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13th December 2018
Prep for pig pen floor and wall

Hey Bro
Marko everything looks awesome!! Great job you did with that drainage, enjoy time over there and be safe. Did you fixed that lights in your camper? I hope you did!!! All the best, stay in touch :):):) J.
8th May 2018
A morning visitor!

Good morning Marko!
Good to hear from you, again great pictures. Times is passing fast not long time ago i was reading your first blog. Enjoy every minute of your time over there. I got exams this week, starts feeling nervous. Other then that everything else is the same work, home, uni. Take care, stay safe don't fight with the locals to much :) and speak you soon my friend:) J
13th March 2018
Who you looking at?

Hey Marko
Great to see you. that cigar was massive!!!! All looks great specially that crater lake awesome !!! Enjoy bro! All the best! J.
6th February 2018

Good Afternoon Marco
Good to see you Bro, i'm glad you all ok. Again awesome pictures i love the one with road and volcano looking above. in UK is really cold at the moment like in Poland during the winter :):):) i.m not sure dod i mentioned before but i got the new bike, well is not "new" just different. Honda CBR 1000rr Fireblade 2005. :) waiting for the better weather :) From reading your blog i assume that your knee is better now, remember to be careful and enjoy every minute over there. Take care Marco. :) J.
19th February 2018

hi buddy glad you got the bike you wanted, shame you cant ride it in the shit weather? :o)
3rd February 2018

Good to hear from you Mark. Certainly looks as though you made the right decision with your places to go. Beats nipping over to lLydals but don’t come across too many creepy crawleys thank goodness. Anyway continue with your adventure. Good to see how happy you are. Anyway love to you and yours. Wendy and Dave not forgetting mistie
9th January 2018

Good morning Marko.
First of all happy new year Bro!! All the best !! Another amassing photos every place is beautiful, sounds like you meeting a lots of people every time you change the place or or they comes and go:) i know you like to stay busy and is great to see all the things you looking after. the bull rodeo looks like it was a great time, proper organised event:) We had a great xmas brake, awesome time with family lots of fends visit us and this year we went to proper party for the new year eve (with kids but it was great). O and the 2018 year starts great for me because i found the bike and manage to complete purchase on 2/Jan :) at the moment is in my conservatory but not for long. i need to find a garage :):):) Or Anna will divorce me lol :). This Thursday is first day back for me to Uni next 5 mounts will be hard:( Take care my friend, stay safe and keep in touch. J.
20th December 2017

Loving reading your blog. I am back in the UK now so its good to be able to be transported elsewhere for a little while.
18th December 2017

Ola Bro :)
Monday today, last week at work before Xmas brake :) Family all ok thank you bro, other than all 4 of as catch cold at the same time so we had PJ day yesterday :) we watch some movies and just relax very lazy Sunday. Reading your blog i can see what you been missing all this time beautiful places, great food awesome. I'm glad you all ok this new accommodation looks better than the first place, i love the pictures of Vulcanos impressive, make me realize that I haven't see word at all:( All the best Marco take care there and stay in touch. Jarek.
8th December 2017

Hey ho Marko
i was getting worried you did not send nothing for a wile but as soon you send that update that you finish your first voluntary work calm me down. great pics of turtles last time, amassing trip. I'm glad you had few day of relax next to the swimming pool and in that sport bar. I'm must say the ladies looks hot:) lol Another beautiful place you stay Jesus statue looks impressive, and yes you right there is a massive Jesus statue in Poland. Crazy catholic country :) lol Its Friday 08/12 today i had my exam yesterday and i'm disappointed i didn't do well :(((( crap I need to wait until feb for results :( You be careful there and enjoy everything, beer, food woman :) Miss you bro. all the best and till next blog message. J.
16th December 2017

hi dude, don't worry about your exam as long as you pass :o) hope you and family well
3rd December 2017

Hi Mark, have finally caught up on reading your blog posts! Have seen your posts on FB but hadn't got round to reading the full posts, but they were worth the wait! Looks like a fantastic place and like you're having a fantastic time. Enjoyed your little forays for meat and beer - things obviously haven't changed with you! And congratulations on all your achievements with the turtles and avoiding being eaten by a croc. Looking forward to the next post. Take care and enjoy! All the best, Andrew
3rd December 2017

Hi andrew glad you following. Hope all good with you 😀
3rd December 2017

Hi andrew glad you following. Hope all good with you 😀
2nd December 2017

Turtle nesting
What an exciting trip and experience. Turtles, fishing and tracking hatchlings.... wow. No more to say.
3rd December 2017

Hi guys thanks for the comment Africa sounds a cool trip will have to add that to my list Pura vida
31st October 2017

Enjoying your blog
Hi Mark, really enjoying your blog so keep it up. Be careful out there and don't smile at that crocodile xx
31st October 2017

Buenas dias to you Marko.
Really good to here from you bro, i try to imagine how great adventure is for you to be there, looks like beach walks always bring you a lot of wild life experience :). Look after your leg :) And I must say pizza looks vert good, its a 8.30 am in UK and I'm now very hungry!!! :) Keep writing the blog, i really enjoy reading your stories. In UK cold weather start to appear only 3'C this morning. I manage to sell my bike, and now I'm slowly saving for another, Uni again is killing me with the amount of study to do, but is what it is :) LOL Be careful with these wild small venomous animals (I hope that how is spell?) Take care Bro!! :)
2nd November 2017

hi dude, yes am taking care of leg sort of, keep up the uni work will soon be over, take care
25th October 2017

Hey Marfs!!! Wow! Looks incredible! Can’t believe you have been gone for a few weeks! Looks amazing there, totally as you said rustic and basic but hey... that’s what you love! Plus helping nature a little more keeps your heart smiling! Miss your face back home ! Sorry I missed your call I did try straight away but you must of left! Hope that legs doing good of yours. And I hope to not miss your next t/c!!! Big hugs and a fat kiss!
2nd November 2017

hi hun miss you too, you about for a messenger call?
18th October 2017

All sounds amazing, Mark. Keep up the good work! Enjoying the blog.
17th October 2017

Hey Marko
Good to see you Bro, Looks very interesting, how is your knee? Keep it protected for a wile to avoid any more damage to it. I glad you all OK. Keep writing the blog whenever you can, i was w looking at the pictures with Ian Bruce (he says hello). great to see you Bro. Take care over there, All the best! J.
3rd October 2017

Hey Mr. Larf, That looks awesome, i call you tomorrow before you go. All the best Bro! J.

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