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Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice June 13th 2008

So Hillary and I went on to Venice from Milan and stayed in a bed and breakfast set somewhat into the city. Now, I can't remember if I've told you about the streets of Venice before but I think that hedge mazes were modeled after Venetian streets. They twist and turn and sometimes have street names...not that it matters because since there are no roads they're no narrow and packed together you can't see all of them on a map anyways. Our B&B owner told us to call when we arrived at the train station and then told us which vaporetto (water bus) stop to get off at and he would meet us there. He walked us back to the B&B giving us directions along the way so we could find it on our own and ... read more
Colorful Houses
The streets of Burano

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Milan June 12th 2008

18 Euros is about 24 dollars at the current exchange rate, so when I saw a round-trip flight from Frankfurt Hahn to Milan Bergamo for 18.01 Euros (the flight itself was a penny...seriously! We were charged 10 Euros for check-in at the airport and 8 Euros credit card fee) I called my friend Hillary and asked if she wanted to go to Italy for free (because it pretty much was lol). Italy for Hillary is like me and Scotland so she was all for it. We flew into Bergamo late Thursday evening and took the bus into Milan. It was pouring rain and even though our hotel was right near the train station where the bus dropped us off, we were on the wrong side of the train station and it took us a little while ... read more
Shopping and eating :)
The Duomo

Europe » Ireland » County Clare » Cliffs of Moher March 16th 2008

So on Saturday the 15th we flew out of London Gatwick to Shannon, Ireland. Our flight arrive just after 11pm and we rented a car (we got a Nissan Micra...not a bad little car!). We opted for the upgrade, which was only 4 Euros, because it was an automatic. Now, Stacie and I can both drive stick but didn't want to be bothered trying to drive stick on the wrong side of the road, on the wrong side of the car, and trying to shift with our left instead of our right hand. Yikes! We found our B&B after getting a little turned around. We stayed at Avalon B&B in Shannon which, if you know where you're going, is only a few minutes drive from the airport but it took us a bit longer lol. The ... read more
The Cliffs of Moher
Stacie at the cliffs

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London March 14th 2008

Okay, so if you haven't seen National Lampoon's European Vacation you probably don't get the title of my blog but picture Chevy Chase going around a roundabout in a car for hours on end going "Look kids, there's Big Ben! And Parliament! Big Ben, Parliament!" Now you sort of get the joke :) Anyways, my sister Stacie arrived in Germany on Thursday the 13th and we spent most of the day running around doing stupid stuff. Like the front license plate fell off my car and they wouldn't let me on post without it so that took up a huge portion of the day. Exciting stuff, huh? We flew out early early early Friday morning on RyanAir (of course) from Frankfurt Hahn to London Stanstead. Our flight was at 6:20am so we had to leave the ... read more
In Green Park
Green Park
Buckingham Palace

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest » Pest February 15th 2008

So, our original plan for this weekend was to go to Rome but work told Matt he was going to have to work this weekend (he ended up not working after all though). So, Megan, Maria, Catherine, and I (their husbands all had to work too) decided to take a girls trip to Budapest for the weekend. Catherine found two 2-person apartments right next door to each other which ended up costing us each 20 Euros per night and were beautiful. The outside was a little scary because it was located right next door to a sex shop but the neighborhood was fine and the inside has recently been completely redone. We did get some sightseeing done...we visited the Parliament building but couldn't go inside because tickets were sold out for the next week! We also ... read more
Mandi at Fisherman's Bastion
Pariliament Building on the Danube River
Parliament building up close

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague January 4th 2008

Well, when you travel as much as we do you're bound to have a bad trip now and then...and apparently it was time for us to have one. This trip was doomed from the beginning and we should have just turned around and stayed home but we really wanted to see Prague. This was just going to be a short trip...leave Friday evening and return home on Sunday evening so we had a lot to cram into two days. We didn't get to see's why. Matt and I went with our friends Dan and Ali who were visiting for several weeks. They had rented a little itty bitty Ford car that ran on diesel so got GREAT gas mileage and volunteered to drive their car the 5 hours out to Prague. We had just gotten ... read more
All four of us
Tyn Church in Old Town Square
Prague in sepia

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Fussen December 27th 2007

Dan and Ali came back to Germany with us from Arabba so on the way home we stopped and did some sightseeing. We stopped in Fussen to see Castle Neuschwanstein, which was actually the inspiration for the Cinderella Castle at Disneyland. It's absolutely incredible and is exactly what you think of when you picture a fairytale castle. The castle was built by King Ludwig II and wasn't begun until 1969. It took them 17 years to construct it and it was actually never finished because Ludwig was declared insane and died before he could complete it. The castle was meant as a dedication to the works of the composer, Richard Wagner, and his operas. We decided not to pay the 5 Euros per person to take the horse and carriage ride up to the castle and ... read more
Ali, Matt and Mandi
A view from the castle

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Dolomites December 22nd 2007

We had booked a trip months ago through the Heidelberg International Ski Club here's the link to spend Christmas in Arabba, Italy. Arabba is a small town in the Dolomite Mountains and we were excited to see a new part of Italy. When we booked the trip it said that it had over 450 lifts...which we of course thought was a misprint. Holy Cow! They really DID have over 450 lifts! There are 12 towns/resorts throughout the Dolomites and all of them are connected to each other by ski lifts. You can buy one big ski lift pass, start in one city, and end up in a completely different one by dark. We ended up going with two couples who are our neighbors and another couple that we're friends with and stayed the 22nd through the ... read more
On my toe edge!!!
Eating lunch
Our pretty boards

Europe » France » Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur » Saint-Raphael » Brugge December 7th 2007

Can you believe we've been married for 9 years? Matt says it feels like 90 and I just laugh. In some ways, it feels like we've known each other forever but at the same time I can still remember our wedding and it doesn't feel like it was 9 years ago! Anyways, since our anniversary was on December 12th, which of course fell on a Wednesday this year, we decided to spend the weekend before our anniversary in Brugge, Belgium to celebrate. I got off work at noon because it was a 6 hour drive to get there and we didn't want to arrive too late since it was a B&B. We stayed at the Royal Stewart B&B which is owned by a Scottish woman named Maggie and her Belgian husband Gildbert, although we only saw ... read more
Strange trees
Hanging out on a bridge
The river

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Garmisch-Partenkirchen November 27th 2007

We spent Thanksgiving Day here in Mannheim (well, Weinheim actually but close enough) with our friends. There turned out to be about 15 of us for dinner so it was a really nice sized group. Originally I had planned on having Thanksgiving dinner at our apartment but our group soon outgrew our apartment so my friend Catherine volunteered to have it at her house (that's where the Weinheim part comes in) but I still made the turkey and the stuffing. Friday, November 27th The next day (the 27th, which is where the blog really starts) Catherine and Adam, Megan and Joel, and Matt and I all drove down to Garmisch for some skiing for the weekend. As always, I'll tell you all about our B&B...especially because this was another great find for us! Haus Lilly is ... read more

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