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Europe » France August 22nd 2011

today we got to spend the whole day in Nice so after being bused into town I went for a walk up the hill and got a nice view of the town and then had a walk around the old town and then the main streets. At about 3 I caught thee train back to the camp to have a much need swim and then get ready as we were going to monoco, monte-carlo casino. It took about an hour on the coach to get to monoco but we stopped on the way at a nice wee picnic spot with a beautiful view of the coastline.... read more
overlooking nice
still overlooking nice

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Noisiel August 21st 2011

today we were journeying to the french Rriviera and staying just out of Nice. It was another extremly hot day so after setting up camp ent to the pebble beach just across from the camp site and had an amazing swim. After spending an hour at the beach we went to a resturant just across from the camp that had amazing food – pasta and pizze but with lots of flavour aand all fresh. After dinner I went to the carnival and had a look around before heading off to bed.... read more

Europe » Spain » La Rioja » Casalarreina August 20th 2011

it was a full day in Barcelonia today, so I had a nice wee sleep in then found the food market which was huge. Spent a good couple of hours at the food market looking at all the fresh fruit, meat (including rabbits) seafood and lots of other various stalls. I them walked a bit futher out and explored a bit more of the city. The evening as pretty relaxed as had a couple of beers on the rooftop bar and then we headed out for dinner which was dgood. After dinner went back to the hostel as was around 10pm, chilled out for a bit and went to bed. ... read more
cathedral again

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona » Barcelona August 19th 2011

today was another long drive day with the destination being Baarcelnia, Spain. We arrived in Barcelonia at around 5ish and we got to stay in a hostel for the next two nights which was really nice and to have a real bed was good. After a couple of hours of walking around the area and settling into the room and having a good shower we went as a group out for dinner to have the local cusine which is very much like a risotto/fried rice style dish, it was yummy though. After dinner we all went to the Olympic Port which is were the night life of the town seem to be centred. Needless to say I had lots of fun dancing ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Lauterbrunnen August 17th 2011

woke up to an absolutly beautiful clear morning. first up today was a hellicopter ride with the only way down being a sky dive with 45seconds free fall before the parachute being released. It was an amazing experience, there was so much to look at when you are up in the sky it was absolutly beautiful. I was doing a tandem jump with a pro. It was an amazing experience, it was a complete rush of adrenilin it was nothing like anything ive experienced before, I would definatly recommend it to everyone, I even got photos and a dvd of the skydive. There was 5 of us that did it. We were all finished up at lunch time so decided after having lunch to catch a cable car a stop up the mountain to have alook ... read more
skydiving crew
skydiving crew
skydiving crew

Europe » Switzerland August 16th 2011

today is a coach day. we spent roughly 9-10hrs on the coach travelling from Paris to lauterbrunnen in the swiss alps. It was a beautie ful drive especially when after the swiss border. There was snow on the mountain tops but it was still really warm in the vally's. When we got to our destination and camp site we did the usual set up the tents and get settled. I then went for a wee walk around the village, it was quiet but very relaxed and cute place. From our campsite we had a beautiful view of the mountains as we were in a vally, and waterfalls that just pop out of the mountains, all in all a very relaxed evening. ... read more

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris August 15th 2011

Today i got to spend the whole day in Paris. i started my morning off at the Notre Dame Cathedral, had a good look around in it, was very datailed and beautiful. after that went to the louve, which is massive, didn't go inside as it was soo big and you need a good 8hrs to look at everything. after walking around the outside of the louve i went and found some lunch at a nice wee bistro. the french like to take thier time eating, it was about 1.30 by the time lunch was consumed. from lunch i went to the effil tower, was going to walk up it but it was very conjested as it was a bank holiday and only had an hour before the cycle tour around france that the group was ... read more
me with paris in background
mourlin rouge
moulin rouge

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Vinci August 14th 2011

Today was a full day in venice. We went on a wee walking tour around venice, went to a lace factory place which was interesting but slightly different. After that I got to ride on a gondela around the canels which was a really good way to see the city, the gondela ride lasted for about half an hour or so. After that we walked the streets and found a nice wee resturant to have some lunch then got lost in venice and eventually found the way to the bus to get back to the camp ground for some swimming as again it was very hot and humid. Had an amazing pasta dinner cooked by our wonderrful on road chef. Then there was a toga party organised for us so we all donned a sheet ane ... read more

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris August 14th 2011

up at 5.30am to get ready for a big day of travelling to Paris with the topdeck group. we met up at 6am and i got to meet a few of the people and they seem really nice. we drove in the coach to Dover and from there caught a ferry across the sea then got on a new a coach with the destination being Paris (again - yes i didn't really think before booking everything, but it was worth it). we arrived at our camp ground around 5pm and set up our little dome tents, i'm sharing a tent with a lovley american girl called marie. so our camp cook Shannon had a really lovely mexican curry meal cooked for our dinner (definatly not the camping food im used to). after dinner we hopped on ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » London City August 13th 2011

today i had a pretty uneventful morning, i chilled out in a cafe for the morning as i was catching the eurostar to london in the afternoon. nothing too exciting happened althouh it was pretty cool being on a train that goes under sea and get served a yummy meal with a glass of red wine, living the high life :-). i stayed at the Clink hostel which was alot nicer than i expected. i had an early night as has to be up at 6am to meet the tour leader in the morning.... read more

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