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'til I go to Bali!

Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls October 22nd 2009

Africa » Botswana » North-West » Okavango Delta August 11th 2009

I had been in Africa just under a month now and while I had seen so many incredible animals, met so many incredible locals, I still wouldn't say that I had "fallen in love with Africa" yet. Maybe it was the hustle and bustle of long days on the tour bus or simply because I'd been too worried about taking good photos that I forgot to enjoy it but I was still willing to give Africa a chance. The Delta was a favourite of my travel agent who spoke highly of Botswana when I was booking; and luckily I had been here long enough that no electricity and no plumbing didn't bother me any more (if my first stop was the Delta I don't think I would have enjoyed it). But, when we were standing in ... read more

Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Masai Mara NP July 22nd 2009

I had been in Kenya for about 3 days now and had already been blessed by Lake Nakuru and already seen 4 of the Big Five and yet was still hungry for more. Not knowing what was around the corner gave me a sense of adventure and wonder. And boy, did I have no idea what was coming in the Masai Mara. We had been booked for a hot air balloon ride on our first morning in the Mara after a long journey to the Mara from Lake Naivaisha the day before. We reluctantly woke up at about 5:00 hoping that the ride would be worth the early start (and the $425 dollars). Getting to the lodge that ran the balloon rides we were delayed for about 45minutes while everyone paid and got organised and we ... read more
Balloon Ride
One Of The Mara's Great Rivers
Mara Sunrise

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