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20th March 2013

She cant wait for u to get back She is doing well
19th March 2013

I enjoyed reading your blog. Your bubble-blowing, flatulent camel sounded hilarious! Cheers Ren
10th March 2013

Never good to be sick on the road
We are nurses so when we travel we attempt to get a look inside a hospital as a visitor not a patient. Sounds like your experience was dreadful. Going to the theatre sounded wonderful.
10th March 2013

awesome pictures
Sounds like a great adventure you newly weds are on! Almost time to come home. Stay safe!
24th February 2013

Olive Garden :)
I spend 8 days in Arambol this year (30.01-06.02) and we were almost every evning in Olive Garden :)))
18th February 2013

Breathtaking Ruins!
Wonderful pictures of the ruins! Very interesting to say the least. Glad you are both still well, safe, and happy. Enjoy! Strange welcome sign for the Guest House! ha ha
20th February 2013

Thanks for all your comments! I'm glad you're enjoying the blog :) Hope all is well in Sumter!
6th February 2013

You two are so cute! I just love reading your blogs. The pictures are awesome. I feel as though I am reading a novel. Kelly and Scott, I pray for your journey to continue safely. Savor every moment. (sounds like you are) Cindy Benson
1st February 2013

cute kitties!
Beautiful trip! I love keeping up and reading your blog! Photos are great! Experience of a lifetime! Enjoy and stay safe.
19th January 2013

Golden Pythons and shabby bungalows.....
Well, you are earning your stripes as globe-trotting backpackers.....the bungalow story reminded me of my own....once on a beach in Ecuador, we stayed in a thatched, nasty little cabana...and drunk men would burst in at do you lock a bamboo hut, after all? And of course, we had to hire our money in the bamboo slats...or bring everything with us, to prevent the "staff" from stealing us naked. Where are you now/ Let me know when you are in Vietnam....ok? We are living these adventures along with you...brave of Laura to travel so long and be with you.... TERESE and GAVIN and TOM SHelton, Charleston
3rd January 2013

wow I've only read a couple of entries but I have really enjoyed reading your funny and descriptive accounts of your incredible adventure. thanks for sharing.
9th December 2012

Sorry your camera died; would have loved to see more photos...sounds like another fascinating day - experience of a lifetime!
7th December 2012

Jeez Kelly, you seem to have bad luck with two-wheeled vehicles!! Glad you are okay :) Those caves look amazing!
7th December 2012

I'm sorry for your unfortunate experience but I am enjoying reading your blogs - they're very candid and (almost) make me feel like I'm experiencing it too! So...thanks :)
1st December 2012

Get well Soon!!
Kelly, I miss you and love you. Get well soon! Daddy
28th November 2012

As always, love reading about the adventures, or misadventures, of Kelly and Scott!! Thanks for the updates. Love ya both!
26th November 2012

Kelly, How wonderful to read about your adventures as they unfold! Your perspective will be forever changed....blessings to you and Scott! I look forward to keeping up with y'all!
26th November 2012

Hi from Sumter
Enjoyed talking to you and Scott Thanksgiving night!!! What a wonderful treat. Loved your update. Sounds like you're not missing a beat. I'm so glad. Look forward to the next update. I love you and miss you. Mom
23rd November 2012

It was great talking to you tonight, and I've loved reading about your travels. Continue to have fun and be safe. Love to you and Scott! Happy Thanksgiving!!
22nd November 2012

Fish Sauce
Will you bring me some fish sauce if possible? :)
22nd November 2012

We'll certainly try! We want to buy some for ourselves, too, but we have to figure out how to pack it so it doesn't spill in our bags!
21st November 2012

Wow, this sounds awesome! I'm glad y'all are having a great time and I love reading your updates! Take lots of pictures! :)
20th November 2012

Hi there Kelly and Scott! Gosh I'm glad all is going so well. It's sooo good to hear from you. We miss you and send prayers your way daily. I love you very much!!!! Your blog is very descriptive. I feel like I'm experiencing everything through your words. I also LOVE the pictures!!! Can't wait to read your next entry. Until then, stay safe and enjoy. Give my son-in-law a big hug and an "I love you" from his other mother and his brother, Richard,
17th November 2012

Sounds like an awesome first day!

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