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25th October 2015

Amazing story
Fantastic story. I felt as if I was travelling along.
9th September 2015

great blog and insight into northern Afghanistan
great blog! really enjoyed reading this!
1st September 2015

Good Collection of Photos
Nice Article. Very useful for travelers who travel to Jaffna thank you Green Grass Hotel & restaurant - One of the hotel in Jaffna
30th July 2015

The Kazak are great people, very welcoming indeed! Thanks for sharing!
It brought up a lot of memories!!
28th July 2015

Nice photos
Those are some really amazing photos man! I wish the best of luck to you
9th March 2015
Sunset on the Nile

Nice blog entry
I liked your blog entry. Many nice photos from a country very few have visited. Some day I'll go there myself. /Ake
8th March 2015

Very Nice
Leaned something today. Had heard about the Kushite Kingdom and Meroe, but did not know a lot, but your blog is really nice. Good pics too.
7th March 2015
Throne Hall at Old Dongola

What an amazing adventure Matthew. Thank you for your detailed account of the treasures of antiquity of Northern Sudan and the walking required to get there! You are one tough dude...truly inspiring.
7th March 2015

amazing Sudan
Really amazing photos and Sudan seems to be really nice place. All those temples and ancient places looks interesting, looking forward to visit there soon and experience all those beautiful places. thanks for the info.
17th February 2015

Leg 1 - Sudan
Hi Matthew enjoying your blog from snowy Canada. Are you traveling on your own? There is a strong contingent of Sudanese specifically in the province of Alberta (CAN). Many of the "lost boys" back in '05/06 wanted to return to their homeland to help their people, so Samaritan Purse Project helped medically train them. Despite violent setbacks & rebel forces, it's impressive what is/has been done by these "boys" with the support of the University of Calgary. Keep well & keep writing of your journey!
14th July 2014

Hamar bee keeping
Hello, I am a historian who is studying ancient ways of beekeeping and I have a keen interest in the Hamar, especially in their traditional beehives. I wonder if you have a picture of such a tube-like hive I can see and use for a vĂ­deo presentation on youtube. Thank you for your cooperation.
22nd February 2014

Wrong info
You seem to have gotten misinformation. Although there are some clearly visible new buddhist sites build by the military, there are ancient ones too. Kandurugoda (kandaradoai as you say) aand the ruins in nedunteevu are some of them.They have been clearly proven by archaeological excavations. If you take a look at really old artocles or photos, you will see them in the same way. :) The northern plain of Sri lanka was the cradle of the sinhala-buddhist civilization. It was only later that the people and the capitals began moving southwards.
23rd February 2014

Re: Wrong Info
If you read my blog carefully, you will see that I was careful to not say that the information I was told was correct! I merely reported what I was told by people on the ground, and my interest was to show that there is still debate going on. However, your comment did make me realize that my blog perhaps sided more with the Tamil side of the issue. As such, I have added in "This issue of history (who was there first) is, of course, still a hotly debated issue from both Tamils and Sinhalese." And I have removed the quotation marks at the end when I was talking about Kantarodai, to read "if soldiers are still needed to stand watch with machine guns over Buddhist sites such as Kantarodai (demanding bribes from unsuspecting foreign tourists such as myself for being allowed to walk amongst the ruins), the reconciliation process in the north is only just beginning." Thank you for your comment.
7th December 2013

Having been present at a Hamar bull jumping and scoring amazing pics and only having occasional contact with the Bena, your experience was sensational for this Ethiopiaphile. What a shame the bull jumping did not take place until dark, but that you spent the night there…sensational.
30th June 2013

This is a wonderful logbook. I like the way and the style it is written. Without any excess and any self promotion, it gives relevant and sharp details.
22nd November 2012

First met
Dear sir I think we have met each other in Ishkashim border and I did your permit,If any one want to come Afghanistan please let him to know about me.This my number,+93797622978
3rd September 2012

Great stuff, thanks! I trekked through this area a few years ago and your blog has made me even more determined to go back!
27th July 2010

wow brother,u really had a wonderful journey aa..i just finished my asian trip and currently in india..i am planing to go pakistan ( 50-50)
23rd July 2010
Lahore - mosque

Great photos Matt! For some reason I like this like this look on you!!
22nd July 2010

What can I say? I thought you were wrong to dismiss my own reservations about gong to Pakistan. From the account above dare I say it this could have all turned quite literally into a bloody mess? Other than that, it sounds like you had a very special experience!
18th July 2010

way 2 go dude!
From Blog: Balochistan
14th July 2010

sounds way too dangerous for my liking - what a scary story - die america die indeed. hope you get to upload photos soon.
From Blog: Balochistan
14th July 2010

funny how i found you (and your blog) whilst writing my own (and on this site no less) about Kaluts and looking to verify that it is indeed the hottest place on earth! Google eh?
30th June 2010

Dear Mr. Squire! I am absolutely wowed by ur experience.... please stay safe and keep us updated. fat hug and much <3
From Blog: Balochistan

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