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24th July 2012

Enjoy in Thailand
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23rd March 2011

Got the T Shirt
Much the same tour and agony as we had, found it a bit of a drag but one simply feels obliged having come so far to leave no stone unturned, by this time we voted that we preferred New York and a whisky sour! Continue to have fun!
17th March 2011

One Big Market
The history and politics are really too complicated for me, I remember even at the time when I was so much younger I pretty well gave up on that war because I just could not get my head around it, and there were more exciting things to do, but the futility of it all and the terrible loss of life, that did get to me, and we are still at it, and now it looks as if we are going to bury ourselves in Libya.
16th March 2011

Time for more luxury.
You must be due another luxury hotel stop, sounds hard going. Our friend Michael gave up meat and fish for his Vietnam visit, the dog stories just made it impossible to consider any other course. Poor Jill it must have been very upsetting, otherwise lovely blog lots of 'atmosphere' The news coming out of Japan is very depressing and I fear a big cover up, what a sad mess our planet is in. Love from us both. F & S
15th March 2011

Dangerous Place Keep the TShirt
Think we told you we stayed in Hanoi (5 star hotel former CIA building own escape tunnel to airport) have a friend there, celebrated Sam's b'day with another american friend fab restaurant but unlucky Sam picked up food poisoning big time once on Mallorca, passed GO TO JAIL! straight to Doctor passing every thing and straight to hospital to be sorted out. I enjoyed the place some reservations though especially dead bodies. Love you both. F
13th March 2011

I dont think i could even try to calculate the mileage yet Fred. It will be something ill do when i get home to the warmth of home and with a decent cup of tea in my hand... We had penciled in Japan for around mid february and changed our minds due to costs. chang mai pt two coming up in a few hours.x
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13th March 2011

The French eat frogs don't they?
It's been a few days since your last update so nice to have this one. Glad that Japan was not on your list our hearts go out to them, how many miles do you estimate that you have travelled I tried to work it out roughly but gave it up as impossible. Chiang Mai looks lovely and would tempt me back as well as the tailoring! Good photos, try a few close ups such such great bone structures and those smiles. We will be off in a few weeks
From Blog: CHIANG MAI pt1
5th March 2011

Are hotels expensive?
A similar West End hotel in London would probably cost between 175 pounds and 250 per night, more on Park Lane or Mayfair in general not including b'fast did you price your room and what in fact did you have to pay? interesting to compare, we are going to Malaga in April and and a 4star hotel had to work hard to make us fork up €70 for two per night, tough cookies are we. Thailand is a real cross roads, how many times have you landed there? seems a lot. Was the food up to expectations, you seemed to gloss over this aspect, but you must be fooded out by now. Bet you are looking forward to Aberdeen by night and mince and tatties! Cheers for now.
From Blog: HONG KONG
3rd March 2011

Marathon Bloc
Wow two blogs arrived in one day, plus the postcards, feel I could do a PHD on China alone and how you take it all in I don't know, clever little shit are you not? Would love to write more but for some reason both very tired tonight, cooked a lot and had a lunch partyi yesterday so it has caught us up, good night, thanks and God Bless. F
3rd March 2011

The Bund
Rememeber the bund from my school days, but it had a very different reputation then and a very dangerous area. You appear to have avoided trouble and not reported any narrow escapes, perhaps it's not such a bad world after all, at least I hope this is the case and you are not saving any horrow stories for the serial rights. We are booked in April for a visit to southern Spain to see some more golden oldies who once lived on Mallorca what a laugh that will be! Did a cremation of a doctor friend Sat. last I don' think it was us as we woke up this morning, when do you arrive home? must be real soon now. Thanks for the Moonpig info, managed to figure it out first, will give it a go. 3 p.cards arrived today, including the warriors and the great wall, many thanks, all getting better. Warmest wishes to both.
From Blog: SHANGHAI pt2
27th February 2011

Number one son write good story
I am rooted in the past, I see S'hai as a city of dark shadows, mystery, intrigue and murder ,starring Sydney Greenstreet, Peter Laurie and Humphry Bogart, it's narrow dimly lit streets full of Chinese men with pigtails with rickshaws just about every where, please tell me there is an old quarter that still exists. Even at our age I would just have to buy some china and ship it home you must be tempted I'm sure. We both feel tired on your behalf, for keeping at it. Love from us both.
From Blog: SHANGHAI pt1
26th February 2011

Some City Wall
Yes, Sam's secretary is pleased to confirm loyal greetings for the birthday did arrive via the channel islands, Gurnsey I think, how come? Such a lovely card, what presentation, a private printing press? It was put down as a future question, please share the secret NOW, so smart a must have. We did Vietnam and the mopeds are a pest. We visited a mate who has a business there so we were very pampered 5 star hotel (U.S) A bit tacky but in 20 yrs from now I bet it will be great.Love to both.
From Blog: XI'AN pt2
25th February 2011

good pictures! You know the beach Sirituba, is in the Amazon, Brazil. http://luciebruno.blogspot.com/2011/02/passeio-praia-de-sirituba.html # more Congratulations on your blog!
From Blog: XI'AN pt2
23rd February 2011

