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South America » Argentina » Salta » Salta February 25th 2015

MUSEUM 2 was dedicated to showing ancient children (their bodies still frozen and preserved.) The Incas believed mountains were gods or ‘apus’ who protected nearby communities and therefore they built structures on mountains for rituals (many of which were built in Salta.) The children had been dead but preserved in freezing temperatures after having had rituals performed on their bodies and having been sacrificed to the Gods. One of the ‘sacred’ mountains where children were found on was Mount Llullaillaco. Archaeological digs and expeditons are being carried out all the time and more and more objects from the Incas are still being discovered.We got to see many recent expeditions on video tapes. MOUNT LLULLAILLACO Mount Llullaillaco is an inactive volcano located between Chile and Argentina. It is 6.739 metres high and used to mark the border ... read more

South America » Argentina » Salta » Salta February 25th 2015

PART TWO EARLY TRIBES 1480 was the start of the Inca domination in North West Argentina. Afterwards, there came the Spanish conquest which was when religious art started in Salta and the people were ruled by a ‘cabildo’ and his representatives. The Spanish brought in a monetary system in order to measure wealth and saw the start of coins in Salta. The first coins had been made in Asia Minor and Greece in VII AC. Once the Spanish left Salta the design of the coins changed. (after or before the rule of Roman Empire - who started it? SALTA The city of Salta was founded in 1582. I learned quite a lot about how it was formed. At this time estancias (ranches attached to a church) were created and the population made use of the land ... read more

South America » Argentina » Salta » Salta February 25th 2015

PART ONE I soon became high on oxygen after suddenly hitting the lowlands after spending two weeks at high altitude. I felt as fit as a fiddle, and had plenty of energy from early morning to night even though it was hot here, and I was thirsty. I thought that I would head straight to the museums where there was least danger - unless a dinosaur fell on me or a mummy came alive and wrapped me up in it s bandages like mummies do to the cartoon character Scooby Doo when the team go to creepy museums. I reassured myself that this was a cartoon and was unlikely to happen to me, I felt today would be much luckier than yesterday. I had only been to one museum in Bolivia so now I had an ... read more

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz February 24th 2015

It seemed tourism was quite new to Bolivia, unlike in countries such as Argentina and Chile. I thought a lot about the newness of the Bolivia and how it is only just developing itself, deciding its politics, marking out its boundaries and assigning land to various parties. This made me consider how hard our great grandparents must have had it, growing up in lawless countries at a time when laws still hadn’t come into play. I was grateful for having grown up in the UK at the time I had. I felt that if I’d have been born in my Mum’s generation I would have EXPECTED to have security for life and worked so hard just to get my pension, if I’d have been born into my Grandma’s generation I would have been resilient but obsessed ... read more

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz February 24th 2015

I went to check in for my flight. I put my passport and walkman on the desk as I had just finished listening to it, when the man at the desk exclaimed in an amazed tone: ‘is that a Discman!?’ Wow I haven’t seen one of those in years.’ In defence of my poor walkman and with very little idea of what to say to such a comment even though I had been asked it several times, I said ‘Yes , it’s jogproof too’ The man was overjoyed. Without further ado, both my ''discman'' and I got safely through passport control, through security and to the departure gate where it rested safely in my hands for the best part of an hour until we both boarded the flight together. The first flight went like a dream. ... read more

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz February 24th 2015

I realised that travelling to various countries had made me observe my social conscience and develop what for me had become a healthy a set of values, in turn leading to a happier lifestyle. I realised that this started when I worked in France as part of my university degree. From the conditions stated in their work contracts I realised the French had a good set of social values as well as a good working code - one which maintained a balance between personal rights and the rights of the company. I now refuse to sign the optional opt out form 'the 40 hours maximum working hour week' set by European law, which often UK employers force employees to sign in the UK. After studying about the many French revolutions which took place during France's history ... read more

South America » Bolivia February 24th 2015

I had an interesting conversation with the taxi driver who drove me to the airport El Alto in La Paz. I found out a lot about his family life, the story about his 8 year old son and how he had never married his son's mother. It was during Carnavales that she had got pregnant because they had had unprotected sex only the one time but they were never officially together. The taxi ride only took 20 minutes but it was amazing that in that time he divulged so much information about his family situation and how his son came to be. Throughout this whole trip I've found it amazing how willing people are to talk about their sex lives without being asked. It’s expected to get on to the subject at some point during a ... read more

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz February 23rd 2015

As well as preparing for my flight tomorrow, I visited the local San Francisco cathedral museum, which after having passed it several times I felt it was my obligation to learn about it. I arrived just in time to take a tour in Spanish and I joined the tour group. The tour began with the guide describing in detail each one of the series of twelve painted pictures relating to Jesus’ crucifixion. I wasn't interested in this part of the tour, so I took the opportunity to add some new ‘religious’ Spanish vocabulary to my word bank. As the lady went through each picture, testing us to check we were listening and understood the details of the cruxifiction I zoned out and zoned back in again when she mentioned the cock in one of the pictures ... read more

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz February 22nd 2015

From about 10am, in the main square there was a tango concert starring tango singers, in preparation for the end of 'Carnaval.' Today is the last day of Carnaval in La Paz and this afternoon from midday, according to the local people in the market was the 'burial of the cucumber' in the cemetery. Intrigued I went down to the cemetery to investigate. It was yet another carnival, with the red and green cucumbers dancing around and children spraying water and foam everywhere. It took place outside the cemetery and I believe that they may have buried the cucumber there unless 'the burial of the cucumber' is just a title for the ending of Carnaval. The cemetery was interesting. Again like the cemeteries I've visited in other South American countries, they have tombs of different designs. ... read more

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz February 21st 2015

I checked into another hostel which didn’t have a club attached to it unlike the one I stayed in last night which played music from 1am to 5am. I got up with a positive attitude and went for a coffee in the local market where I met a guy called Santiago, a Bolivian, who told me that Bolivians don’t like Chileans because they charge their holiday makers a fortune to get near the coast. Like every latino does, ) he told me about there being lots of robbers in Buenos Aires and he also gave me the name of a travel agency to help get me out of La Paz . He’s guessed immediately that I’d been to Yungas (the area between Coroico and La Paz) recently as I had 15 red mosquito bites on my ... read more

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