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Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Darling Harbour August 27th 2011

Today is our last day in Sydney and we were without our wonderful tour guide, Meg, so I hauled out my Lonely Planet Australia to see what it recommended. Darling Harbour sounded like it could be interesting and then we planned on heading back to the the Rocks later in the day to hopefully catch the market that we kept missing. We were still resisting the $20 per person breakfast at the hotel but discovered that the huge hostel across the street had a restaurant on the ground floor and they served a very reasonably priced breakfast so we went there for food. I wish we'd gone sooner! Matt got eggs benedict and I got what resembled a full English breakfast (eggs, toast, tomato, hashbrowns, mushrooms, beans) and we both got juice...for $24 for the two ... read more
Maritime Museum Ship
Seagull at Darling Harbour
A nice shot of the harbour

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Bondi Beach August 26th 2011

This morning we woke up a little late, which was wonderful, got ready and headed out to find some breakfast. Breakfast buffet at the hotel was $20 per person, which was a bit much for us, so we ended up eating at Hungry Jack's, which is the Australian version of Burger King. Hopefully we'll find better breakfast tomorrow but we just really wanted to get moving. Hungry Jack's was down George Street so we kept moving in that direction and ended up at Circular Quay. Meg had already texted me the ferry schedule so we hopped on a ferry to Watson's Bay. Watson's Bay was near Bondi Beach and also near Meg's house so she was going to drive down to the docks and meet us. It was another bright sunshiney day and we enjoyed the ... read more
A view from the ferry
Watson's Bay
Matt barely in the water at Watson's Bay

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Opera House August 25th 2011

Our flight to Sydney went really well. We left out of LAX about 15-20 minutes late and ended up arriving in Sydney a few minutes late as a result, around 7:45am. We cleared immigration and customs with no problems and right outside of the arrivals gate was a Vodafone shop where we bought our prepaid SIM cards. The prepaid plans have changed a bit since we left Germany and data is now included since so many people have smart phones. I think my little pink Nokia phone will have to be retired and make room for a Droid after this. We took the train from the airport to Sydney Central Station, which is only a few blocks walking distance from our hotel. We stayed at The Great Southern Hotel. It's in an older building and seems ... read more
In front of the Sydney Opera House
Sydney Bridge
The top of Sydney Bridge

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Florence February 18th 2010

After being up so late the night before hanging out with our new Belgian friends we slept late this morning and missed breakfast, which I'm still upset about! After the fabulous dinner the night before we were very angry at ourselves that we missed breakfast. Hopefully I'll get to come back here someday and try some more of the food :) We took a taxi into town to the bus station and caught our bus into Florence. We were staying at hostel here called Plus Florence that we had very high hopes for. They had a swimming pool (not that we brought our suits, but still) and a Turkish bath, but really we were more interested in the price, location, and good ratings that we read online. We checked in and had the room to ourselves ... read more

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Siena February 17th 2010

Hillary and I decided to take one last trip together before I moved back to the States. She had never been to Florence, which is pretty amazing considering how much she loves Italy, so we decided to make Florence our final trip. We decided not to spend the entire trip just in Florence and I had heard a lot of great stuff about Siena so we decided on a night there first. We flew into Pisa in the morning on the 17th and took the train directly to Siena. We had booked a room at Agriturismo Marciano which, of course, had fabulous ratings on TripAdvisor, and we certainly weren't disappointed! We found a taxi that knew where it was located (it's a little outside of Siena's city walls) and headed there. It's in a gorgeous location ... read more

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Mannheim July 27th 2009

I've got probably 10 blogs that I need to catch up on but I just had to tell you all about our ice cream man. He comes around every day between 7:30 and 8:00 in the evening in his little truck playing typical ice cream truck music. He's from Italy...Sicily to be exact. He speaks a little bit of English but speaks fluent German and Italian so our conversations are a mix of all three these days. I'm sure you've heard me talk very highly about Italian ice cream...gelato. Well, what he sells in the truck is pretty close :) Once I found that out I became a pretty regular customer and I'm now greeted with a 'Ciao Bella!' when I come out. It's €1.70 for two scoops in a cone and the past few times ... read more

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Florence May 7th 2009

Okay, just so you know, most of this entry is going to be about dinner. It was really fantastic! But, before we get to dinner we have to get up in the morning. We didn't have a lot on the agenda for today. We visited some outdoor markets, I got a new leather coat (yay me!!), and we wandered and ate gelato (of course). One thing I did want to do since we had the time was visit a few more museums. I really wanted to go to the Uffizi Gallery but the line was wrapping around the building. I'll just plan on going another time with some friends and make reservations beforehand. We went to the Bargello, which is a museum with pretty much only sculptures in it. It's one of the lesser-known museums so ... read more

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Florence May 6th 2009

I's been ages since I've been on here to write more about our trip. Let's see what I can remember 2 months later :) So, I believe that I left off with our last night in Cinque Terre. The next morning we got up, ate breakfast, checked out of the hotel, and caught the train to Florence. We had to change trains in Pisa anyway so we just allowed for a little bit longer of a layover there so we could pop over and see the tower. You know which tower I mean right? The Leaning Tower of Pisa :) Thank you Rick Steves for including information in your guide book telling us that there's a bus you catch from the train station out to the tower! We asked around at the train station and ... read more
Michaelangelo's David
Matt on Ponte Vecchio
Our favorite piazza :)

Europe » Italy » Liguria » Cinque Terre May 5th 2009

After a great night's sleep in our beautiful hotel we decided to check out the free breakfast (I really try not to book a place unless they have free breakfast). Typical breakfast in Italy is bread, meats, cheeses, cereal, yogurt, and hard-boiled eggs along with water, juice, tea and cappuccino. You can get regular coffee at a lot of places in Italy...they call it Caffè Americano (American coffee) :) While down at breakfast Matt noticed that one of the guys there had a Breitling watch. For those of you who don't know what a Breitling is, it's the type of watch that I got Matt for our 10th anniversary. Matt left his at home for our trip (it's not cheap) but this guy didn't and it caught Matt's eye. As it turns out, he and his ... read more
The train to Vernazza
Matt in Vernazza
The two of us in Vernazza

Europe » Italy » Liguria » Cinque Terre May 4th 2009

It never fails. Whenever we have an early morning flight I never get to go to sleep regardless of how early I start getting things together, and this was no exception. We had a 6:35am flight out of Frankfurt Hahn to Milan Bergamo, which meant that we had to be in the car driving down the road by 4am. Ugh. I'm SO not a morning person. I can still be up at 3am but PLEASE don't ask me to wake up and function at that time. So, I didn't get to sleep Sunday night. Luckily, we were doing the planes, trains, and automobiles thing all Monday morning so I was able to sleep then. I got about an hour's sleep on the way to the airport, about another hour on the plane, and close to another ... read more
The mall in Milan
The Bull
Matt spinning on the bull

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