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15th November 2017

Airports and flights
Wow it sounds like the travel gods were on your side on that smooth trip! Looking forward to hearing about settling into Taiwan and seeing lots of photos :)
7th November 2017

Hi Matt and Mandi, I saw your comment on a forum and came over to check out your blogs. I was going to comment on the latest post, but Marshall caught my eye - what an absolute cutie! I hope to check out your older blogs soon, and am so glad you use the Trip function for easy finding :)
8th November 2017

Re: Marshall
Thank you so much! Marshall is going on 12 years old and really has been an awesome dog. It's so hard leaving him with my sister in the States until we can bring him to Taiwan to be with us! Thanks for reading about our adventures...the big move happens Friday so we'll have much more exciting stuff posted then :)
7th November 2017

Hello Mandi
I discovered your blogs this morning and I am looking forward to reading about this next chapter of your life. Sounds exciting. Today I'll go back and read some of your past blogs. Glad you've decided to start blogging again. Good luck.
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8th November 2017

Hi D M J Binkley!
Thanks so much for reading! We're so excited about this new opportunity. We love to travel but there's nothing like living in a place to really get a feel for it :)
From Blog: Moving Update
21st July 2014

So inspired!
Hi Mandi! Thanks for this blog post. I am currently backpacking through Europe and this post has inspired me to walk across Leichtenstein :) I will be starting from Austria and making my way to Switzerland. I have been looking for information on the route you took, but I am having some difficulty. I am wondering if you know if I can make the journey in the opposite direction...from Feldkirch to Buchs. I will also have my large backpack with me and was wondering if you think it will be too difficult with the pack (I am pretty strong and can take breaks, besides 2.5 hours is not too long...but maybe the trail is strenuous?). Thank you so much for any advice and information you can provide! Keep on traveling and adventuring :)
15th June 2013

My trip to Alaska
Hi Matt and Mandi, In I960 when I was 5 years old my family drove from Panama City, Florida to Ladd AFB in Fairbanks. My dad was in the Air Force, and Alaska was his next duty station. Our trip took forever since we drove. What I remember most was the snow. I'd love to go back now as an adult because there are so many places I'd love to see. Have a great trip! Debbi J.
2nd September 2011

Thank you for sharing your adventure
M&M, I am enjoying my armchair travel with you. Australia has always fascinated me. I actually read the online news almost daily. As you may know our D&H family had a dear member Annie. She was totally charming with a wonderful sense of humor. She shared her love of photography with us. South Africa and Oz from her lense with commentary was experiencing it with her. Now we are blessed with you two. I look forward to the rest of our journey. Be blessed, be save and enjoy! Mimi
2nd September 2011

Street performers
Hardly like any street performers I've seen. Sure makes the ones in NYC seem dull!
30th August 2011

Jet lag
Guess sleeping on the plane wasn't what you thought! Glad you made it safely and are having a good time. I loved your blog...can't wait for more. No news on grant. Love, Judy
4th August 2009

Fantastic post! I'm going this year, and have absolutely no clue what I'm doing. I haven't even booked accomodation yet. Been doing a fair bit of reading about this, and this has to be the best page so far. Sounds like you had a great time. I'll have to revisit this for inspiration for my next holiday! All the best, Brandon.
From Blog: La Tomatina 2007
29th July 2009

beautiful photo and wonderful city thank you share this blog with me i like it
15th July 2009

Nice Photo
Very nice photo, it recalls my memory, i had london tour in july 2007.
7th July 2009

Great story, brought back good memories
Hey Mandi, just wanted to say that I liked your story. Nice work, putting down all the details of your trip, it really reminded me of all the places along this cool coast line. My brother proposed to his wife here so I had always wanted to check it out. They loved this place and so did we. Take care. Clayton
20th March 2009

LOVE the pic of the 2 of you together - so romantic!
18th March 2009

You are so funny! I would have been the same way (assuming I could make it past the first mile).
13th February 2009

been there done that
Great Blog. I skied Arabba 4 years in a row with HISC. Best Christmass vacations ever. Can't wait to go back some day!
15th October 2008

London Bridge
I heard that same story about the London Bridge purchase. I think it was from the tour guide while visiting London a couple of years ago. I never researched it, but I don't doubt it. :-)
16th May 2008

no you don't!!
you do NOT sound like an idiot! you just didn't like your backpack...there's nothing wrong with that! we just know better for next time :)
6th April 2008

ha ha ha
I sound like such an idiot in this blog, but in a silly way! I have no balance, I hate carrying my bag, I haven't slept. To everyone reading this, I had a fabulous time! My poor sister had to listen to me whine about my heavy bag and falling over but it was all fantastic. But p.s poor Mandi for putting up with me LOL
20th February 2008

Great pictures!! It looks beautiful! I'm glad you had fun even if you missed out on Rome. Florence was great...but so COLD!! Maybe we'll get to do Rome together after all!!! :)
From Blog: Girls Weekend!!
23rd September 2007

Pigeon's Revenge
That's why you got nailed then...because you didn't feed them in Venice :) Pigeons talk, you know lol.
21st September 2007

Your so Brave!
Oh my god Mandi, I can't believe you let those flying rats touch you!! You are so brave, I ran away whenever one came near me, just in case they left a suprise!! I got out of Italy unscathed by the pigeons, and then one single bird let one drop in Zurich! I was not happy!
27th August 2007

that sounded eventful and painful!
10th June 2007

Please, More pics! I cant get over how great Matt looks and how long your hair is getting. Please, more pics! Love you both much and miss you! MOM
From Blog: The home stretch

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