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Fresh from a journey exploring Ecuador and Peru, I am going to McLeod Ganj, India to do an internship with Students for a Free Tibet for 12 weeks.

South America April 26th 2011

Well, my friends, after six months of travelling through South America, Thor and I have returned to the beautiful state of Alaska. Thor is already down in Homer, working hard on his boats and getting ready for another summer of salmon fishing and oyster farming. I have been visiting mom in North Pole, and will soon go down to Homer to start another season of kayak guiding. The good life continues! The last time I caught up on the blog we were in the northern Argentine city of Salta. We left Salta and travelled north to cross into Bolivia. It was my birthday around that time, so we decided to do something out of character and go on a tour. We travelled all through the southwestern corner of Bolivia, visiting the salt flats, red lakes ... read more
vicunas grazing
a day in the jungle life
Thor and Rocky

South America » Argentina » Salta January 9th 2011

This last segment of our trip has been one of great beauty and extreme distance. When I last wrote we were in the hippie town of El Bolson. From there we went to Villa La Angostura, a small town on the coast of the expansive, sparkling lake Nahuel Pan. The roadsides were lined with these amazingly bright, yellow flowered shrubs that exploded with lots of buds. One day was spent on mountian bike through a hilly and haphazard trail to a special forest full of the Arrayan tree, kind of twisted brances and trunk covered in orange bark, some around 300 years old. We changed directions from north and travelled west, to Chile and the Pacific. On our way, we met a family having their holiday in Peyuhue, a small thermal bath complex in the ... read more
Mr. trantula
Penguin rock

South America » Argentina December 9th 2010

Happy Holidays friends and family It has been a while since I have been able to get online and make an entry so there is a lot to say! After the last entry we headed south to the end of the world! On that trip we met lots of generous people who showed us the hospitality of Argentina and Chile. The final part of our journey down to Ushuaia was with a trucker by the name of Walter Oliver, turns out he is also a singer of romantic ballads. He sung to us on the 2 day journey and when we parted ways he gave us a CD with his photo on it. Ushuaia turned out to be more of a tourist trap than anything so we stayed out of town and spent our days walking ... read more
the magnificent Torres del Paine
smile for momma!

South America » Argentina » Santa Cruz » Río Gallegos November 9th 2010

Hello everyone We have made it quite far south, to the city of Rio Gallegos. What an amazing journey we have had getting here. We left Rosario for Bahia Blance and then took a little bus to a small town called Monte Hermoso and there Thor got to swim in the Atlantic for the first time. There was not too much happening in that town but we got to set up our tent and have the beach all to ourselves and watch bunny rabbits in the sand dunes. Then we headed further South to Puerto Madryn, a gateway city to the Peninsula Valdes which is a huge wildlife attraction. We set up camp in a campsite on a cliff overlooking the ocean and just about everytime you looked to the water you could see right whales ... read more
sea lions

South America October 22nd 2010

hello all this is the last day in the city of rosario and tomorrow we take a bus to bahia blanca for ocean and surf and a nearby national park in the mountains, we are very excited to see more of the real south america. rosario has been filled with sunshine, school and lots of walking through the city. one day was spent walking to a che guevara memorial in a park. the statue was unique in that it was made from bronze keys donated by the citizens of rosario. the keys were melted and formed into a very large che, but some didn't totally melt and you can see and feel the old skeleton keys. there we watched the sunset and people practicing aerial/ tissue acrobatics (the kind where there are long silk scarf-esque objects ... read more

South America » Argentina October 13th 2010

Hello loved ones I'm writing to you from the spunky Che Pampas hostel in the colonial city of Rosario, Argentina. And my what a lovely city it is. Buenos Aires seemed a bit crazy; sidewalks were narrow, people were bustling, buses whizzed by too close for comfort, but Rosario is a little more relaxed and we are definately enjoying ourselves. However a visit to the cementary in the middle of Buenos Aires was amazing. The cemetary is fillled with politicians, teachers, rich folk and the actress DeVita (don´t cry for me argentina.) My favorite were the graves that had been neglected and were covered with vines. It was strange because you could see into the basements where the rest of the familys were meant to lay. Mind you, these were more like marble houses for the ... read more

Asia » India » Himachal Pradesh » Mcleod Ganj April 20th 2009

There is a lot I don't understand. I don't understand the thanka paintings on the temple walls. They are frightening- Buddhas depicted with snake tongues, sharp fingernails, ivory skulls, wild eyes. Where are the fat, smiling Buddhas with the Santa Claus bellies I see in the west? I don't understand the spirit of the old woman who spends her days circumambulating a holy site. Each step wracks her body with pain from her sad, 80-year old hips, but she doesn't stop. Her eyes have failed and when she spoke I saw black nubs where teeth should be, but on she walks, only stopping to press her wrinkled brow to the smooth rocks in prayer and devotion. When she asks for money I give the twenty rupees in my pocket but I wish I could just take ... read more
another thangka
heartbreakingly beautiful
friendly Nepali monk

Asia » India » Punjab » Amritsar April 9th 2009

I met some friends and decided to take a little trip to the Golden Temple, an important pilgrimage to Sikhs. It was such an amazing experience. I was with four others and we stayed within the temple complex for two nights. The lodging was free for all the pilgrims and foreigners as well. We were lucky enough to have a room but when we stepped outside to go to the bathroom it was over pilgrims sleeping on the hard marble, and they covered the ground. There was also a kitchen serving daal (lentils) and rice and paneer (like cottage cheese) to 80,000 pilgrims a day! Their system was incredible. You walk into the kitchen and get handed a tin plate, bowl and spoon then cram your way into a hall that holds about 600 people and ... read more
something in the way the light hits it
typical Sikh man
my food and fellow eaters

Asia » India » Himachal Pradesh » Mcleod Ganj March 26th 2009

Well, I changed guesthouses, I had neighbors who would get drunk and fight loudly just about every other night and I had a pestering neighbor, so I decided for the sake of my sanity to move. I now live at the bottom of Longling steps and go up 189 steps to go to work everyday. It's very good excersize but I don't look forward to moving out with all of my stuff and trudging up the steps for the last time. In my new room I have a kitchen (see photos) and last night I realized I cooked my first ever meal. I've cooked plenty of times but this was the first time with food I bought in a room I paid for. My premier meal was toast with peanut butter and banana but it ... read more
love that sky
the kung-ri and lung-ta
om mani padme hum

Asia » India » Himachal Pradesh » Mcleod Ganj March 21st 2009

Perhaps this is my 'sick week.' A few nights ago I had a stomach sickness, but that was a brief 48 hour ordeal cured by plenty of rest and water. Now, I have no voice, I sound like I've smoked 7 packs a day for 54 years. But I don't feel too sick. Plus, I've been able to try out the world famous Tibetan medicine, it's pretty nice. Doesn't make me feel all woozy and loopy like Western medicine. Despite these little setbacks, my spirits are high. Today I had my first yoga class with a legitimate Reiki master. It was in the morning on an outdoor terrace after a night of heavy rainfall. So the air was clean and the birds chirping away. I'm going to continue with my teacher 3 times a week and ... read more

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