Nicole Dirkze


Nicole Dirkze

i am going travelling in the big wide world for 3 mths

today we were traving to plitvice lakes were we would be spending 2 nights. On the way stopped In sater for a couple of hours were we saw some roman ruins the sea organ which we could hear (it was pretty cool) and st marys church. After that we had a wee bit of time to look around so I went for a wee wander through the streets and found a market and then came across a few of the group having a beer in a resturant on the sea side so I joined them before heading back to the coach to finish the journey to plitvice lakes. we got there and did the usual set up of camp, we had a yummy dinner of basil chicken pasta followed by a punch party which was entertaining. ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Dubrovnik September 3rd 2011

we had a full day in Debrovnick today, so after breakfast we headed into town. I went to the war memorial gallerie meusem which was quite interesting with all the information and photos. After spending a couple of hours there had a quick lunch which we had prepared at camp before heading off to walk around the city's wall. It took just under 2hours to walk around the wall, but it had some amaxing views of the city and the sea out beyond. After we had finished walking the wall we had a wee walk around the streets. We then headed back to camp about 5ish, found the beach which was a 10min walk and had pebbles, it was refreshing as was a very hot day. It was a pretty relaxed evening as we got dinner ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Dubrovnik September 2nd 2011

today we were back on the coach headed for debrovnick, Croatia and travelling through montenegro. It was a beautiful drive most of the way, we got to debrovnick around 5ish and set up our tents for the first time in a wee while. After camp was set up and we had a bit of spare time we got taken on a walking tour by our tour guide david before being left to our own device for dinner. We then met up with everyone else later to head to the skybar for a couple of drinks.... read more

Europe » Albania » West » Tirana September 1st 2011

we were back on the coach today headed toTirana, Albania, it was an interesting drive as the roads were not to well maintained and interesting sights on the way. There was lots of rubbish on the roadside, lots and lots of carwashs and not quite completed buildings. When we got to tirana we got taken on a driving tour which took us past all the brightly coloured buildings with designs. After the drive tour we got taken to our accomidation for the night which was an apartment style with a kitchen, lounge, 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. We were very spoilt here with the accomidation, and the beds were amazing, I got to catch up on a lot of sleep.... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich August 29th 2011

Today we spent the whole day in Munich. we started off with a later breakfast (9.30ish). we then went and hired a bike for the rest of the day. was fun and much easier way of getting around as we were all sick of walking. it was wierd not having to wear a helmet and nice to have a bike path seperate from the road. we went to a few places on our bikes including a palace with massive gardens as far as the eye could see, an olympic arena which luky for us was the first day of summer festival and it was nice summer hot weather. we kept biking around munich and saw some parks and older buildings, we got caught in some rain in the late avo so found some cover for a ... read more
our bikes and us
Alvin biking
Alvin having a whoopsy off the bike

Europe » Greece » Epirus » Igoumenitsa August 28th 2011

Day 15 today we were catching the ferry from ancona to igounmisa, it took half the day on the bus then it was an overnight ferry, nothing too exciting except for a new guy on tour (nemo) missed the bus from rome and then only just made it to the ferry before we borded, needless to say he automatically got topdick before he even knew what it was (a game we play on the bus where someone has dome something stupid and the winner has to wear a ridiculous lanyard and add something to it till the next bus/travel day). Day 16 after a good nights sleep on the ferry we then disembarked and drove on the bus to Platira where we starting our sailing. We were quite lucky as we only had 4-5 people to ... read more

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome August 27th 2011

today I got a full day in rome, so I started off by seeing the vatican city on a guided tour through topdeck which was good, it lasted till about 11.30. there was some amazing artwork and sights, after the vatican I went to the colossium and had a look around inside which was very cool. After that had a late lunch at a resturant nearby. I then headed back to the campsite to chill and enjoy the sunshine before dinner. For dinner we had an absolutly amazing lasagne, thanks to our on road cook, shannon :-)... read more

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome August 26th 2011

we had the morning in Florrence before heading off to rome. There was no way there was enough time to see everything as there was so much history in the city. So I went to one of the old beautiful churchs before heading back to the camp. We were off by about 1pm on the journey to Rome. Once we got to rome dave took us on a walking tour around to see the trevic fountain, spanish steps, roman ruins, palitine hill, roman forum and the colossium and got some beautiful pictures. Rome is a beautiful place, it was so hot and humid it was good to do the walking tour in the evening. After such a long day it was good to get to the camp ground where we got permanent tents. It was a ... read more

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Favara August 25th 2011

once again we were on the coach with florence being the next stop. I seem to be getting very good at sleeping on the bus in slightly uncomfortable positions. We stopped of at pisa on the way, got our pictures of the leaning tower had some lunch and explored some of the streets. It was back on the bus after that. Once we arrived in florence at our camping ground and got that set up Dave took us to a leather factory which was really interesting. After the leather factory we had a local guide organised for us, she took us around all the sights, she liked to talk about the bricks on the church dome. There was lots of statues around the main square in florence, including the david replica. We then had a steak ... read more

Europe » Italy August 23rd 2011

today we were driving to Venice, Italy. It took a good 8hours to get there but ait was an amazing camping ground as had a mini supermarket, bar, resturant, and a swimming pool, so needless to say as it was really hot and humid the pool was bliss. Was a pretty relaxing evening being by the pool with a couple of beers and chatting with people. ... read more

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