Lisa Murphy


Lisa Murphy

Not been to too many exotic places, im only 16! But i have been to places i absolutely love, and will definitely be going again!!

Europe » United Kingdom » England » East Sussex » Brighton July 27th 2011

Movie Day! Cant believe i've been here a week already, feels like way longer. Me and my amazing tour guide decided to pull an all nighter. It didnt exactly go to plan, but we watched so many movies that day! One of the best days i had. And i may have a slight, (something to be VERY worried about!) addiction to 27 Dresses, and James Marsden. But im not alone! My lovely tour guide does as well, haha... read more
Im a Gleek!
Having Fun!

Europe » United Kingdom » England » East Sussex » Brighton July 20th 2011

Today, Thursday, was my lazy day. while our tour guide and my uncle went for a walk around town and have a walk round the Marina, i stayed at home with my cousin. Later on with another two, we got a taxi down to McDonalds down by the cinema. We had a bite to eat, then met up with 2 others and headed to the Bowlplex for an evening of bowling. We split into teams, boys vs. girls. Needless to say my team lost - through no fault of my own ;)... read more
Messing around
Before We Start

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Surrey » Chertsey July 20th 2011

By far, the most scariest experience of my life! One look at the high rollercoaster tracks and hearing the screams made me want to go back home! First ride was the Saw - The Ride. How could anyone go on a ride that pulled you up 90 degrees into the air?! Not for me, i sat out, the first of many times! The first thing i did was go on was Depth Charge, then onto Flying Fish and back to Depth Charge again. Of course all the water rides were done, Storm Surge, Rumba Rapids, Tidal Wave and Loggers Leap - twice! And then of course, my first KFC!... read more
Saw - The Ride
Storm Surge

Europe » United Kingdom » England » East Sussex » Brighton July 20th 2011

Today, we began by stopping off at the Brighton Museum first. It wasnt really my cup of tea, but some of the artwork was very interesting. Next up on our agenda was the Brighton Sea Life Centre which i really enjoyed. It was harder to get photos, but i loved the experience. Now its time to eat. We headed to JB's American Diner, a home away from home! Reminded me of a place i used to eat at in New Jersey. We then headed on to Brighton Pier, where i went on my first rollercoster the Crazy Mouse! Quite scary i have to say. But another first knocked off the list. The amusements on the pier were very enjoyable. ... read more
Sea Life Centre

Europe » United Kingdom » England » East Sussex » Brighton July 20th 2011

Day 4 of the holiday, and we took a trip to the Royal Pavillion. This was once the home of George IV. The palace is absolutely amazing. I would recommend anyone who has an interest in history or not, to go. It is a fascinating piece of history and the house and grounds are amazing and very well kept. There is so much to learn about the way life was lived back then, the architecture, etc. And there is no photography inside the building. After the Pavillion, we went to the Brighton Museum -and once again, our tour guide disappointed us. Unfortunately the museum is closed on Mondays. Nevertheless, we didnt mind. We enjoyed our day, eating at the well-known restaurant Nando's, then going back to rest at home.... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » East Sussex » Brighton July 20th 2011

So day 3 was a Sunday, and of course it was time for relaxing. We met some of my cousins kids and went down to the park with them. We played on the playground, played football and watch a helicopter take off. Later that evening, we went down to the beach and threw stones in the water. It was very windy! Also, i think one of these days i tried my first Galaxy Minstrel.... and quickly became addicted! ... read more
Brighton Beach!
Picking stones....
Throwing stones

Europe » United Kingdom » England » East Sussex » Brighton July 19th 2011

So the weather in Brighton at this time of year is very unusual. Its meant to be really nice sunny weather, but nope, just my luck it was very windy and overcast. We went for a walk down at the seafront and the pier and it was very windy. We also went into town and had a look round the shops. Of course, we randomly walked into a starbucks and found cousin Josephine! She was coming down for a day, and we met her in the shop. So after touring the lovely town of Brighton, we retired to the Golding residence, where i discovered that i really dont like that last bit of the walk, the steep UPHILL less-then-a-minute climb to the house! And as the day before, we relaxed and played Guitar Hero. Makes me ... read more
on the beach
on the pier!
the pier

Europe » United Kingdom » England » East Sussex » Brighton June 18th 2011

Looking out the window of the plane was amazing. Everything seemed so unreal, because i'd seen it all on tv before and now i got to live it. It was a real pity the weather was absolutely horrible. Unfortunately, our tour guide from 'Golding Travels' was a little late, but it didnt matter. She presented us with handouts on Brighton, suggested itenerary and the weather. She also had a welcome sign for us. We began our journey to our home for the 2 next weeks, and we realised i had been living a very sheltered life as there was a lot of things i had never done. So first stop was to take a trip to the local Asda, which we dont have at home. Then on to my uncles house to meet all the cousins ... read more
Welcome Present
Just Dance

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