I write this to reminisce and let people I'm a alive.
When I have time on the trip I write my thoughts and experiences here. Thanks for checking it out!

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Soho August 31st 2017

It's the second to last day of my trip and I finally left on time. I’m starting to get the hang of this. I caught the Metro and made it to the airport by 8:00 am, almost two hours early for my flight. Nothing was open when I left the hostel so I only ate a croissant from a stand in the Metro up until that point. I picked the healthiest thing I could find at the airport which turned out oddly to be a chicken salad from burger king. Before I boarded the plane I messaged a friend who lives in London. We actually met in Japan in 2015 when we were both travelling. We planned to meet up around 5:30 pm. The flight was uneventful other seeing many other La Tomatina participants with their ... read more

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community August 30th 2017

So, I had a senior moment. When the girls said ten to, for some reason I thought it was ten to 8:00 am, even though the shuttle bus was 20 minutes away. I quickly discovered, they meant ten to 7:00, not 8:00. I forgot we're not capable of teleportation yet. I went downstairs and it was a ghost town. The front desk staff said I definitely needed to catch a taxi to have a chance. The driver got me there at just after 8:00. It was a metro (train) station, but there no buses around. There was a family with the same problem. We quickly figured out we needed to be at the parking lot around the corner out of sight. We squeezed in four abreast in the back seat drove over there. Luckily, our bus ... read more

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community August 29th 2017

I didn't get up until 10:30 am. When I was in the kitchen/computer room I met Michael, a Kiwi, who was in my room. Last night I was easily convinced by others to go to La Tomatina. I had to buy a ticket and disposable clothing for the event. Michael and I went to get food at the Centro Market where I got some fruit. The Australian girls and I planned to get paella at 2:00. Two of them were on a walking tour and couldn't make it back on time. Michael and I actually ran into Harriet (the third Aussie girl) on the street walking back in the rain to the hostel. Harriet and two other guys from my room went to seek some authentic cuisine. The first place was closed because they are on ... read more

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Valencia August 28th 2017

I know now that me catching a bus/train/plane to a new destination is a crap shoot. I really don't enjoy getting minutes there before it leaves so I thought this time would be different. I left at 7:40 am and was going to find some breakfast and snacks. The grocery stores nearby didn't open until 8:00. I decided to get some McDonald's, but it didn't open until 9:00. What the hell? I ended up having a nutritious breakfast consisting of water. By now it was 8:10 and my flight was at 9:45. I tried to catch a cheaper bus that took a bit longer because it made more stops versus the airport bus. It would have been 1.25€ versus 8€. Whenever I asked, everyone said it was 8€ to go to the airport. I caved in ... read more

Europe » Italy August 27th 2017

I didn't look at the clock but I heard the three guys leave pretty early this morning. I woke up at 8:00 am but played on my phone until 10:00. It was laundry day today. This hostel has a laundry room for guests. Once I cleaned up I went downstairs to do my chores. These pay machines are always so confusing to me. It should be simple. Pay on the wall and select a machine. I put a 20€ note in the machine and while I took some time to figure out the machines, pay machine timed out and ate my money. I asked someone at the front desk and they gave me my money back. They were busy so I went out and grabbed a sandwich, came back then someone was able to help me. ... read more

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Florence August 26th 2017

Surprise! I left later than I should have. I intended on leaving at 7:30 am but didn't get out the door until 8:10 or so. The plan was to take the scenic route through the mountains up to the Ferrari Museum in Maranello (3 hours, 30 minutes), and spend a maximum of an hour and a half there. Then ride to Bologna to the Lamborghini Museum (spend another hour and a half), and come back down to Florence by 5:30 pm to return the bike. If I had time, go snag some real deal arancini and cannoli from Arà is Sicilia, then go back to the apartment to shower and grab my bags, catch the 7:54 pm train from Florence to Venice. I had a hell of a time trying to exit Florence. I ended accidentally ... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice August 25th 2017

I slept in until 10:00 am. I had groceries so I didn't need to go out to eat. It felt good to eat cereal while watching Italian TV. For the next four hours I planned to rest of my trip, save for my last night's accommodation in London. I'd be taking the train to Venice and spending two nights at a hostel there. Then I'd be flying to Valencia for three nights in a hostel, with a five hour layover in Barcelona. Lastly, a flight to London for one night. Watching the $/€/£ signs fly by made me start to feel the pinch. I was on budget until the car rental in Germany and the Airbnb and motorcycle rental here. Alessio was not kidding about the mosquitoes in Florence, even during the day. I was going ... read more

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Florence August 24th 2017

I checked out and bought a pastry from a bakery near by. Honestly, I think the pastries were better in Paris. Luckily the Metro ticket I bought yesterday was still valid. I thought I'd be nice and fresh for the bus ride, but as usual I was in a rush and was sweating buckets by the time I got to the bus. I noticed two girls looking around like I was and I asked them if they were looking for the station as well. We found it together. While waiting to board the bus a Brazilian girl, Marina, asked me if it was the correct bus for Florence. We talked during the bus ride and agreed to meet up when we were there. Across the aisle was a woman with her bare feet up on the ... read more

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome August 23rd 2017

This morning I had to check out by 10:00 am because I was switching rooms. I woke up before my 8:30 alarm and took care of some details from back home. You can't escape it completely. The helpful and friendly staff at the hostel printed out a ticket for the Vatican for me. A couple of blocks from the hostel was a restaurant that had a 6€ breakfast that I couldn't refuse. The A line metro in Rome only took 5 and 10€ banknotes. I asked a bus ticket booth for change but the guy was being an asshole. I got some at a money exchange and got on a train that I thought was the right one. After one stop I took a look around and discovered that the A line I needed to take ... read more

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome August 22nd 2017

It was a 20 minute walk to the bus depot from the hostel. I left late because I was talking to Fillipo the Italian. I showered and by the time I got to the bus depot I was all sweaty with three minutes to spare. I have to stop doing this. Coming down the hill into Split reminded me of coming down into Osoyoos, just bigger. Seeing it made me think that I should have spent time here instead. Oh well. I only spent 45 minutes there before I caught a shuttle bus to the airport. The airport is pretty small and very busy. Not much happened there except for me getting sleepy and annoyed with more waiting. The flight was delayed by 45 minutes. I was really looking forward to a new place. Croatia for ... read more

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