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31st October 2013

Amazing. Highest mountain in the world.
21st June 2013

25th January 2013

Hi Just wondering what camera you are using? Your pictures are great and I am in the market for a better camera.
27th January 2013

Hi Heather. Thanks for your comment. I used a Canon S5 IS for these photos. It's a great camera, and does take great photos.
7th November 2012

Didn't get to the Nine Dragon screen in Datong...ran out of time...nice to see your pic of it. Glad you enjoyed China.
31st October 2012

You really packed in an incredible number of sites in a short time! Weird food, smoking and spitting--hmm, maybe I'll just enjoy China through blogs. Loved the Li River photo, though, and glad you got to see some amazing treasures.
30th October 2012

nǐ haǒ!
Great blog Mel; and if I say so myself, a brilliant selection of photos!! Both really summarise our trip and our shared sentiment towards China as a travel destination. I'm glad I went and experienced all the enjoyable and not so enjoyable aspects of the Country, and i'm also so happy we managed to pull off our 'pact' to travel with one another again, and most importantly you'll be glad to hear, I haven't been put off meeting up with you (the 'feckin cheeky kiwi') again in another part of the world to stroke of more world heritage wonders together!!! Count me in :) And yes, you were missed in Pingyao, you would have just loved the fabulous sunset - I could almost sense the competition between us to get the best photo/composition etc, lol. Off now to read some old South America blogs to remind me of our time together there!!
30th October 2012

Great photos!
I've never seen a Shanghai sky so clean, and I live here! BTW I'm not sure the Three Gorges Dam was built to impress tourists (tens of thousands used to die in floods along the course of the Yangtze before the dam was built), though it has always mystified me as to how it is marketed as an attraction.
30th October 2012

Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday Melanie. China is a fascinating place and I have always wanted to visit it myself. I believe the blossom trees up North are beautiful in the Springtime also.
29th October 2012

Great blog Mel - sounds like it was quite the cultural experience. I just love the 'mini soldier' photo :)
29th October 2012
Shanghai by day

You captured such a clear day in SH! Bravo. Great photo.
10th August 2012
Fruit seller

beautiful photo!
From Blog: A taste of India
23rd July 2012

PNR Status Enquiry
I love India. Delhi is one of the crowd city in India. The Taj Mahal and the Lotus temple is an lovely places i always loved to see this.
From Blog: A taste of India
20th June 2012

thank you
Your blog post brought back many memories of my time in Morocco. I lived in Kenitra and then on a military base on the edge of the Desert. Many of the places i visited as a kid. I would love to experience those places as an adult. Keep traveling!
10th May 2012
Taj Mahal

Singapore Photos Gallery
I always loved to see taj. it is a awesome work.
From Blog: A taste of India
27th February 2012

Hey superbly written and really amazing pics. I can't wait to start off with my City breaks in Prague this year. All the best in Ireland!
9th February 2012

To the Happy Wanderer
Well done yet again, Mel. A very well written and informative document, which I thoroughly enjoyed reading. Only wish I was 50 years younger so that I could follow in your footsteps. You will have some terrific memories to look back on when you're my age! You go - girl. GIRLS RULE.
2nd February 2012

The further I read, the more I added to my own 'Nepal wishlist' :-) A great entry - thanks!
2nd February 2012

What a nice blog!
We are going to Nepal in November and will use this piece to give us a roadmap of where to explore. Really loved it. Thanks.
31st January 2012

Very cool
Thanks for the blog Mel, loved it. Really have to put India on the agenda for sometime in the next couple of years. Looks amazing x
From Blog: A taste of India
30th January 2012

Hi Mel, Geez, am super super jealous!! I so want to do India! Sounds like you had a ball, and will wait to see how Nepal was. Liam has just turned one and we expect no 2 in a little under 2 months away so travelling is not anywhere in my agenda for the next couple of eyars, but I had thought about trying to do just a couple of weeks through India and its good to see it can be done!! We are still in the middle of this merger and things are still up in the air, but nevertheless we muddle on! Having said that I only have 5 days of work left before I'm off on maternity leave again, so we will see what changes are made by the time I return from number 2. Keep up the blogs - I'll travel vicariously through you until I can go again!! luv stace
From Blog: A taste of India
28th January 2012

Wow! What a fantastic experience and what a fascinating place. Must admit I never felt enticed to travel there, but after looking at your photos and reading your blog I have formed a different opinion. Unfortunately we mostly see only the seedier side of India and hear of its problems, so it was refreshing to see another side. Thank you for the opportunity to share your experience. Nanny
From Blog: A taste of India
11th November 2011
Poppy Field

the poppyfield photo is a beautiful photo. well done soldiers!:)
5th September 2011
Another view of the moon

Lovely photos of the moon!

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