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Asia » Malaysia » Wilayah Persekutuan » Kuala Lumpur » China Town April 19th 2011

After all our shopping around in Hongkong it’s time to keep moving… Our flight to Penang went smooth and our driver was waiting at the airport for us! Finally at 12 o’clock at night we arrived in our hostel! The heat was incredible! So room with aircon! The next day we were so happy that we had a beach and all excited to go for a dive! But no… No swimming in the sea, cause there were heaps of jellyfish! So we ended up spending a few days at the swimming pool of some luxury resort! Not really much to do in Penang we decided to hit the road and to go to a little surfers paradise! Our first bus in Malaysia was an experience! So clean and so much room!!! No people in the aisle, ... read more
Our beach
The Beach Shack
Clouds moving away

Asia » China » Beijing » Great Wall of China March 5th 2011

From Lhasa we took the Qinghai-Tibet Railway, with the line topping the 5072m Tanggu-la pass, and with 80% of the Golmund to Lhasa stretch being over 4000m, this is the world’s highest railway. It’s 160km of bridges, the costs only $4.1 billion so far!! The train ride was probably the best we had since our start! It was only 24 hours and for the first 12 hours we had the coupe for ourselves.. There were duvets and nice soft pillows! And even extra oxygen if we needed!! The next morning we arrived in Xining.. Thinking we could extend our trip to Xi’an straight away, but no!!!! Josh jumped in the queue with all the other Chinese to get us a ticket to Xi’an as soon as possible! We kinda made a mistake with Xining.. Thinking last ... read more
Terracotta Warriors...
Terracotta Warriors....
Wangfujing street

Asia » China » Tibet » Lhasa February 13th 2011

At 5.30am our trip to Tibet started… We were picked up in a little minivan to get from Kathmandu to the border. In total 7people (4 French, 1 Slovakian and us). All really quiet cause we didn’t know each other and it was to early… After breakfast we knew our group would grow to a total of 13 persons at the border. The drive to the border was pretty interesting....big cliffs and a dirt road, bouncing around in the minivan, dust, dust and once more dust! But we made it..At the border they kept warning us not to take the Lonely Planet of China or anything that had to do with the DL cause it’s not allowed inTibet/China..So there we walk over the friendship bridge between Nepal and Tibet a bit worried about what we were ... read more
Tashilhumpu Monastery (14)
Phalkor Monastery & Kumbum Stupa (15)

Asia » Nepal » Chitwan January 29th 2011

Chitwan NP! Finally the time arrived to go to Chitwan Np! Early morning (06.15am) walking with our backpacks on through Thamel to find our bus on the side of a street!! Interesting but no problems at all!! Smooth bus ride again!! Our bus was smooth.. some vehicles that weren’t that lucky!! 4 cars, busses, trucks where upside down on the road and that in a space of say 100 kilometers!! We booked a “package” with Sapana Village Lodge ( for 5 days/ 4 nights! Packed with excitement!! Arriving in Sauraha we got picked up with a jeep at the busstop..Really nice to expierence..Cause normally we have to find our own way. But it was all organised really well! Sapana Lodge was overwhelming for us... It's quiet with all little sitting areas everywhere..The room we got was ... read more
Our room..
Massive one
as close as we've got to a tiger

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu Valley January 29th 2011

From Pokhara we took a tourist bus to Kathmandu.. It’s been the best transport we’ve had in all of our travels… A cruisy 6 hours ride with 2 toilet stops. What do we want more! Arriving in Kathmandu we saw a big smog cloud hanging over the city! We where back in the choas. Barking of the dogs, honking of the cars, people everywhere!! Kathmandu Kathmandu is the capital and the largest city of Nepal. The city has often electricity cuts, traffic jams and is regularly paralysed by political madness. We found ourselves a nice little hostel in Paknajol, instead of Thamel. Thamel is known as the tourist centre of Kathmandu boardering the "old city" of Kathmandu. Determent to explore the city the next day we went to “the Monkey Temple” also called "Swayambhunath" Our first ... read more
Bhaktapur 009
Durbar Square kathmandu 022
Durbar Square Patan 031

