm. She wisely finished her packing on the weekend. Right on schedule, Mitch and Emily drove us to the airport at 5.00pm and we get there at 5:30pm for our 9:00pm flight to Amman, Jordan via Doha, Qatar on Qatar Airways. Daisy likes being there nice and early as she feels less stressed out about it. I like the way you no longer have to fill out departure cards and how you just scan your passport and stand there looking at a screen for the computer to recognise you. Problem is if you're a 64 year old Chinese guy who had his passport photo taken 5 years ago and you stopped dying your hair when you retired, the computer ... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai June 15th 2007

For breakfast we went back to the same Cantonese restaurant for Yum Cha and then Dad decided he preferred to catch a cab to the airport rather than the Maglev train because he didn't want to have to transfer our luggage around, but I would definitely recommend the Maglev as it’s so much quicker. Flight was at 12.50pm and we arrived in Hong Kong on time at 3:40pm. We had a 3 and a half hour wait for the flight to Sydney so plenty of time to explore the Terminal shops. As the time got closer I went to get Dad, but he had disappeared. I was worried he had already gone to the departure gate, so I decided to go there as I had enough time to come back if he wasn't there. It turned ... read more

Asia » China » Zhejiang » Hangzhou June 14th 2007

Met our guide for day in the lobby, another young girl by the name of Tracy. She spoke very good English and I was to learn that she is going to Holland to study English for a few months and will then travel to Spain to study Spanish. A fairly long drive to Wuzhen and had an interesting conversation about life in China with Tracy. Wuzhen is one of the "water towns" surrounding Shanghai. Jane had recommended Wuzhen as she said it was less commercialised than some of the others and this was true. The only slightly strange thing was that you entered the town through an entrance like it was a theme park, but as soon as you got in you didn't notice that. There weren't the usual plethora of souvenir shops, just small shops ... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai June 13th 2007

Nothing particular planned today, found a good Cantonese Restaurant for Yum Cha before we decided to have a walk down Nanjing road down to the Bund. Well the original intention wasn't to go to the Bund but Dad had to get some cash for our tour the next day and we had to go down that far to find a Bank of China. While Dad was there I went and took some photos around the Bund and river front. Also bought some Chinese movies on DVD in a book shop on Nanjing road. After lunch, Dad went back to the hotel and I decided to wander further down Nanjing and walked around People's Square. I told Dad I was going to see the acrobatics show as he had said that he wasn't interested, but he changed ... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai June 12th 2007

Today was the first day on our own. First thing we had to do was transfer to the Yangtze Hotel. I had been in contact with my friend Anne Warr who's been living in Shanghai for the last 3 years. Anne had suggested I visit Peoples Square and the museum surrounding it. It turned out our hotel was right next door to People's Square and Nanjing Road so it was a great location. In the morning dad and I visited the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition, which was similar to the Beijing equivalent and just as interesting. Many displays, 360 degree audio visual where you floated down the Huangpu River. On the ground floor there was a great model of Shanghai and the river, but going up to the third floor there was an even bigger model ... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai June 11th 2007

First thing this morning was a visit to a library which housed genealogical records. We were ushered into a big room and shown a video, but I didn't understand anything that was discussed so that's about all I can say. We did watch a lady doing some restoration work. We then visited the site of the First National Congress of The Communist Party which is in Xin Tian Di. Quite an interesting place if you want to learn more about the beginnings of the Communist party as some of the captions are in English. We then went for a wander in the area which has been set up as a very trendy cosmopolitan tourist area. There certainly were a lot of westerners enjoying themselves in the cafes and... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai June 10th 2007

A big day for sight-seeing. First up was a visit to the Pearl TV Tower which I had seen photos of. It always struck me as something from Flash Gordon, like a 1930s view of the future. Superfast lift to the viewing platform and we had a great 360 degree panoramic view of Shanghai. The new Shanghai World Financial Center is almost next door and will be China's tallest building. The area that the tower is in is called Pudong and before 1991 was a no go slum area. When the Chinese Government declared it a special economic zone, international investors came in and now Pudong is one of if not the most modern areas in China. Also before 1991 you could only get there by ferry and now there are many bridges and tunnels connecting ... read more

Asia » China » Shaanxi » Xi'an June 9th 2007

Flying out of Xi'an today but not before a visit to the Shaanxi History Museum. I didn't have a personal guide in Xi'an because the local guide, Bryan spoke English, but I found that I never really knew what was coming up next, so when we got to the museum I had no idea what it was but it proved to be a very interesting museum. I found many of the artefacts interesting and the clay pottery models were different to anything else I had seen before, so once again, well worth a visit. Then a very nicely presented lunch in one of Xi'an's better hotels before flying out to Shanghai. Got to Shanghai around 5.30pm where I was again introduced to another personal guide. Her name is Jane and spoke excellent English. ... read more

Asia » China » Shaanxi » Xi'an June 8th 2007

Early start to the day and our first stop was the obligatory factory outlet visit. I had checked the prices for souvenir warriors at the hotel gift shop but had forgotten them and figured they would be cheaper here so i did buy some. They actually make life size models of the warriors here and they were quite impressive. The factory also sold a lot of Chinese arts and crafts, but I didn't think they were that cheap. Then headed off to the Terracotta Warriors and this was no disappointment. I had seen some before in Sydney when there was a special exhibition at the Powerhouse a few years ago, but to see the main pit was quite amazing, and to think they haven't unearthed everything yet. The best spot for a photo was hogged by ... read more

Asia » China » Shaanxi » Xi'an June 7th 2007

Last morning in Beijing and we flew to Xi'an, home of the famous Entombed Warriors or Terracotta Warriors. This was another major attraction I was looking forward to seeing. After touching down we of course had to have another gigantic lunch. After that we were taken to the Big Wild Goose Pagoda. We didn't get a chance to climb it but had some time to wander around the grounds which featured many different types of buddha statues. From there driving to our hotel (The Howard Johnson Ginwa Hotel) I was surprised at how modern Xi'an is, I figured that all the tourist dollars coming into the city had contributed to this growth. The charming thing about Xi'an is that the original old city wall is still intact and is beau... read more

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