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1st January 2016

Welcome home!
I am thrilled you made it home safely and that you enjoyed your time with friends and family. Merry belated Christmas and Happy new year to come Jods! I look forward to reuniting! Xoox
From Blog: Scuba to Skiing
22nd December 2015

Well done Jodie!!
Having dived only once in my life I sure take my hat off to you inside those ship wrecks...yikes! You've had a fabulous trip sweetie...thanks for sharing it. Merry Christmas xoxo
22nd December 2015

The home stretch
Well my fair friend... what a journey you have had! You look fabulous! Amazing! Shining bright! I am tremendously happy for you. The dives sound magnificent and I love you challenged yourself and let go to trust your dive master. Very impressive. I am thinking of you today, December 22nd as you embark on your journey home... a long plane ride to reminensce about your trip and to get excited for Christmas with your loved ones. And a break from the travel. Time to be with your family and unwind and maybe sleep too much and indulge in mom and dad's cooking. Joyous! I can't wait to hug you. ;o) safe travels home my friend... welcome back! Xoox. Merry Christmas!
16th December 2015

Wow... you are fortunate that you found yourself with a great crew during the weather event... I am glad you are safe. Just yesterday I was polishing my shoes at work and it reminded me of you... and I got thinking I had not heard from you for bit... got me worried. Again, I am glad you are doing well.I imagine you will head to YVR soon. I wish you a Merry Christmas with your family and friends! I cannot wait to see you! Zoox
6th December 2015

Wow! What a journey. I admire your bravery in the depths of that cave and the streets of Manila. Once again I have to say I love the variety of local activities you are engaging in! I hope your luxury stay in Manila is fantasia! Thinking of you, as always. Stay safe. Xoox
2nd December 2015

Atta go girl! Great to see you in the water... you're such a fish! Nice to get your advanced scuba taken care of while there. Too bad on the iPhone but I imagine they are cheaper there? Maybe... maybe not!?! Also awesome to see the parental units hook up with you. I was thinking how cool it would have been for you to grab a hug from them. Still missing you but enjoying living vicariously through your adventures. Stay safe. Love and hugs. Xoox
25th November 2015

Monkeying around
The little thieves! Skmehow I am delighted by your tale if loss if only for the exotic nature of monkeys running amok! I am most intrigued by your private culinary tutorial. .. I can't wait to be a dinner fuest; I'll split the groceries and clean up! Ubud sounds delightful and I am glad you pampered yourself with the spa day. Your pictures look brilliant... and you look so happy! Stay safe... love and hugs. Xoox
From Blog: Beautiful Bali
22nd November 2015

Breath taking pictures Jodes!!! I love how much trekking and variety you are experiencing g. Good splurge on the room...
21st November 2015
The locals give tourists horseback rides up the crater at Mt Bromo

Great photography!!
Wow, Jode, those pics are amazing; especially the silhouette of the horses against the morning sky.
19th November 2015

Late night wanderings
Hey girl! I just love your confidence wandering amongst the locals, interacting, playing games, entrusting your menu choices and seeking out late night accommodations. What strength and courage - of which I had no doubt. Keep the beach selfie for posterity! You look fab!!! I think you're shrinking more! Albeit not in height. 😊 surrounded by icy roads I am totally living vacariously through your sweaty days and sunburns!!! Keep safe. Xoox love and hugs.
17th November 2015

Hey there tall white girl!
Hi sweetie! Maurice and I are so enjoying your blogs and getting a kick out of the effects of your height on local people. You are your own tourist attraction! Love the pictures too and the cool sites you've been to. Ridiculously rainy here on the wet coast, so your sunny shots are nice for us. Keep on trekking and stay safe...love you!
17th November 2015

Your trip
So glad you are enjoying you trip, everything looks fantastic, you look very happy.
15th November 2015
Waterfall jumping!

You're still our favorite water baby!
Loved your blog, Jode. You sure pack a lot into a day! Keep on keep in' on.
13th November 2015

Ha Long u gone? I miss u!
Heya Jode! Wow this seemed like a cool spot, can't wait to see more photos. Please share more fooood highlights hahaha. By the sounds of it you had a nice time with M&D, but now's your time to fly solo young startling! :) hope your travels south are smooth, and new adventures await! Love you to bits and can't wait for the next post.
13th November 2015

Hi Jodie, Jerry & Jill Thank you for the great blog. Sounds and looks like all of you are having a great time. Motorcycles looked interesting as well. The countryside is very intriguing and so different from what we are used to seeing here in Canada. Enjoy the warm climate as it is now starting to feel like winter is on its way. Even in Cranbrook it is trying to snow today - unsuccessfully so far but looks like Calgary has been hit with its first winter storm. Dennis had his 2nd knee replacement 2 weeks ago and has graduated to a cane already and walks around the block by himself now. Happy travels and keep the updates and great pictures coming . Dennis and Joan
11th November 2015

You guys are seeing some awesome sights! Have fun in Indonesia...stay safe. Xoxo
8th November 2015

The mist
It's a surreal feeling I have reading your motorcycle blog... naturally I am thrilled to learn of you on 2 wheels! Calgary is shrouded in it's own mist as I write... with barely 10 feet of vision in front of one's face... so it's timely I read this blog (out of sequence)... I love your mom's fascination with the Buffalo. And both parental units look so carefree and youthful on the bike! Score! And you look lively and fresh and really fantastic! I miss you like crazy and love love live your blogs... happy night time bus riding my friend... xoox
From Blog: Motorbike Mania
8th November 2015

Steam punk
Love the horns and goggles... it turned out well! I am excited to see what kinds of outfits you landed in with the tailor!!! Very awesome... looks like a great trip so far!!
4th November 2015

Reading your blog.
I new you would have no worries as you were bigger than most of the people there. Say Hi to your Mom and Dad. I come to work and look forward to reading about your adventures every day.
4th November 2015

Hey Jodes, thank you for consuming my prep block with your blog and pics! Silent Reading for the day instead. Your trip looks awesome, continue having fun!
2nd November 2015

Time change
Wow! What a first day! Good on you. Halloween missed you too but was glad you made it safe and sound and found a stage to dance upon. Flurries this morning Jods! So I am living vicariously through your warm and dry pics. Love the trees, open markets and sane electrical wiring. Lol. Say hi to mom and dad! Xoox.
30th October 2015

Great packing list... sounds like you have all your bases covered. Being a gear head myself I loved that particular blog. And I love your Coos kick off photo. Happy flights this morning Jods... thinking of you and I miss you already! Xoox
From Blog: Ready to Go!
30th October 2015

Bon Voyage sweetie!!
We're driving your folks Out to YVR tomorrow morning...know you'll be there! You're going to have a fabulous trip and I know how excited they are to be spending some of it with you. Looking forward to your blog entries. Stay safe...love you! Xo
From Blog: Ready to Go!
30th October 2015

Jodie - have a fantastic trip - we look forward to your updates - Enjoy the warmth for a couple of months - Dennis & Joan
25th February 2011

Boo-hoo - the end
Jodie and Amy: This is a bitter sweet ending. Sad that we can't look forward to receiving another of your fabulous blogs next week. Sweet that you experienced life to the fullest on your travels and will be home re-uniting with family and friends in less than 24 hours. Maybe you can wean us off the blogs by sending a few from Coquitlam City hall next week. JK Love Padre and Madre

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