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Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona June 12th 2005

Buenos dias all, here I am in a somewhat overcast Barthelona, where the weather is a little humid but still bearable at 25 degrees. So begins the next postcard I guess, and it´s from Lisbon in Portugal, only I´m sending it from Barthelona. I´m developing a lisp whilst being here, all my C´s are quickly becoming TH´s. I imagine Catalans don´t have too much of an issue with theophilus the thistle sifter tongue twisters. Anyway, Lisbon was like thus: Scene: Me at a food outlet at the biggest shopping centre on the Iberian peninsula. Me (in my non-existent Portuguese): Hola. Sumo Naranja & Atum Tosta se faz favor (This translates roughly to orange juice and a tuna toasted sandwich please). Sandwich lady: Um, do you speak English? Me: uh, yeah. Sandwich lady: Speak to me in ... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Granada June 8th 2005

Answering Machine: Hello mother....Hello Father....Here I am at.....Camp Granada.... Homer: Marge, is Lisa at Camp Granada?? Buenos Dias All, thanks for all your responses and I promise I will get back to you....eventually. I promise I´m not spending most of my holiday in internet cafes, though I´m wondering now if anyone has started a guide for all the cafes in europe. It would probably come in handy for someone that is suffering from PC withdrawals whilst traversing the continent. It´s actually siesta time in most of the cities I´m visiting which means most shops are closed and it´s generally too hot to be wandering the streets anyway. Granada is a lovely 32 degrees today :) More of the postcard thing here. Now that I´m in Granada, I´ll tell you about Portugal. Our trek from Salamanca and ... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Seville June 7th 2005

"Don´t know about you, but I am une chien Andalusia, I am une chien Andalusia, I am une chien Andalusia, When I grow up I want to be, be a Debaser....." - The Pixies Hola everyone, it´s been a while, but I haven´t really had a chance to walk into an internet cafe. If you´re wondering about the Pixie lyrics, it´s because I am in Seville, the capital city of the province of Andalusia (You try making a pop culture reference about Andalusia). Ok, this will be kind of like a postcard where I´m sending it from Seville, but it will be about what I got up to before I arrived in Seville. By the way, it´s a sweltering 38 degrees here. What´s Melbourne like?? :) Since I last left you guys, I´ve stayed in Madrid ... read more

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid May 30th 2005

Evening all, Just a quick note to let family (Hao, Hung & San) you know that I am alive and well and have reached Madrid in Spain. To the rest of you, I´m alive and have stumbled into an internet cafe despite my lack of spanish. You´ll be surprised/disgusted to hear that Delta Goodrem has reached Spanish radio. Those of you not in Australia won´t have any idea what that means, but anyway. I´ll keep this brief because it´s almost time for dinner. As mentioned, I´ve begun my tour and we started in Paris and worked our way down the west side of france and into spain and have finally reached Madrid. For me, the highlight has been the different food that´s been available for sampling. The duck gizzards in Bordeaux were a highlight, as well ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Merseyside » Liverpool May 26th 2005

Walk on, Walk on, with hope in your heart, and you'll never walk alone..... YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE..... Afternoon all, I know the above won't mean much to you unless you follow the soccer, but Liverpool just won the Champions League trophy for the first time in 21 years, made even the more amazing because we have been so woeful for at least the past 15 years. We love you Rafael Benitez and Steven Gerrard! Ok, enough of that.... If anything, travelling is an interesting lesson in economics and the term 'standard of living'. Basically, the standard of living means 'how expensive is it to survive here?' A case in point, I've ventured into Chinatown again to balance my diet. An english diet of greasy sandwiches (liberal amounts of butter and mayo), greasy fish and chips ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London May 23rd 2005

Conversation I had with a englishman(18-26?) over the weekend who was waiting at a pedestrian crossing with his friends: Englishman (in that classic tone of someone in primary school) : ching chong chungaaaa, chong ching chooooo, chee choo queeeee.... Me: I'm sorry, I don't speak Chinese. What are you trying to tell me? (blank stare for 5 seconds before he regains his composure and decides to shout derogatory names in english at me as I jaywalk across the road and disappear down to the tube to escape. I'm a lover, not a fighter....) Good afternoon all and sundry, As you can see, I've been accepted by the locals as one of their own and they don't see me as any different at all. In all seriousness though, it hasn't really been an issue and I ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London May 20th 2005

Simpsons episode reference: Selma: It needs more eye of newt. Patti: You always want more eye of newt. If it was up to you, the pot would be full of newt eyes... Hi guys, that was an attempted segueway (Spelling?? I don't have a dictionary) into the events of the past few days. I thought I'd try and get into the spirit of things and went on a pub crawl around london bridge way and we happen to come across the new globe theatre (hence the eye of newt reference) where they're currently performing the Tempest. But no time for that, we were out downing pints (ok, half pints towards the end of it). I've yet to bump into an Australian yet (but I haven't frquented a walkabout/expat pub yet), but have bumped into plenty of ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London May 18th 2005

Morning everyone, how's it going? I've arrived in London and must say I'm enjoying it so far (well, all 36 hours of it anyway). I think London is a very nice but very soft introduction to travelling in europe. Everyone still speaks your language, they're relatively polite, and it's quite reminiscent of home. (And now those who have been to London and know about the little quirks can stop reading now). London is quite fast paced, everyone walks quickly in comparison to my lazy ambling, partly exacerbated by my new pair of all-stars (Eug, these shoes are REALLY narrow!). The tube is a breeze and the gap is not that big, which makes me wonder why they bother talking about it at all (gaps between train and platforms in Melbourne are cavernous in comparison). It's ... read more

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