Asia » Nepal » Pokhara January 8th 2011

Our travels from India, to cross the boarder, wasn't as smooth as we wanted it to be! Our train to Gorakhpur should go at 00.35. We where there at 23.30 cause sometimes the trains come early! Just 5 min before the normal arriving time an anouncement came over the speakers!! "train blablabla to Gorakhpur is delayed by an hour" and after an hour it happened again! "train blablabla to Gorakhpur is now delayed by 2 hours" and yes one more time after half an hour "train blablabla to Gorakphur is now delayed by 2.5 hours"!!! So at 3 o'clock we finally where on our way! And we can tell you its freezing cold on the trainstation.. Millions of people are just sleeping on the floors, waiting for their trains to arrive! The next morning with another ... read more
Phewa Tal
Bindhya Basini Temple..
Crossing bridges

Asia » India » Uttar Pradesh » Varanasi December 23rd 2010

This time two trains to catch to get to Varanasi.. Our final destination in India! After an early breakfast with Heather and Nik we took a taxi to Ajmer to take the 11 o'clock train!! Easy peasy.. We where thinking this would take 2.5 hours, but instead looking out of our window we see the signs of Jaipur already after an hour and half. Jumping out of the train into the madness of Jaipur station. Yeah, we had to wait till 15.20 to catch our last long destination train. All good we found a spot just under the timetable sign not realising it at first and just thinking that this time EVERYBODY was staring at us!! Hahahahahahaha.... Unfortunatly we didn't get seats next to each other, cause we where waitlisted, but atleast we where on the ... read more
Our favorite Baba
Mum washing her kid
Lazy day on the Ghats

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jodhpur December 20th 2010

Another early start for us! 5.30am the alarm went off! Sad to leave Mcleod Ganj, but ready for Rajasthan.. Just another 19 hour train ride to make it to Jodhpur. Unfortunatly we couldn't get a 2AC train and we had to take a 3AC. Meaning we shared our area with 6 indian dudes.. Not all to happy about that! We had to get used to the staring again.. Not just for 5 min.. but hours and hours... It doens't help if you ask them to look somewhere else! Grrrrrr.... Jodhpur Arriving at 6am in the morning the city was still a sleep... Getting in our rickshaw we got welcomed by the fumes of piss and poo. Jodhpur the "Blue City" really is blue! After waiting for our room for 4 hours we finally had a shower ... read more
Panoramic view Jodhpur
You have to love the little bowie things...
woman at work

Asia » India » Himachal Pradesh » Mcleod Ganj December 3rd 2010

Not really knowing what to do! Stay or leave Amritsar... Me having a enormes flu and Josh's stomach is against him we decided still to hit the road and go to Mcleod Ganj on an 7 hour bus ride! Mcleod Ganj Mcleod Ganj is on a hight of 1770m so it's pretty cold during the night.. but really sunny during the day! Mcleod Ganj is the headquarters of the Tibetan government in exile and the residence of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. There's a large Tibetan population in Mcleod Ganj so you don't really have the feeling your in India. The differnce is that people are friendly and not trying to rip you off! Everywhere you see monks with maroon robes. On our way up here we met Kurt and Mariano who became our partners ... read more
the crew made it!
Monk and flags
streets Mcleod Ganj

Asia » India » Uttar Pradesh » Agra November 22nd 2010

The North Yes, the north!! Different for sure! Our flight went really smooth, but Delhi.. No words could descripe this city! With all the stories we've heard we decided to wait at the airport and then go straight to the New Delhi train station. Good desicion cause everywhere they tried to rip us off! Arriving at the train station they tried to tell us that our train was delayed for about 9 hours! And that we should buy a new ticket for a train from Old Delhi.. Us not taking this, they said we should wait in in the waiting room on the other side of the station! Probably reading this it sounds like so "obvious", but being there and 5 really confinshing indians telling you all the same story you start doubting! Luckely we didn't ... read more
Details from Taj
Early morning Taj Mahal.
Jehangir's Palace.

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