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Asia » India » Maharashtra » Ellora Caves February 5th 2012

We left Udaipur early (as always) and headed south, the next 4 nights would be spent camping, 3 of these in the wild. Despite the early start I made sure to get up in time to take a shower as I was all too aware that I would be smelling and feeling pretty savage after 4 days without a shower. We covered a decent distance today crossing from the dry and mostly flat deserts of Rajasthan into the soaring valleys of Uttar Pradesh, many of these lush and green (albeit because of manmade irrigation). The change in scenery across a relatively small timeframe was dramatic as was the rise in temperature and for the first time on the tour my very white bean poles were exposed to the Indian sun (and very happy they were about ... read more
Waterfall at Ajanta caves
Me and Sonia at Ellora

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jodhpur January 21st 2012

On our way from Jaisalmer to Jodhpur we stopped off at a charity project which was a school for local 'untouchable' children. Hang your head in shame if you laughed when you read ‘untouchable children’, it’s not what you think and anyway this is serious and no laughing matter. Untouchables are the lowest of the 7 castes in India and as such the poorest and least educated. Those in this caste are rarely educated as their parents cannot afford school fee's and often do not understand the benefit of education as they have not received it themselves. The project we visited gives local untouchable children access to free education and thus hopefully more opportunities in life. I am always a little dubious of visiting such projects as I wonder what benefit can be provided in a ... read more
My award winning turban
Strong men
My crap henna

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jaisalmer January 21st 2012

We left Delhi at the rather disagreeable time of 05.15am, though I actually woke up at 04.00am. Having gone to bed the previous night at 2.00am this was a challenging beginning to what would be a rather long and challenging drive. We travelled 480km from Delhi to Bikaneer in just over 13 hours! It was a long difficult and uncomfortable day but it did at least allow me to get to know some of the group members better. Saying that though, for the last few hours of the drive I put my headphones and listened to the ipod as I had hit the ‘wall’ and didn't have the energy to do anymore talking. A quick pointless note, when I refer to the ipod, I call it 'the' Ipod as it is actually mums and not mine. ... read more
Jaisalmer Fort
Mark and the Holy men
Mark and Peacock

Asia » India » National Capital Territory » Delhi » Karol Bagh January 18th 2012

The enormity of what I was about to undertake hit me for the first time after an emotional farewell with the parents at Heathrow. For the next 48hrs my emotions seesawed between ecstatic excitement and anxiety, bordering at times on panic and dread. The flight was fine, although I certainly wouldn't get excited about flying Air India in the future. I have noticed over the years the size of people’s hand luggage has got increasingly large and silly, are you seriously going to need all that stuff over the space of 8 hours??? Apparently not, as I have also observed that no one and I mean NO ONE takes their hand luggage out of the overhead luggage compartment until the plane lands. I dared to break this unspoken faux pax by retrieving a book from my ... read more

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