Has man changed?
Hardly, in many ways he is as naive today as 2000 years ago, still accepting dictators, and false promises, and worshipping equally false Gods and governments, trusting strangers with our money and calling them banks, allowing them , the banks to rob us and then rewarding them for so doing. We have our modern terracotta army our men with feet of clay, but we now call them M.P's and Ministers. Have a nice day! and thanks for a lovely blog. F&S
22nd February 2011

Still going strong
Well you are still bashing out the blogs, reckon it's good training if you want become a reporter or correspondent, shows good staying power. You do of course need a good secretary and I imagine Jill does a lot to encourage you, does she keep notes, Sam is hopeless, but thankfuly he does have a good memory and a wonderful sense of direction.
From Blog: XI'AN
21st February 2011

hi fred. i sent an email to you. did you get it? no blogs deleted here and theres no limit. Maybe try again with the link http://www.travelblog.org/Bloggers/leonandjill/ Did sam get his birthday card? that good news that he's getting better. hear from you soon.x
From Blog: BEIJING day3
20th February 2011

How's the food?
My great nephew was in China last year to study theatre and loved the trip. I would need to hire a 'plane to bring home all the wonderful Chinese porcelain, we just love it. First blog for some time all previous blogs have been deleted, don't know if there is a limit. Sam now in good shape and putting on some weight. How are the people, friendly? Much english understood? Wont be long now, love from us all here.
From Blog: BEIJING day3
14th February 2011

Hi there. Th internet was fine. I used wifi in the room and it was slow but reliable. The internet room downstairs was fast enough for Skype so i guess thats answered your question my friend! :P Enjoy.
From Blog: Ko Pha-Ngan
14th February 2011

silverderm and internet
Hi Guys, Have enjoyed reading your blog. Shame about the dodgy bike! Jill, if your cuts and scrapes are still looking poor and feeling the same, go and pick up some 'Silverderm' cream from a pharmacist. Although its an antibacterial cream for burns, it works a treat on any kind of wound. Best thing I ever came across in a Thai pharmacy. I just have one question that I am desperate for an answer to, and as you have recently been in Koh Phangan and blogging, can you please tell me if the internet there is reliable and fast? Thanks heaps. Happy travels!
From Blog: Ko Pha-Ngan
11th February 2011

Thats great news Fred. Ive sent out a brithday card yesterday for Sam so here's hoping he's home to open it himself...we are in China just now, enjoying the snow! Just climbed the great wall and visited the forbidden city in Beijing. Its very nice indeed. Keep well and i hope to hear from you soon..x
From Blog: KO PHI PHI
11th February 2011

How do you remember the place names?
Sounds lovely, the hotel a dream, you do spoil yourself, very wise! Between you and the Inverness branch you are doing your bit to keep the tourist trade going, wow what a store of memories you will have harvested, keep the grand children amused on a wet Sunday. Sam making rapid progress, another few days and he could be home for his birthday on Feb 14th. Back on a normal diet, hope it is the last of gluten free cooking, such a drag. Love.F.
From Blog: KO PHI PHI
8th February 2011

thats better news about Sam. We were sitting on two little plastic chairs when eating kerbside and your tight fred..its tasty straight from the wok! We are off to china today for 16 days. Trying to get more blog done beofre i leave Thailand as im falling behind again! I hope sam gets better quickly so you can get him home. lots of love Leon and Jill.x
7th February 2011

Scot in Undies Scandal
That I would have liked to see! Horrible thing to happen, lost our bags in N.Y. but when found the airlne delivered them to the hotel. Sam turned a corner some tubes taken out and able to take water orally.Mum called which was very supportive, nice family the Bain-Duffus lot you know. Are you able to sit when dining al fresco kirbside, I just can't eat standing, tried it in Bangkok and had to give up, pity because food straight from a wok is just fab. Much love to you both.
4th February 2011

Great Blog Little India
Update,SammyVery ill. Thursday 5 a.m 3rd February mad dash to hospital, unimaginable pain, your Uncle is a very brave man, he let me sleep as long as possible, and even then did not wake me, the usual prelims, but quickly diagnosed that the small intestine had split releasing all the infectious waste matter, he was he was knocking on the door, major operation scheduled for 2 p.m but mercifuly brought forward two hours and so far he is doing well of course in intensive care and will be a little longer, he was asking after you today hoping for a blog, I read them to him, but he is afraid of the cursor convinced he will delete everything and still hates P.C's our age is against us for these high jinks, but he is tough and very determined. Would love to get him to Singapore, your stirring up almost forgotten travel desires you make them so real, such detail one feels as if you have visited ones self. I won't go on about Sam unless there is a dramatic change, it will be nil by mouth for a bit, but he is willing to put up with anything to put six months pain behind him. Much love to you both. Think Mum is Von Trapping in the musical hills. Sod it, i'm gpoing to have a dram!
17th January 2011

Been meaning to log on for ages. Spoke to Ang yesterday who said it was amazing. She was right. Photos are brilliant and Leon, where did you learn to write like that ;) If you meet up with Mum and Mags in Thailand please look after them, you know what they are like after a couple of gins and whiskeys lol xxx

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