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Asia » China » Tibet October 8th 2010

Re-typing all of my journal entries is starting to get a little tiring, so I am going to highlight the rest of the Tibet trip in just one long entry. Up: On October 2, we drove to Ganden Monastery, which is high up in the mountains. We had to take a series of crazy switchbacks. It reminded me of driving from Southern CA to San Francisco in elementary school. At the top, we took a long, wonderful hike around the monastery. After our boxed hotel lunches, a group hiked up a really tall hill with prayer flags all over it. Audrey, Clare, and I went up only a short distance and lay down and took a nap on the grass. Down: I got a really bad headache and felt sick from the altitude, the heat, and ... read more
My group
Glamour pose
Some cows

Asia » China » Tibet » Lhasa October 1st 2010

Breakfast in the hotel was totally and completely Western. I had granola and cornflakes with milk and bananas on top, asian pears and apples, fried eggs and potatoes. There was even coffee, which many people were happy about. We went to the Potala Palace first. This is perched on top of a cliff. The city is built around it, I believe. I am probably wrong. We had to go through a series of security checks to get in, and couldn't bring water or chapstick. Many local people were also visiting the palace, spinning prayer wheels as they went. We climbed stairs and stairs and stairs, but took a lot of photo breaks so had plenty of time to catch our breath. In the square below, the army and school children were putting on a demonstration for ... read more
Kristiana jumping
The mountains
more of the Palace

Asia » China » Tibet » Lhasa September 30th 2010

I woke up at 4:45 am to get dressed and brushed and washed. Everything was already packed. I ascended to the third floor to share breakfast pastries with Clare and Audrey. Maria was on their couch drunk. She did not sign up for the Tibet trip, so she had gone out drinking the night before and was still awake. She told us that Qiang had been at Panam (a French themed bar) the night before. Qiang is the guy from English corner who kept texting me. He doesn't anymore. The plane took off more than an hour late due to air traffic, so while we were sitting in the plane that wasn't moving they served us breakfast. Glutinous rice with pickled vegetables. I read Journey to the West for most of the flight. During the flight, ... read more
Sara(h) in our hotel room
The comfiest bed
Beautiful furniture

Asia » China » Sichuan » Chengdu September 27th 2010

I had my first experience with a Chinese dinner party this evening. I had arranged to meet with my group of Chinese students at 4:30. Forrest showed up first with a big group of boys. Diva could not come because she was sick, and Delilah came late with another girl. Only two of the students were from my group. Several were from Mycal's and a couple were from Monica and Emily's. We all went to a teahouse in the bamboo park. We sat, and sipped, and chatted. At first it was awkward. We cannot understand each other very well. But soon we were laughing and having fun. They ask me questions like, "What do you think of your life?" and "When you are bored what are you doing?" and "Who is your favorite singer?" Everyone had ... read more

Asia » China » Sichuan » Chengdu September 26th 2010

Big Shoes! After eating lunch at Relish today, Maria, Scott and I took a taxi to the big shoe store. I found an address in the back of Chengdoo magazine. Since my flip flops broke I haven't had anything to wear with my black clothing, so I needed some black shoes. Success! This store had a large selection of dress shoes. The only other customer was a Chinese woman about my height. They didn't have the first pair of shoes I wanted in my size, but they did have the second: A pair of black flats with sequin bows on the toes. I can't wear them around every day, but at least I found something. Scott got a pair of running sneakers. So we were both very happy. Next we took a taxi to Jinli. We ... read more

Asia » China » Sichuan » Chengdu September 24th 2010

We had no classes on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday this week because it is the Chinese mid-Autumn festival. There has been a program going on nonstop in the auditorium. We can hear it every time we pass. And it is like rush hour all the time all over the city. This is how you celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival: 1) Go shopping! I think half of Chengdu's population was in Chunxi Lu this week. It was stressful. We went with Clare's group of students and I didn't buy anything. I couldn't handle the crowds. 2) Eat! I went to Grandma's Kitchen for breakfast on Wednesday morning. I had a raspberry milkshake and french toast. The syrup is sad. It is clear. I think it is really just sugar water. Chinese people don't know how to eat breakfast. ... read more
yum, yum pee beef ball
Intestines powder
sad jelly

Asia » China » Sichuan » Chengdu September 24th 2010

On Monday, Sara(h) and I tried to find the Sichuan Art Gallery. I had the name of it in characters and the address in pinyin, both of which I gave to the driver. He had no clue though. He called people and slowed up next to fellow taxis to yell at them through the window. We arrived at a place enclosed by a white wall with red characters. The taxi driver stopped and called a few more people, then tried to tell/ask me something in Chinese that I did not understand. But he kept repeating it. Eventually we got out. Across the street we found an art supply store that sold western supplies. Sara(h) got the soft pastels she has been looking for. I got colored pens with teeny tips. We also went into a music ... read more

Asia » China » Sichuan » Chengdu September 20th 2010

On Friday night, Clare and Audrey brought an entourage of boys home from English corner, along with Snow White. Strangely, all the boys were from English majors from the Chengdu University of Science and Technology. We went down bar street to the Purple Apple Club, which looks good from the outside (sparkly), but is actually terrible. It is too loud. There is no dancing. The music is ridiculous. We left and went to Soho to sit outside on the comfy couches. The comfiest couches in China. Our night out turned into an extension of English corner. This means that the boys asked us questions like, "What are your impressions of Chengdu?" and "What do you think of the food in China?" Probably from a textbook dialogue, as it reminds me of the dialogues we have in ... read more
Chinese Fast food

Asia » China » Sichuan » Chengdu September 17th 2010

This week involves a shopping and western food intervention. No shopping all week. The only western food allowed is Subway on Friday afternoon. September 12 Clare, Audrey and I went to Chunxi Lu with Snow White and her friend Bo Bo. We ate dinner at a big, cafeteria-like restaurant that serves only Chengdu specialties. We each ordered the sampling meal, which cost 25块。Expensive! But we got a lot of food. Dumplings, soups, baozi, chicken feet, noodles, corn and edamame, pastries, etc. Most of it was delicious and I will definitely go back for it one day when I am really hungry. Or maybe I will do the buffet upstairs, which costs twice as much but has even more options. September 13 The teacher did not show up to calligraphy class today. He was supposed to bring ... read more
grain redundancy

Asia » China » Sichuan » Chengdu September 15th 2010

Thank you to Clare! I loaded my pictures onto her computer, then put them on a jump drive, then put them on my computer. So I have added pictures to some of my earlier blogs... most of them in the first few from touristing. Peruse as you please!... read more

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