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30th December 2009

unfading history
What a good luck, I could browse these familiar scenes on-line. Just before I started my elmentary education, I was guilded by some people to the tomb of Ming dynasty & modern political leader, Sun yisen's tomb. There were not so many tourists during that time, and rainy, cloudy day brought a very special (perpetual)tranquillity in my whole heart. Since then, I have never to pay a second visit to these two places. I can not compare it with Jing hill, which is located in Beijing, where the final Ming dynasty was buried by a rebelist Lee from Shanxi, mizhi. Did people take photoes like today? I guess they would not. Ming dynasty's smart stone sulptures, modern black marble architectures reflected in Sun's tomb, left a deep impressive image by the sense. Just simply hope that the high taste of China ancient spiritual beauty would not be destroyed by the crowed tourists.
1st July 2006

where are you?
happy birthday!
21st June 2006

Please do not drink much Cola. It would lead you drink more and more and cause you thirsty and thirsty. K W

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