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Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Ko Chang August 20th 2013

After a very interesting land border crossing from cambodia to thailand (bad experience on thai side) and almost 12 hours of travel, we arrived in koh chang......the island of elephants! We came with a open mind as the island didnt seem to get glowing reports from a few people we spoke to, but we needed to be fairly near to bangkok to keep travelling time down? Very very pleasantly surprised, its lovely! Either the people we spoke to are picky or we have very low standards?.......whichever its all gravy........ After a few weeks of moving on every 2 to 3 ish days we have settled here to stop and smell the flowers. Got ourselves another moped and loving scooting around the island. In a beautiful bungalow on a resort which quite honestly is way too posh ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » South » Sihanoukville August 19th 2013

Beach life called so off we headed down to sihanoukville, stayed in a cute little beach bungalow along with a couple of friendly gecko's. Nice place and enjoyed some lovely food. The little town was nice with lots going on, met some interesting characters and seems only fair that at this point andreas should get a mention.......according to him there are shape shifters in the government..... Anyway after sihanukville we well and truly tuned in and dropped out of civilisation and headed to a teeny tiny island called koh rong saloem where there was no electricity. A generator was fired up for 2 hours every evening to charge phones etc (not that they worked on the island anyway). We stayed in wooden shack right on the beach and shared it with gecko's, monkeys and squirrels to ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » South » Phnom Penh August 11th 2013

We have been in phnom penh now for a couple of days and its a great city, loads going on all the time. We're lucky to have got here alive though!! Had the worst 5 hour bus journey ever.......crazy driver with a death wish!! Hit speeds of 140km per hour on tiny bumpy roads. Despite being asked to slow down on a few occassions he carried on regardless. No wonder it was called an express service!! Never again, we almost hit people, bikes, trucks, dogs, tuk tuks, water buffalo to name a few. We was on the back row so pretty much a white knuckle ride the whole way. Buddha only knows how we didnt throw up.......anyway here safe and sound but perhaps a few more grey hairs to add to the ever growing collection. Only ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang August 8th 2013

We have spent 3 days in battambang and the cambodian people here are something else. Cambodia is such a poor country and we have been told by the locals that life here is hard due to extreme poverty and government corruption, despite this they remain warm, friendly and smiley people who are always very happy to speak to you and give a warm welcome. Ive found it very emotional being here and on more than one occasion had to swallow hard to not cry. Yesterday was our wedding anniversary so we wanted to do something memorable, we hired a tuk tuk for the day and asked him to take us around the sites. John, as he called himself had excellent english skills and could tell us everything about the sites. John told us alot about his ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang August 7th 2013

Well, we have been in cambodia for 3 days now....its hot! Spent the first couple of days in siem reap after flying in from laos. Only been there an hour and headed straight to the angkor wat to see the sunset. Beautiful view from up there and a gorgeous place to watch the sun go down...... next day up and at it early to hire bikes and cycle to the temples of angkor. Interesting ride and a bit sketchy in places, cambodia seems to have a free for all mentality on the roads...... The temples are amazing, hard to believe how they was built around a 1000 yrs ago. Check out the pics to get a better idea. There is one that is so overgrown with buttress trees but this only adds to the beauty. There ... read more

Asia » Laos » West » Luang Prabang August 5th 2013

Well we leave this truly wonderful place today to fly to cambodia. We have defo left a piece of our hearts here, the people, the stunning scenery, the colonial style architecture and most if all the sabaidees and smiles. Yesterday we got up really early to see the monks receiving alms from the locals. This is where offerings of rice, money etc is given to the monks to help them survive and in return the monks share their offerings with the poor and animals. The monks walk the streets every day at sunrise and locals line up in the pavements and give their offerings. The poor also line up on the pavements then the monks throw some offerings into their baskets. The monks only eat once a day, before 12pm. Such a beautiful thing to see. ... read more

Asia » Laos » West » Luang Prabang August 3rd 2013

As the title says we ♡ luang prabang, what a place! So glad we came here. Had an amazing couple of days and met some great people, most have been boat buddies where we bonded over cowboy-gate. We hired a motorbike and rode up to the kuang si waterfalls which was 30k outside of town. Stopped in some local villages along the way and gave out some football shirts. What really struck us both is how little they have, in fact they have nothing and live hand to mouth every day surviving on food they grow. Luxuries like football shirts could never be bought by them so to be able to give some away was such an honour and i will never forget that moment and the happiness we gave them. The first ones went to ... read more

Asia » Laos » West » Huay Xai August 2nd 2013

Bit late with this one but hey its "laos time"......... Crossed over the water from Chiang khong to huay xai in laos and thru immagration before boarding the slow boat. On a boat with people from over the world and within an hour we are playing the international game of "shithead". Hayley the new yorker reckoned i would be shithead!!..........dont think she banked on me being a shithead card shark......unlucky punk ;) Cant get more chilled than the pace we was rocking, hence the name slow boat but any faster and you would miss the most amazing scenery laos has to offer. Check out the pics below. As its a 2 day journey we are dropped off in pakbeng where we all spend the night. Imagine your worst nightmare then treble it!! This was our digs ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Northern Thailand » Chiang Khong July 30th 2013

So we left chiang rai and headed up to the long neck karen tribe, nice to see the thai government supporting them to remain traditional even though they are immigrants from burma. Hard to imagine what it must feel like wearing all those neck rings. Next up to the tea plantation, this felt like the homecoming to me being an avid green tea drinker. So good to see from plant to leaves and the process it goes thru. Onto mae sai which is the border town to myanmar (burma) and the most northern point of thailand, great little town full of burmese people selling their wares. Could see the evidence of the recent floods. Pic below is off the flooded car park underneath the connecting bridge between both immigration points. Next onto the golden triangle, this ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Rai July 29th 2013

So we've been in chiang rai for a couple of days now and boy is it the rainy season ere! Defo wetter up north, bit like home really........ Had a chilled one yesterday as all the activities have caught up with us, just went to the night bazaar for a beer n a mooch. Been to the white temple today which is amazing to say the least and still unfinished. We got a tuk tuk which we were not entirely sure whether it was licensed or not?.......just an old man n his wife offering to take us there for 300 baht which is nowt to us, our original plan was to cycle but the rain was too heavy. Anyway all was fine and they took us there, waited for us then brought us back. It was ... read more

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