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North America November 7th 2009

Well, I don't want to make false promises, since I sure blew it with the totally unfinished/barely started June Florida trip. I'm in Florida again, and at least have written up some entries. Here's a quick synopsis so far: At least temporarily have internet access -- for some reason, it really bothers me to pay extra for internet when I'm travelling. Maybe it's the frugal part of my nature that allows me to watch pennies, so that I have travelling money for these kinds of trips. Have seen lots of interesting things; done way too much driving; weather has been pretty cooperative. Will try to get some travel blogs published ( I have been getting them written up along the way, so they likely will be posted out of order) -- sorry my writing isn't more ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Orlando July 18th 2009

The two-day drive (for me) between Asheville, NC and the Orlando area (actually Kissimmee/Lake Buena Vista for Walt Disney World) went fairl uneventfully -- no highway blockages or major construction. Not thrilled about DGS singing along to his i-pod -- afraid he's inherited my nonmusical gene, poor kid, fortunately he has lots of other stuff going for him. Stopped about halfway in Richmond Hill, GA -- dinner at a marginal "Mexican" restaurant and stayed in an okay Days Inn ($39.95 with coupon). Included breakfast was also fine. DGS kind of melted down when I thought we were going to end up at a Dairy Queen for lunch, but I finally found a Burger King (he avoids "dairy" -- doesn't even eat ice cream, and was afraid there would be nothing there for him to eat and ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Orlando July 12th 2009

Well, hopefully I've learned not to make promises about maintaining my Blog -- no luck with "Trips" feature, and obviously I didn't do any entries while actually on the trip. In hindsight it was a pretty good trip, but often seemed less than magical while we were there (the heat and crowds were worse than I had expected), and I'm looking foward to my next trip to Florida this Fall. Several highlights and no major problems -- some "learning experiences." If we hadn't been mostly staying in timeshare units, it probably would have been a much worse trip. Started out in a 2-bedroom Marriott Royal Palms unit in the Marriott World Complex, which is a very easy drive from most of WDW (except Animal Kingdom). It was very nice, pleasant view from the screened-in balcony over ... read more
Grandma on the Marriott slide
View from SSR balcony
View from BWLBV

North America » United States » Florida » Orlando June 4th 2009

Anxious to be on the road for Florida. Tried to do the new "Trips" feature to separate this out, but wasn't successful -- so if there are any new readers -- you can just wander on into my past year as well. I pick up DGS tomorrow to begin the drive to Lake Buena Vista (aka Orlando). It's a two-day trip for me, altho most people just take one day from here. Disney Parks are nostalgic for me -- starting from my "tween" years getting to go to Disneyland with my Aunt and Uncle in the mid/late 1970's. I love the imagination, visual stimulation, and yes, the magic -- although I now know that there are also lots of annoyances as well (crowds, weather/heat, self-flushing toilets and messy bathrooms, disappearing money, sore feet, etc.). Will update ... read more

1/2/09 - Friday - our last day, sigh. (And getting home). Have kind of fizzled out today. Kind of stiff and sore from jet ski ride yesterday, so just relaxing around the resort and thinking about packing. DD and DGS have been out and about running errands and doing some last minute shopping. I got in some hammock time and sun time by the pool. DGS had a little football and pool time. It’s a little cloudy and the effort of packing up and going to the beach, then hauling everything back and cleaning up is almost sounding like work at this point! DD took over 400 photos with the rental camera and had to return it first thing this morning - took a while to get the photos transferred to disk. Many of them are ... read more
New Year's Day Seven Mile Beach
Peace memorial downtown Georgetown

Looks like I'm behind in finishing up the report about this trip. We got home fine, on schedule Saturday evening. Will fill in some final details and add some more photos in the next few days. Well, I didn't do very well on adding photos to this part of the blog (or other parts). If this works, here is a link to more Grand Cayman photos (from 2-3 trips): Added October, 2011!... read more

1/1/09 - My New Year’s Resolution is to never ride a jet ski again! Well, maybe not “never again” but certainly only if I am in control of it, and am not on any kind of a schedule to get somewhere and back. We had thought about doing the waverunner trip to the Stingray Sandbar because it sounded fun, and something we haven’t done before, but had second thoughts and put our name on the list for the early morning boat (we thought). Turned out with it being New Year’s Day, the boat wasn’t going out til later, so we opted to try the earlier SeaDoo trip - big mistake! It did accomplish the goal of getting to the sandbar, and having a good snorkeling opportunity for DD and the rental camera, but the trip out ... read more
My nemesis -- the jet si
Fish near Cemetery Beach

12/31/08 - Another Beautiful day in Grand Cayman - Happy New Year’s Eve. Pretty much the typical “eat, go to the pool, eat, go to the beach, eat, go to the hammock” day today (one of those that doesn’t involve spending much money at all). While the young’uns were at the pool, I wandered around and took some more resort photos and video, found a couple of starfish out by the dock. DGS played “football” with another boy out on the rough sand for quite awhile. We tried to work up to snorkeling out toward the dock, but decided against it. Had lunch and packed up and headed out toward West Bay for a couple of stops, and then to Cemetery Beach. Went by the rum and rum-tasting place for samples; not quite as busy today ... read more
Rum cake and rum sample area

12/30/08 - A slow day checking out more sites and beaches in Grand Cayman. Some hard rain in the early morning, and a cloudy start to the day, so we got off to a slow start this morning. Balcony too wet for sitting out for breakfast. Eventually gathered up and headed out on another exploration day in late morning, with packed lunch (more turkey sandwiches, and PBJ for DGS). We headed east again on the bypass, to avoid busy cruise ship day in town. Just went to look for the small golf course that is mentioned in one of the guide books, but it does not seem to be findable, or at least not to the general public that we could determine. Saw a little more of the suburban area out in Savannah and stopped at ... read more
Spotts Beach
Kids at Smith's Cove
Hammock boy

Monday, 12/29/08 -- Shopping on non-cruise ship day on Grand Cayman. Typical day on Grand Cayman: Eat, go to pool; eat, go to beach; eat, go to hammock! That was yesterday; a little variety today - we went shopping, which is another very popular activity here. We don’t do the high end duty-free shopping however. Last night I forgot to include hammock time, which is one of my favorite times at this resort, even when it’s rather windy and chilly. Something about it is very enjoyable for me. Today we had our usual pool and ray time in the morning after breakfast, then lunch and gathered up to go to downtown Georgetown. No cruise ships in today so it was very quiet and some shops were not open. Went to the bank (changed some pounds I ... read more
My winnings
The yacht in port this week in Grand Cayman
Downtown on a non-cruise ship day

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