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North America » United States » Colorado » Telluride June 9th 2009

WEEK THREE: WALSENBURG , CO TO TELLURIDE, CO Tuesday, June 9 The drive to Le Veta brought us through the wide open spaces of the Front Range giving us a dramatic view of the snow covered Spanish Peaks and the Greenhorn Mountain Wilderness Area. To the north and west were the Sangre de Cristo Mountains . The snow still clung to these mountain peaks surrounding this lovely valley giving us a wonderful taste of what’s to come. We followed the precise directions up to Valley Winds, Marta and Dave’s llama ranch in the mountains outside the charming little town of Le Veta . As we approached the ranch we saw amazing “dikes”, natural volcanic outcroppings rising from the mountains’ edge looking from a distance like an enormous rock wall snaking its way down the mountain. These ... read more
Amazing Volcanic Dikes
Alpaca and Llama at Valley Winds
Our Yurt at Joyful Journey Hot Springs

North America » United States » Kansas » Dodge City May 26th 2009

NOTES FROM THE ROAD: KELLEY AND DAVE’S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE 2009 WEEK ONE: SARASOTA , FL TO PASADENA , MD We’re on the road again! We left sunny Sarasota on Tuesday, May 26 heading for Maryland and a Family Gathering with 23,100 miles on our car (last year we left with about 1,000 miles on our then new car and came back with 10,000 miles on the odometer!) Rain is typical in May and June and especially so this year. Our two-day drive was no exception for after we hit Georgia the rain came alternately in buckets and drizzle which lasted almost through the weekend including a side trip in the pouring rain to Annapolis . Family: In Pasadena , MD we were proud to have attended Megan’s 8th grade graduation on Thursday where she received a ... read more
Kentuck Knob
Old Courthouse in St Louis
Interior Dome in the Old Courthouse on Dredd Scott Road

North America » United States » Missouri » St Louis July 3rd 2008

KELLEY AND DAVE’S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE The Big Trip West…Notes From the road: WEEK SEVEN. Thursday, July 3. Pam took us for an early morning walk touring her lovely neighborhood with Jasper, Pam’s standard poodle before leaving for breakfast at the local IHop. Over coffee and pancakes Pam gave us good advice about the next leg of our trip. Having lived around St Louis, Pam had a wealth of information to share. She advised us to spend some time in St Charles on the Missouri Riverbefore entering St Louis. She also said I must see the Missouri Botanical Gardens. Thank you Pam! Armed with places to eat and sights to see we drove the three rainy hours to the Missouri border. We arrived in historic St Charles around 3pm and immediately parked the car then walked up ... read more
Covered wagon in St Charles
Niki sculpture at Missouri Botanical Gardens
Dale Chihuly at Missouri Botanical Garden

North America » United States » Colorado » Telluride June 26th 2008

KELLEY AND DAVE’S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE The Big Trip West…Notes From the road: WEEK SIX. Thursday, June 26. We ate our breakfast on the balcony of our room overlooking 5th street while listening to the insistent whistle of the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad train calling passengers to board for the 3 ½ hour ride to Silverton. Large, billowing black clouds of smoke marked the progress of the train as it headed north along the Animas River toward Silverton. There was a metallic taste to the air that landed on the tongue and the soot and smell permeated our room long after the train left town. In the brisk Durango mornings I needed long pants and a sweater because for me, 63 degrees is invigorating but still a bit brisk for my Florida sensitivities. Before leaving ... read more
Molas Pass
Silverton Valley as the sun breaks through the clouds
Red Mountain Pass

KELLEY AND DAVE’S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE The Big Trip West…Notes From the road: WEEK FIVE. Thursday, June 19:Antelope Slots! One of my major goals on this trip was to photograph the famous Antelope Slot Canyon in the Navajo Tribal Lands. I had hoped to be able to photograph the famous Wave but I also had known that it was necessary to register online months in advance to be eligible to enter the Navajo lottery to even hope to have a chance at winning the opportunity to pay for your turn to see the Wave. Phew! This competitive system requires visitors who have pre-registered to be on the reservation on the day assigned and even then, only if your name is one of the 20 or so pulled from their “hat” out of the 100 or so lucky ... read more
The beautiful waves and colors of stone inside Antelope Canyon
View from Lake Powell National Golf Course
Horseshoe Bend

North America » United States » Utah » Bryce Canyon June 12th 2008

KELLEY AND DAVE’S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE The Big Trip West…Notes From the road: WEEK FOUR. Thursday, June 12, Zion. Our peaceful night in the campsite with flute compliment turned into a cold and windy early morning that, because of the buffeting winds, allowed me only 5 hours sleep. In addition, some flute enthusiast began playing their flute at sunrise. At 6am I went into the camp showers and heard other women grumbling about the noisy flutes and cold, howling wind that ended their sleep far too early. Apparently there were many flutists in the campsite and I later found out there was a weeklong series of Indian flute concerts culminating in a “Flute Extravaganza” this coming weekend. Our camping experience has not been the most ideal since we have yet to stay more than one night in ... read more
View from our tent
Sego Lily, Utah's state flower
Horseback riding in Zion

KELLEY AND DAVE’S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE The Big Trip West…Notes From the road: WEEK THREE: Thursday, June 5, Flagstaff. Sunshine and a temperature of 40 degrees! Quite a difference from the 85-95 degree temperatures over the last week but at least it’s not raining. Flagstaff’s annual rainfall for the month of June is .57 inches. Since we came into Flagstaff in the rain, we should be good for the rest of the month. Our new car has been through so many dust storms in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona that we can’t really tell what color it is anymore. I had though that after last night’s rain the car would be clean but now the dirt has congealed into blotchy mud patches, good camouflage for Africa I suppose but there are no elephants here. Breakfast in Flagstaff ... read more
The other-worldly volcanic landscape of Sunset Crater is hauntingly beautiful
The Painted Desert
Mural in Flagstaff

North America » United States » New Mexico May 29th 2008

KELLEY AND DAVE’S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE The Big Trip West…Notes From the road: WEEK TWO: From an El Paso night of 100 degrees yesterday we woke on Thursday, May 29 to a comfortable 54 degrees but the winds did not do much to improve the view of the mountains; they were still obscured by the smog (opening the door to the acrid tire-burning odor confirmed it was not haze). The guy dumpster picking in the parking lot behind us got us thinking about the large population (700,000) in El Paso and we wondered of El Paso’s population of 700,000 how many were here illegally. Watching the man dumpster dive I was hoping he was looking for bottles and cans to sell but Dave was wondering if he was an identity thief. I found a great visual contrast ... read more
"Downtown" Soccoro
Old San Miguel Mission
Foxgloves at the Stage Door Restaurant

North America » United States » Texas » Austin » Hill Country May 22nd 2008

KELLEY AND DAVE’S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE The Big Trip West…Notes From the road: WEEK ONE: They say the best laid plans of mice and men…after weeks of research and preparation for our tour of the northwest our plans were changed when we discovered the Road to the Sun at Glacier would not be open until mid June when we would need to be heading east for a family reunion. Not to be daunted by these changes, we simply redirected our route from Wisconsin, the Badlands, and Montana, to the beautiful and vast southwest. Despite these challenges, we’re on the road again! Our newly defined itinerary spans most of the south and central portions of the United States. This trip begins in Florida on May 22 driving on I 75 north to I 10 where we will travel ... read more
DeFuniak Springs, Florida
Aunt Jenny's Catfish House
Rip's back in business after Katrina

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