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23rd April 2014

FB vs TB vs Photobucket
This keeps things for me in chronological order, and lets me post pictures that i want to highlight, and add more that people can go through if they feel like it. Also it's a good outlet for sensory memories for me. Facebook I just seem to get annoyed with "likes" and normally you can't tell a long story because there are not enough text spaces. As far as Photobucket, I'll use it to "photodump" so all my photos are backed up somewhere.
4th March 2014

I have gotten home !
Was filtering through the things I got home with and found your TB card. Looked you up. What are the advantages to TB over FB or Photobucket?
27th January 2014
Kristin on Marriage alter 2

Kristin on Marriage
Thinking of getting married? :-)
26th January 2014

Loved your blog and pictures ")
15th January 2014

Kris, you make friends faster then anyone I know, just keep smiling and be your sweet self, you'll have friends in Pune too.") Love you !!!
From Blog: Pune
16th January 2014

Hey grandma!
Yes, I made friends here. Some greater than others. It has been an amazing experience and the people I have met I will not ever forget. I think I was just grumpy leaving Chennai, Pune has turned out pretty awesome too. I'm headed to the Taj Mahal this weekend, so I'll get to get out and roam. Love you
From Blog: Pune
11th January 2014

Loved the pictures, what a journey you are on !!!
10th January 2014

thanks for sharing.. really nice story
30th December 2013

enjoying your pictures
26th December 2013

very interesting, keep the stories coming")
19th November 2013

You are going to be so bloody jet lagged if your only gonna be there for four days. See I don\'t really get jet lagged but I think if I was taking a 16 to 20 hour flight then... well... it would likely happen. Also, why specifically Chennai? Cheap Ticket? Or is it supposed to be a cool place? I always heard Karelia was cool. I think if I ever decided to go to India I\'d probably end up going to Sikkim, Kashmir and Kerelia... maybe Goa, but the party scene isn\'t very alluring to me anymore. I looked into Pondicherry once, or Puducherry as they now call it. You know... random thought... it kinda pissed me off that they changed the names to more \"Indian\" names, they were easier to remember in British and French. At least they didn\'t do away with GOA. Bloody people must have an affinity for the Portuguese. Again off the topic... but that\'s one place I\'d really like to go is the Azores... ya know...speaking of the Portuguese. I really want to go there. Also, I\'d like to do it by boat. Its weird cause my mom was a flight attendant for 17 years and I have always flown around the world since i was 1 month old.(weird thing is ... I don\'t think I have ever typed \"flown\" in my life. Not even sure if its a word its so distanced from me in my typography) But back on topic... all of a sudden, I have grown weary of flying. I get vertigo when I look out the window. I almost have to be drunk to fly. But if i do that I sleep for 2 days and am indeed jet lagged then. I gotta be frank, its quite nice to meet someone so randomly in America who has a similar bent on life(based on your travel quote philosophy). I can identify with you on those points. The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page. Saint Augustine And in this quote I have found particular truth... He travels the fastest who travels alone. Rudyard Kipling That one is so true. I only ever traveled alone. Once I traveled with a good Russian friend of mine. He was in his BMW M5, I was in my little Boxster. So technically we travelled together, me mostly behind him because he would drive as fast as 180mph. I lost him at the Swiss boarder after I had been driving 250 KPH for 3 hours. Those Swiss cops didn\'t like his Russian accent or his black m5 with tinted windows. Funny thing was that he felt like he had fucked them over when he found one of their swiss version Maglites in his trunk. haha. yeah. He felt like he came out on top for some reason. God I miss Europe. Really a piece of you is left abroad. For me 8 years has been left abroad. I\'ve been back here for a year and can barely stand it. Often I drive out to West Texas, Rocksprings, Leakey, Uvalde, Comstock, Langtry and Loma Alta just to clear my head and get away from this damn civilization. You should google earth those places but it is far better to see them in person. I think the older I get the more of a loner I become. Well, that true in Texas at least. In Europe im much more... social :). I guess thats cause I feel that they are more social. Also, you must know... its like me to spill the beans like this. Besides that I am particularly bored here right now. :) so yeah. I just say what I want and dont have apologies for it either. I wish more people would do the same. I think thats why I get on so well with Europeans. Also, i dont think i understand my own country men so well... this after being in europe for 8 years. Its a bit odd you know. I like to think I have all the best things a Texan can have and all the best things a European can have. I gotta be frank again though. I didnt pick up many good things from the Germans while i lived there for 2 years. But the Swiss and the Brits.... yeah. I got some good stuff. Especially linguistically if you cant by now ... tell. Well, haven\'t got much else to say. Hope you enjoyed my ramble and I presume I shall be seeing you around. God that sounded cheeky. Anyhow. Nice blog. Although the sites functionality isnt really all that great. Ever try WordPress? It be easier to generate a following. You know you and I should do a kickstarter video together. Try to raise funds for a documentary about hiking across the alps and talking to people. Youd be shocked.... it may well get funded. I saw one get funded for 80 grand and it was just a 130 mile hike. We are talking about hiking 800 or so miles. From France to CH, to Austria to Slovenia. I always wanted to do that. Beats sitting around here as i see it. Well God bless.
15th November 2013

loved it kris, looking forward to your new travels and adventures")
From Blog: Eurotrip2013-SA
13th November 2013

Just found your blog... and missing you! The guide's name was Khalid Love Dad
29th October 2013

Antient story
your way of writing wouldn't let me leave the page until I finished good effort so long Kristin
29th October 2013

You ' re cool Kristin
28th October 2013

Just bright smart young girl
You are mazing actually ,I got idea about you sense day one I met you .My brain start telling me so many things I didn't tell you about it but in the following days you really aprouved you have so many things uncovered yet.? I like the way you talked about your experience in that trip to Marroco the introduction was so well in the middle of the story very well and how you ended up ,it was like I m reading a book to a real ecrivin .It was good story good job Kristin

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