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Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai July 27th 2013

Well today we went our separate ways and did our own thing. Adam chose to go down hill mountain biking on the jungle and i did a thai cooking course. Both had an excellent day and came home with lots of good stories from our day. Adam says it was the best down hill riding he has ever done, meanwhile i have cooked and ate my way through seven courses (check out pics of my kitchen creations), i now know how the fat buddha feels. Also ate my body weight in garlic in the hope those pesky mossies will piss off and bite adam instead. From now on ive insisted that adam becomes a man of the gentry and throws himself in the path of any incoming mossies heading my way. Finished the day with a ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai July 26th 2013

Wowsers!! Epic day today, loving chiang mai so far. Much nicer vibe than bangkok and nowhere near as mental! Started the day with a bit of bamboo rafting down a local river. I was surprised just how fast those buggers went, shot the rapids thai style. Thought we was going in the drink a couple of times......... After that and still soaking wet we trekked down to a waterfall which was beautiful, the steps on the way back up however, was not!! Heat and humidity are not your friend when trekking that's for sure. Met an american couple who we ended up spending the day with, much laughing went down, especially at the chinese that turned up on the trip in heels and didnt want to get wet. Every thai bloke did their best to soak ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai July 25th 2013

Arrived in chiang mai which is north thailand after a 15 hour train journey on the overnight sleeper train. Thats an adventure all by itself, only one crazy thai sleeping near us, rest was westeners and the loudest dutch family soon named the von shut yer trapps!!!Found a lovely guest house straight away with a double room, aircon etc..which is needed ere. One thing the pics dont show is how hot it is, even when cloudy you sweat like a good un!!Hired bikes and cycling around is fun, we got trusty steeds. Off the night markets later...........lord dont let me already schlepping around with 11 kilos on my back.We off trekking tomoz up in them there 'ills, then riding elephants and giving them a bath afterwards. Then river rafting followed by a visit to a ... read more
temple yoga

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok July 23rd 2013

Another great day, rode the bangkok underground. Booked our over night sleeper train to chiang mai, local boat up to the grand palace. No king today but decided to leave this until the end of the trip as its a bank hol ere and mega busy. Seen the sleeping budha lady. Craving some clean air and space so gonna tune in and drop out in a local park. Ps solved the mystery of the missing 40 dollars, when we checked in the hotel i tipped the bell boy 20 baht, adam tipped him 40 dollars!!! He got his dollars n bahts mixed up...........doh! Thats around 2 months wages ere, no wonder he keeps smiling and opening doors for us.........oh well, thats our good deed for the trip and has to be good karma..... Peace n love ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok July 22nd 2013

And some more before i get bored of this or cant get wifi anymore xx... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok July 22nd 2013

Hey everyone Great day, done loads seen the thai king!! Grand palace closed as its the budhist lent, hence the king visiting...... Lovely river cruise, mooched around chinatown, drank at cabbages and condoms and instead of a goodbye mint adam got a male condom and i got a female one...oooh errr mrs! I must be the only person to come to thailand and get constipated! Off to try the grand palace again tomoz and book our overnight sleeper train to chiang mai. Peace n love xx... read more
View from rooftop of hotel
Kho san rd
bangkok pooch

Asia July 21st 2013

Well we made it (just), not without drama tho...... Almost didn't get on the flight at heathrow, made it with 5 mins to spare. Never will we check in online again. Airline say they didnt get our check in so gave our seats away, so nowhere for us to sit. After alot of aggro and adam being threatened with the police because he was getting angry they let us on but had to sit apart. For those that know what im like with flying you can just imagine the state of my head, then airline was questioning if i was fit to fly........anyway drama over and the flight was fine and so was i! All this before we left england!!! In bangkok now having a chang beer, fab and crazy place. Been on a tuk tuk ... read more

And we're off!! 1st flight down the big one to go! Got a boring 4 hour layover in heathrow so got nowt better to do other than mither you lot. Felt sad leaving brodie and knicks but both being very well looked after. Anyways.........laters taters, we're bangkok bound. Adios xx... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Glossop July 8th 2013

Bloody nora! They not even left the country yet and blogging already, we hear you say...... Settle everyone......just testing the photo's upload ok before we leave xx... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Glossop June 8th 2013

Hey everyone Well we are on our 6 week countdown to the big ole trip so thought we had better check this thing works! We pretty exited already and are almost sorted with the planning. Still having our jabs, poor adam almost passed out with his first one. Let us know you got this ok xx... read more

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