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1st June 2014

Hi :) Did you have to pay an entrance fee somewhere or the castle is in ruin and there's no one taking care of it ? Thanks !
16th November 2014

Sorry for late respond!
No we just parked at the front of the castle and went forward but it was a few years ago, you must check somewhere else for present castle's status.
27th April 2013

Our Wilno
A great history! Wilno is one of the most important Polish cities. Yes, Polish! There's a Polish culture everywhere. Those all monuments, palaces, and mansions; they are simply beautiful, unique, and true Poles love them. It's bad Lithuanians hate us, because we have a lot in common. But they don't wan to remember our great history. It's their choice. Hell with them. A very interesting blog, Marcin. I'll be reading it. Best wishes!
17th November 2014

I agree with your opinion.
I agree but you know they have real problem with their identify, they speak in Russian in UK instead in Lithuanian so I believe that politics regarding the history is kind of complex of small nation. To figure out how their politics is wrong we can give an simple example - there is no trains from Vilnius (Wilno) to Warsaw (Warszawa).
17th March 2011

Whitby Gothic weekends
The Whitby Gothic Weekends are a fantastic time to visit the town. There are now two official Gothic weekends per year, and the events have just grown and grown. People travel from all over the world now! Whitby itself has so much to offer visitors. I grew up in the town, and it is now only since I have moved away, that I realise what a special place it is. The views of the town from the Abbey are breathtaking and the Abbey itself is well worth a visit. The narrow bustling ancient streets of the East side are packed with interesting shops, and the West side of Whitby has a beautiful beach, and all the seaside amusements you would expect. Our town has a great new website, with lots of beautiful photos called
1st March 2011

Interesting what you have written. I started to getting into the topic of WW2 especially regarding my country - Poland and polish forces in the west and east and eventually i found out quite big number of interesting facts whose I even predicted they had been taken place while war was rolling over Europe. Thanx for comment mate ;-)
7th February 2011

My late uncle Bill Short was an engineer on the SS Induna which U534 sunk along with much of the ill fated PQ13. He lost both legs from frostbite but always felt lucky to have survivied, he died aged an incredible 91 December 2010. So frozen were the men's bodies that they had to slowly thaw the contents of their stomachs before food or drink could be given. As Bill said, they were more dead than alive. Along with members of the North Russia Club he visited Russia more than once, received a medal from the Russian Government long before the visits. He met the surgeon who had removed his frost bitten limbs. There was no anaesthetic or drugs all had run out, but the nursing of and faith of those men who survivied in that former school building in Murmansk would have been incredible. The present day Russians feted the men calling them great heros which they were. Bill Short, with other Merchant Sailors were featured in a BBC Timewatch programme entitled Forgotten Hero's, I think. We had no idea that submarine was found or survived it was only when we were googling that we put the sub number in and found this site. we must try and visit the Museum.
31st October 2010

Glad you enjoyed your trip
Been writing about Whitby and other areas to visit in UK - found you review very good, as we think the Gothic weekend can be kind of strange - but Whitby as you say has a lot to offer. Durham is also a very historic city plus the Northumberland Coast is fab for all types of holidays, including walking and all things water sports.
25th October 2010

Ok, thanks for comment, can you tell me once again what this exactly on that picture? Thanx for remark. :-)
25th October 2010

Photo mislabelled
Photo "Torpedo launcher ????" is rear of 4" gun mount showing breeches (where shells are loaded).
17th October 2010

How big Manchester is?
I must disagree with your opinion regarding Manchester. Really Manchester is quite small. It's size is comparable with Szczecin - but it has a huge metropolitan area. The town these around Manchester are looked as the large villages, without any numerous office buildings. I don't say Manchester is backyard but I'm not overestimating it. I ought sat - this city is not so small but isn't so big indeed. Middle class city. You might have a look here - cheers
17th October 2010

I think this is main attraction for tourists in industrial Manchester. Some buildings in city centre have interesting architectonic style and I like to glance over them.
14th October 2010

Manchester museum
What I like the most in Manchester is Its museum. When I was living on the oxford road. I used to visit this museum numerous times. And each day I found something new.I've always fascinated towards it.
8th September 2010

Nice Meseum!
Museums are the tourists attraction. Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) is heart of attraction of city. It is particularly popular with children of all ages. Manchester is one of the largest city of Europe. Museum has advance facilities. Good infrastructure. Nice museum.
22nd March 2010

I love this
It's always heart warming to hear so much positive about our "Fairytale town" Tallinn. We Estonians forget from time to time what we have here. Mihkli hotel is a very nice place to stay, i have been there myself couple of times and we have it as our business partner as well. I hope you'll find time to visit us again. B.

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