This blog was started on my internship in Uganda

Africa » Rwanda » Ville de Kigali » Kigali July 30th 2010

I met up with Alan and his teammate Patrick at the bus station in Kampala and boarded together. I was sitting next to Alan. He warned me when we got on the bus to put on my seatbelt. I thought that to be a bit ridiculous. The only time I had ever worn a seatbelt on a coach bus was in Australia because it's the law (and yes if they catch you without it on they will kick you off the bus). I asked him why I should put on the seatbelt and he said it's because the roads are very bumpy and it'll help to keep me in my seat. He was right. The bus to Rwanda was extremely bumpy. I'm not even sure if bumpy is the word to describe it though. Had I ... read more
Outside the Genocide Museum
Eating at the rugby house

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Kampala July 21st 2010

I've decided to just try and wrap up two weeks into one blog entry. I just continually get behind on this. I'm still alive though. After my Kenya trip it was back to work. I did a session that day. I continued teaching how to do word. I was now doing sessions at 3 different universities so I was pretty busy. Also we were going out most nights since many of the inters were coming to the end of their stays. I just got into a normal routine of planning the sessions and lecturing so there wasn't too much to write about until I got to the internet. They are very insistent that I teach people how to use the internet. To me the internet wasn't something that you needed to teach people. It was just ... read more
Kyambogo College Computer Lab with Students

Africa » Kenya » Nairobi Province » Nairobi July 19th 2010

So we spent the night at the MC house. It was there that I got to have something that I have missed for over a month, a warm shower! It was so nice. I spent time to scrub every part of my body. It wasn't the hottest shower ever but it was better than cold. That day we followed some of the AIESEC Kenya interns to their projects in the slums. Before going they warned us that we should wear shoes and not sandals because of all of the mud. We all took this comment lightly considering from what we had seen Kampala is way muddier/dustier (depending how much it rains) and just overall more dirty than Nairobi. We headed out in the morning which was chillier than we were used to. We took the matatu ... read more
School Yard
Downtown Nairobi

Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Masai Mara NP July 18th 2010

So we all woke up at 5:45am so that we could eat breakfast at 6am and then be in the car and leave for the park around 6:30am. If you don't make it in time for breakfast than too bad. We made this pretty clear the night before that we meant the times and we weren't running on Africa time (which can give you a leeway of probably 2 hours). I slept in my clothes because it was pretty chilly. When my alarm went off I popped out of bed and got ready for breakfast. I may not always be a morning person but when it comes to traveling I have no issue waking up early. (If you've ever gone on a road trip with me then you know I like to start early. 4am is ... read more
Sausage Tree

Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Masai Mara NP July 17th 2010

A group of us had decided to go to Kenya to visit the Masai Mara National Park. One of the interns, Jet, had been before and gave us the name of a good tour guide. Thanasis organized it all for us which was nice. The more people that we got for the trip the cheaper it became. Soon enough we had 13 people all signed up (6 of them Chinese). I'm not a very big fan of traveling in large groups but it made everything so much cheaper that we couldn't really do it any other way. It was a bit frustrating since we had to pay the person with a wire transfer in USD. This meant we had to go to the ATM which gave us money in Ugandan Shillings (already converted from our home ... read more
Camels in the Street
Great Rift Valley
Inside our Van

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Kampala July 16th 2010

It was Sunday night since the bombings had occurred. There is still lots of traffic downtown and it looks as though people have continued on with their lives. Although now new security measures have definitely been taken into action. At one of the grocery stores that I go to they now search every car entering the parking lot and everyone who enters the store gets screened. Most buildings have at least a security guard standing outside now. It's a bit of a pain sometimes because you have to wait a bit longer. It also changed the mentality of the area. One of the bombs on Sunday was in a popular Ethiopian restaurant. We went out for dinner on Monday night to an Italian restaurant near our hostel. I have to admit that I felt pretty uncomfortable ... read more

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Kampala July 12th 2010

Due to recent events I'm going to have to rush through the week to last nights events. I wasn't sure if it would make news but this morning when I woke up the first headline that I saw on CNN was "Death toll rises in Uganda bomb attacks". I'll start by saying that last weekend I went to the Uganda v. Kenya rugby game. It seems that rugby games are more of a social activity than sporting event. After the match the rugby pitch turns into a giant night club. We were too tired that day to check it out but it's apparently a very popular spot to go to. On Sunday we all went on a "safari" which really ended up being 6 hours each way on a bus only to find no animals. It ... read more

Africa June 29th 2010

Tuesday I didn't do too much with my day or I can't remember doing that much. I probably did laundry and tried to catch up on my blog and reading before watching some soccer. I did take a picture of something very common here. It may not look like much but in one of the pictures you will see a small fire. Since there aren't garbage trucks in many of the areas, a way to get rid of the trash is to make a pile and burn it. This is small example but there are more larger "dumping" areas that will be garbage one day and ash the next. There is always a faint smell of smoke in the air. Sometimes it's more than a faint smell when the fire is near the hostel. It's one ... read more
The Dutch Bar
Saying goodbye to Swanee
Me and the Tims

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Kampala June 28th 2010

Today I had what I was assuming would be my second day of work since Thursday's session was cancelled. Susie came with me again. We were supposed to meet up at 10am to discuss our plan for the day. Trying to arrive by 10am means that we needed to leave our place by 8:45am. We couldn't find a taxi direct so we had to go into the center of town and then find another one going to Wandegaya (area where the University is located). It just started to rain as we got out of the second taxi. We waited with some other people under a store front and hoped that it would stop in 5-10 mins (it's a good idea to walk around with a raincoat handy since it comes and goes quite often here). ... read more
Rain at the University

Africa » Uganda » Eastern Region » Jinja June 27th 2010

I today I met up with Thanasis and Rachel to hop on a taxi and go to the town of Jinja. Jinja is a small town about 1.5-2 hours away from Kampala along Lake Victoria where they say the Nile River starts. Most of the interns had already been there when they went white water rafting so we thought that we should just go on our own and see it. We went to the taxi park and finally found one that was leaving for Jinja. It was a little bit harder bargaining for such a large distance. After a while the lowest price that they would finally accept was 4,000 shillings. We got on the taxi and headed out. In the beginning there were only a couple of us in the taxi so I was able ... read more
Tourist Shops
The Nile River
Me and Thanasis

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