3 BEST FRIENDS ABOUT TO TAKE A FUNFILLED TRIP AROUND THAILANNND!!!!! we will update this as much as poss so yous can all see what were up too.wish us luuuccckkk 😊 P.S if we dont update for more than 2 weeks call the coppers eeeeekkkk haha x

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cumbria October 19th 2012

TOTES BACK TO REALITY!!!!!! Just sat and read this properly for the first time, had the most amazing 7 week ever with my 2 best friends!!!!!! will never ever forget it!!! now time to plan a new yous two millions! IT WAS AMAZEBALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHA Luv Shell x x x... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England September 15th 2012

well were home....this is lisa im missing my girls both of u i have had the best 6 weeks of my life love u both forever thankyou for everything and every giggle we had in thailand xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok September 13th 2012

sooooooo were waiting at the hotel for our airport bus to go back bangkok...where it all began. Were devastated its over it has been amazing. The slow boat to krabi was indeed sloooooooooooooooooooow...its meant to take 2 hours this one took 8!!! overnight. Shel was sea sick alllll the way haha. It was the china slow boat we got it was 2 floors and the 2nd floor was just lined with matreses in rows and u just sleep amongst all the randoms. This would be fine but us being us were last on the boat as we decided to go to a bar for a we had to sleep bottom floor with the staff and scooters. Rachel woke up to a thai oap spooning her!!! haha Got to krabi after a few buses...first day ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Pha-Ngan September 3rd 2012

sat in a travel shop waiting for our bus to take us to the ferry port to get the overnight boat to krabi!!! koh phangan is def our fave!!!!! been twice and we dont wanna go! stayed here for 5 nights and done pretty much the same every night.sunbathe all day we even left the pool one day and went to the beach! we have been hangin out of our arses every day but the night times and beach partys are worth the pain! our fave bar here is called drop in bar....on the beach and the staff are lush....friends with them all. Flame throwers all up the beach...their lush too! haha. were absoloute thai perves over here. rachel wanted to get married so she could get a visa hahaha but chocolate said noooo just wait ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Pha-Ngan August 30th 2012

well the travel here was actually ok apart from the leaking ceiling on the bus!!!!but we soon sorted that by tying bags up to direct it onto the people infront haha. too us 2 12 hour over night busesto get here but the full moon party is gonna be sooo worth it. we didnt wanna leave chiang mai but glad we did now coz we looooove haad rin.could actually live here!!!! know loads of the locals here from last time we wee here and theyve all rememberd us. the last night in chiang mai was mint. we went to sunday walkin street......just miles and miles of stalls and food stalls and street entertainers all down the middle. we went to our little local bar it in their rach fell in love with the singer from ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai August 26th 2012

The Thai boxing last night was soooooooooooooo good. even better than we expected. It was in the middle of a big complex filled with bars. It was dead busy and full of men!! haha. Their was about 7 fights and they got worse as they went on..started with just kids then they got older. Their was even a dwarf fight...the dwarf looked like little eric from carlisle it was hillarious...even more funny after 5 bottles of sangsom.....our substitute to morgans over here! we were last to leave the stadium once again...after geting our fotos with the boxers and even geting ourselfs in the ring for fotos and havin pretend fights with the thai boxers. They were begging us to go again tonight haha but were gonna do the chiang mai sunday walking street instead. ended up ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Northern Thailand August 25th 2012

o my glad to be sat writing about this story....we thought we were gonna die on our way here from laos. we booked our bus trips from vang vienne to viennetiene to pick up our visas and then from their to chiang mai.worst night of our lives!! set of from vang viene at 9am and went for our new visas in vientiene at about 1 oclock. we were told wed be picked up from a travel shop at 5pm by bus.anyway a tuk tuk arrived,also carrying a crazy chinese oap who loved rachel...couldnt understand a word he said.we changed to a big flash bus at the borders (had tables and everythin) actually it was very much like a gypo caravan inside but comfy. little did we know we were only on this for about 45 ... read more

Asia » Laos » North August 23rd 2012

hi to anyone who has been texting us were not ignoring u and we are geting ur messages we would just rather buy cocktails than phone topups haha. but keep texting us its nice to hear from u all...struggling putting pics on here but their all on facebook. anthony and sharon feel free to send us some tips for chiang mai...heading their next. love ya all xxx... read more

Asia » Laos » East August 22nd 2012

omg excuse any bad spelling as we are a little bit drunk....weve been tubing all day in laos and have popped in a internet shop for a quick break from the drink. our trip here from bangkok took us over 30 hours on buses, stopping in vienetiene on the way to get our new 30 day visas which we were told to look respectable for.....of course we listend and turned up in a cheap tuk tuk and jack daniels tshirts...fingers crossed we get our visas accepted. we had to get the bus to vang vieng fron vientiene.....we almost got persuaded into a private mini bus of a random guy atthe bus statipn...something told us it wasnt right when he led us 3 blocks away to his taxi which was clearly a skip on wheels and never ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Pattaya August 17th 2012

took us 19 hours but we made it to pattaya!!! 3 busses and 1 ferry and we didnt even get robbed!! felt safe apart from the nutter sat infont of lisa...absoloutely off his nut but hey were in thailand. we were staarrrving and only stopped of once for food in the middle of nowhere. we were swamped by millions of taxi drivers when we got to bangkok but we went and found a meterd taxi with a cute little thai taxi driver...he was mental but so funny. took us a 2 hour taxi journey to get to pattaya from bangkok but only cost about 30 quid. got to the hotel and we were knakerd so we slept for a few hours then lazed by the pool for a bit. went to walking street on the ... read more

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