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Asia » South Korea » Chungcheongnam-do » Asan-gun March 8th 2009

I met up with Jamie on Sunday afternoon to go to the hot springs. We met on the plane ride over to Korea. I had to take the metro to the train station, which of course I went to the wrong train station the first time around. I got a train to Onyangoncheon. It takes an hour and a half to get there from the station. Round trip the tickets cost me 12,600KW which is a little over 8 dollars. Woo hoo! I kept asking people which train takes me to *points to ticket* "here" The only guy who helped me was the guy who I'm assuming was the janitor because he was putting toilet paper on the trains. He goes "ooh" so i get on the train. He sees me agian and goes " ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Jongno-gu March 7th 2009

So today we were determined to see a Palace. We tried to go last weekend but they were all closed we were told. We went today. It was bitter cold and windy which made it worse. The only saving point to keep us all from freezing to death was that the sun was out and shining and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. Gyeongbokgung is the oldest palace of the Joseon Dynasty(1392-1910). It was built in 1395 as the main palace. It is the most comprehensive and grandest of the five palaces of this period. In 1592 it was reduced to ashes from a Japanese Invasion. For the next 273 years, the grounds were left untouched and kings stayed in other palaces. It wasn't until 1867 that its restoration took place. In 1911, the land ... read more
Inside the palace
Angry Chicken...wards away evils

Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Sincheon March 1st 2009

노래 방 means a Karaoke Bar. it wasn't at all what i was expecting. When I think of a karaoke Bar I think of something like in my best friend's wedding. You go to a bar get a table and some drinks and take turns volunteering your friends to humiliate themselves singing in front of strangers. In Korea, it is not like what. We walked into a very fancy place and rented the room for 30,000KW for the hour (that also covered unlimited ice cream which is why I liked it) You literally go to a small room with a big long couch and the group that you go with sings all the songs they want for an hour. The part I think i hated the most was when you get there, you aren't allowed to ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul February 28th 2009

I travel almost 10,000 miles away from home and who do I spend my time traveling with? American's and....the french! ha ha. I realized I will leave Korea speaking much better french and a little korean. We left at noon just planning to explore and walk around Seoul. I went hoping to do some shopping. After waiting around for a while for stragglers we were waiting to meet to arrive, we exchanged introductions and headed on our way. We were a group of seven. Everyone was hungry and nobody was decisive. Leah (from Paris, living in Montreal) and I were the decisive ones. While everyone else ate (in just a little coffee shop) we decided to hit a traditional Korean Village, and I wanted to go to the Seoul Tower... to get a 360 view of ... read more
Home (close enough)
Chris' home for the next 9 months
The River

Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Sincheon February 26th 2009

So is it true? You start digging a hole and you come out to China, right? The other side of the world. Well I've always had a hard time doing things the straight on right way, so my hole curved just a bit, and I made to to Seoul, South Korea. The flight over wasn't even as bad as I thought. Cramped, packed in like a sardine, yes. Long, yes. But aweful? Surprisingly no. It was two hours to Chicago, wait 20 minutes to board, 4 hours to San Fran, sprint to the gate to get there in time for last call, then 13 hours to Seoul. When I landed it San fran it was 1pm and i hadn't eaten or slept yet...but then when i called Dad i realized it was 4 back home. so ... read more
I love bad translations
Street Food!
Seoul at night

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan December 21st 2008

I've been in NYC in Christmas-time before. When I was a little girl my parents took my brother and me in to see the Christmas Show. I remember having a little velvet dress and velvet coat, getting all dressed up to go. It felt like a big deal. That's what CHristmas in the city always meant to me, always reminded me of. My vision of Christmas in the city now isn't as sophisticated, but just as memorable, just as exciting. You don't have to see the nutcracker or the christmas show, or dress up all fancy. It's about bundling up so you're super warm because the windchill is at like 9 degrees. Drinking hot chocolate walking through central park. Walking through central park takes a lot because there is three inches of ice on all the ... read more
The City at Night
The Giant Meatball

Rounding out the first year of college is more of "thank god" feeling than a "OMG I DID IT" feeling. The year started off in the UK and finished off in GLenside, PA. There were amazing times and horrible times. Countless papers and a handfull of final exams. I have learned a lot. it's amazing looking back and realizing how much my knowledge has increased. it's amazing what $40,000will give you! haha I've taken a wide array of classes towards my International Studies major. Mostly history classes. I now have 37 credits from British history and british art and architecture, theories of global politics, international studies, globalization development and human rights, and of course a math some englishs and those dang study abroad classes! haha Surprisingly I am just about finished school...about half way heh. I ... read more
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North America » Mexico » Baja California » Tijuana March 9th 2008

--Sunday, March 9, 2008-- The day was a long one. It started in LEhighton, PA saying goodbye to the love of my life. From there I traveled to Glenside, PA to pack my things. I arrived at my dorm at 2:00am to pack my bags for a weeklong trip for spring break. It was a service trip to Tijuana, Mexico. We worked with Esperanza International ( ) It is a program that helps build homes for low-income families. I didn't know waht I was getting myself into, but I didn't really want to know, and I was excited! 4:30am we left Arcadia University on a school bus headed for JFK international Airport. We flew Virgin America to San Fransisco, and then grabbed a connecting flight to San Diego. We went outside and walked down the ... read more
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so cute!
at the beach..

North America » United States » Florida February 24th 2008

My Dziadus decided to take all the family to New Smyrna for the week. I joined the fam late wednesday night becuase I didn't want to miss too much school (I know...studious right? :-P) I couldn't sleep that night, for a multitude of reasons, but let's go with excitement? I heard movement in the kitchen around 7:30 in the morning and I' had been laying in bed bored for a while so i figured if someone else was awake....I would be too! I felt a litle too excite that morning, everyone else was used to being in florida, I had only been there a few sleepless hours. Thursday, my first day there, RAINED! What a drag! Me and zack worked on a puzzle mom bought. 504 pieces. Of waht? Boats in a dock. Now, im not ... read more
Beach Babe
Our place
Brotherly love

North America » United States » Pennsylvania » Glenside January 30th 2008

Towards the end of my semester in London I began to look forward to returning to Glenside, PA to continue school. My home school is Arcadia University. This spring was going to give m the 'real' college experience. London was amazing, don't get me wrong, you could probably tell if you read any of my previous blogs. The culture, the city, running through hyde park, traveling to far away places. These are things i will hold close to me for the rest of my years. These, however, did not contribute to the real college experience. When i think of the college experience, I think about waking up ten minutes before class and running across the green grass of campus to get to your math class. I imagine the college fashion as sweetpants, flip flops, and sweatshirts. ... read more
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