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Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai May 26th 2009

Yesterday we went to a Thai cooking class the dishes we made were Panaeng Curry, Chiang Mai Curry, Fried Fish with Chili and Basil, Sweet and Sour Vegetables, Spicy Glass Noodles Salad and Black Sticky Rice Pudding! Here are some pictures or our day=) Today we are leaving CHiang Mai and taking a bus south to Sukhothai. XXX... read more
Steve at start of class
Yey we are going to cook!
Our Panaeng Curry Pates

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai May 23rd 2009

Hey so now in Chiang Mai been here for a couple days and must say its the city i prefer so far, its more easy going and also its very pretty! Yesterday we rented a taxi for a day it cost us 15 pounds each but its great because you choose where you want to go, you have an AC taxi and the taxi waits while you visit the places and there are no time constraints. So we set off with a plan to visit the queens botanical gardens, the orchid farms and the butterfly farms turns out we came in the wrong season so the orchids weren't really in bloom and there were no butterflies which is weird cause there are loads in the wild! Anyways still got to see the largest and the smallest ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok May 19th 2009

On our last day in Khao Suk we had an amazing experience, Mark and Julia the couple we met the day before on our leech experience invited us to join them at 6 am to go up the mountain to see the fog clear off the cliffs with the limestone rocks sticking out. We got up and met them outside at 6 and sat on the back of the pick up truck and off we went, being out that early in the mornign with the air blowing in your face felt great! We got up and the fog was still to strong to see anything we stayed there for a bit waiting for it to come down and then decided to go have breakfast and come back up afterwards, so we did that and then we ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok May 18th 2009

So after the whole urchin incident and all that we took a bus up to Khao Suk reserve, we organized to have a minibus take us there from the place we were staying at. ( never trust anything right) anyways so on friday we get the on the mini bus and we start driving first the driver is going up and down the same road doing U turn after Uturn and getting out of the bus and then coming back in its all very weird, he finally starts driving but hes going south, we were heading north so its like " whhhaaatt?" and then he drops us off at this place where we get attacked by people trying to makes us book a hostle place at Khao Suk you know like attacking us about it and ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ao Nang May 14th 2009

So we are now staying in Ao Nang, which is still touristy but of course this is now low season so there aren't a lot of people around. So yesterday we went to Railey beach which is really nice and if you remember was where we wanted to go originally but then we were too stubborn to pay the extra pound for the boat trip there. So, on the walk to the boat we took our shoes off for maybe 2 meters in the sand to get on the longtail boat and guess what julie does yes she doesn't see the urchin there in the white sand right in front of her and steps right into it! Anyways that was painful anyways we still got on the boat, we got to Railey around midday with a ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Phi Phi Don May 11th 2009

So yesterday we went on a sailboat to travel around a little. We went to monkey beach and fed the monkeys some bananas then we did some snorkeling which was really great loads and loads of fishies! We also went to Maya beach which is where the movie the beach was filmed although i haven't seen the film ( surprise surprise) but yeah, we watched the sunset from the boat in the middle of the sea with the sails out and the engine off it was a gorgeous feeling of freedom. We arrive back on Ko phi phi around hmm lets say 8 pm and then i realized i'd forgotten my sunglasses on the boat, the boat driver said that they would bring them to the office today, so today i go to the office and ... read more

So yesterday we had the intention of taking a longtail boat from Krabi town to Railey beach which is supposed to be a really gorgeous beach. So after checking out of the place we were staying having breakfast and all we headed down to the pier. We soon started trying to bargain with the longtail boat drivers trying to get the price cheaper, a bunch of people joined us ( French couple, scottish guy, and we think canadian guy) we wandered around the pier for a good while trying to get the price down the longtail boat drivers laughing at us etc etc... Now what is important to know is that all this arguing was for 1 pound! We wanted it a pound cheaper than what it was anyways we finally said fine we are leaving ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Krabi May 5th 2009

Alright so lots to catch up on the last time i wrote I was in Trang! So the day after my last entry took a very cool ghetto boat off to Ko Mook! There were only Thai people on the boat and we left from a little pier called Ko Mook pier, the boat was super loud and the whole thing creaked and moved with every step and movement but it was still a brilliant experience! Not to mention everyone on the boat was really friendly! We got on the island and it started raining...once the rain had stopped we asked for a taxi to take us to the bungalows we wanted to stay at, now taxi means jumping on a scooter ( with massive 15 kilo backpack on ur back and also camera bag which ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Trang May 1st 2009

On Ko Lipe we ended up staying at a place called Pooh's ( with a little winnie the poo on the card) but turns out the owners name was Pooh they were really friendly and made amazing Barbecue chicken and fresh fish ( yum!) They had a Golden retriver called Sam ( haha) who was five months old and was super friendly and playful and also very naughty everytime they would clean the place up sam would come in proudly carrying a massive bug or a piece of wood that he had found and would dirty the place up again and then run away and the guys who had just cleaned would come back in see the mess and go SAAAAM but with big smiles on their faces which was great to see=) So yesterday ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lipe April 29th 2009

Hey everyone! Just wanted to say thanks for the comments! And I'm really sorry about the pictures but its not that easy to upload them as my files are huge and there is no way to convert them and bla bla bla....! But yeah i am having a great time spending one more day on Ko Lipe and then moving to another Island Basically starting all way south and gonna island hop our way up! Sounds fun ey? Anyways its gorgeous here everything is magical except for the mosquitos which just hover around you waiting for the insect repellent to wear off haha! Anyways thats it from me! Love you all! xxxxxxx ... read more

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